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Design works in ZWCAD
The system of automated designing ZWCAD is intended for architects, engineers, designers and other experts working in CAD/CAM programs.

CAD has appeared in the Russian market in the beginning of 2007.

The manufacturer is ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd, China.

Let's consider merits and demerits ZWCAD in comparison with AutoCAD.

1. A format *.dwg – “native” a format of it CAD that provides full compatibility in reading, editing and record of the files created in AutoCAD of versions 2.5-R14-2008.
2. The habitual interface, almost same as in AutoCAD. However, despite similarities, the program interface is not an interface copy, and on the contrary, alternative, AutoCAD.
3. Migration of the user options from AutoCAD. In the program possibility of carrying over of already adjusted drawing AutoCAD environment in ZWCAD is provided. Import of files of the menu (mnu), fonts (shx), layers (lay), shadings (pat), types of lines (lin), dimensional styles (dim), aliases (pgp), multilines (mln), attributes of blocks (txt), scenarios (scr) is supported. Universality of the drawing environment is supplemented with use of the standard templates (dwt) so, after program adjustment, practically it is not felt distinctions.
4. To expand already existing possibilities of the program it is possible by means of the built in programming languages. In ZWCAD following programming languages and working out means are supported:
- LISP – it is compatible with AutoLISP (AutoCAD),
- C++ ADS (Autodesk Development System) – it is possible to start existing ADS-appendices in ZWCAD, after recompilation of an initial code, using SDS-libraries (Solutions Development System).
- VBA (Visual Basic for Application) – it is possible to create personal user applications through the integrated interface accessible from menu ZWCAD.
5. Cost. On the average price ZWCAD in 4-7 times more low AutoCAD.

For ZWCAD does not exist “vertical decisions” as for AutoCAD, for example, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP and it is a lot of others. Therefore, if you have a requirement for work with vertical decisions, you cannot exchange ZWCAD for one of them, as it is possible to exchange (to spend cross-country-grejd) AutoCAD, for example, on AutoCAD Electrical.

Let's consider ZWCAD Standard and Professional.

Experts to whom tools for object modelling in 3 measured space are necessary, cannot do without additional functions to the standard version and tools. But 3 measured space a little “makes heavier” drawing. Therefore there are two versions ZWCAD: professional and standard.

ZWCAD versions Standard includes all necessary tools for preparation DWG ZWCAD Standard. The Software package contains a high-grade set of all habitual tools of 2D-designing for engineers and builders. The basic possibilities:
- plotting of primitive things;
- work with properties of primitive things;
- zooming;
- notation of the sizes;
- the filter for a choice of objects on properties or types;
- work with shading;
- express tools;
- work with layers;
- use of dimensional and text styles;
- work with blocks and external references;
- an insert raster images;
- sheet space;
- kinds and systems of coordinates;
- ActiveX and OLE;
- cleaning, restoration and drawing audit;
- programming on LISP and SDS.

ZWCAD Professional. Contains all possibilities of version Standard, and also necessary tools for 3D designing, and the environment of working out VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) drawings in habitual and convenient interface AutoCAD.

It means that to ZWCAD Professional then it is possible to develop the additional application or to buy the additional appendix from foreign developers and “to pick up” to ZWCAD Professional.

Let's consider categories of additional programs to ZWCAD:
System design documentation for construction – for registration of drawings according to System of the design documentation for building.
Programs for Recorder of deeds – creation floor plans, plans of apartments and individual residential buildings.
Hire and an assortment – rendering of rolling profiles in accordance with GOST.
Cadastral programs – automation of the cadastral account of the ground areas.
Engineering networks, communications – designing of systems of water supply, an electrical supply, a heat supply, gas supply, ventilation, air-conditioning and water removal.
Work with the text – external editors of the multilower case text.
Electrotechnical decisions – programs for for designing of the electric equipment applied in various industries, and also systems of an electrical supply.
Mechanics – registration of drawings in accordance with norms DIN, common system for design documentation. Libraries of standard details.
Architecture – designing of buildings and constructions of objects of industrial and civil building.

Let's consider local and network versions.

Depending on quantity of the users having possibility simultaneously to work in ZWCAD, distinguish two kinds of licences: Stand-along (local, one-user) and Network (network, multiuser).

The local version At purchase of version Stand-alone complete with the program you receive a key of hardware protection which is inserted into socket USB. Thus it is necessary to use one key of hardware protection for each workstation.

The network version At purchase of version Network you as receive an USB-key of hardware protection, but establish it on a server of licences. You can establish ZWCAD on unlimited count of computers, but use simultaneously 5 or 10 users (depending on on how many computers you have got the network licence) can.

Let's consider technical support.

Technical support on work with ZWCAD on phone, a fax, email, ICQ, Skype – free.

The table of comparison CAD of packages
FeaturesZWCAD 2009AutoCAD 2010AutoCAD 2010 LT
Internal format DWG and DXF2.5 ~ 20082.5 ~ 20082.5 ~ 2008
Style interface AutoCADYesYesYes
Command Syntax AutoCADYesYesYes
Publication drawings (DWF)YesYesYes
Batch Printing (pltplot)YesNoNo
Polar TrackingYesYesYes
Supports True ColorYesYesYes
Crop shadingYesYesYes
Color-dependent printingYesYesYes
Manager layers, blocks, line typesYesYesYes
Unlimited number of teams
Undo / RedoYesYesYes
Setting the right mouse buttonYesYesYes
Settings menu, aliases and tool barsYesYesYes
Menu AutoCAD (files .mnu,. mns and.scr)YesYesYes
More Tools Express ToolsYesYesYes
Fonts SHX and TTFYesYesYes
ActiveX place editingYesYesNo
The wizardYesNoNo
External linksYesYesYes
Editing External linksYesYesNo
Xref, editing blocks in placeYesYesNo
Quick SelectYesYesYes
Quick sizesYesYesNo
Inserting raster imagesYesYesYes
Operations with raster imagesYesYesNo
Multiline, editing multilineYesYesNo
AutoLISP (including DCL)YesYesNo
AutoCAD Development System (ADS)YesYesNo
Object ARXDRXYesNo
Operations with 3D-surfacesYesYesNo
Operations with solid 3D-objectsYesYesNo
Export blocksYesNoNo
Print LayoutYesNoNo

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version ZWCAD it is possible on official site ZWCAD Software Co [2].

1. ZWCAD []
2. Demo ZWCAD []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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