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Design works in AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Mechanical is AutoCAD for mechanical engineering. The appendix contains a full set of functions AutoCAD to which specialised possibilities for machine-building designing are added.

AutoCAD Mechanical helps to accelerate designing process, thanks to the experience, saved up at work in AutoCAD. It is functionality AutoCAD plus of library of GOST, standard details and function of automation of typical problems. All it provides a considerable prize in productivity at designing.

AutoCAD Mechanical is a part of technology of digital prototypes Autodesk

Now experts can give to more time to creative process, without distracting on tiresome routine procedures and repeating actions.

Let's reduce results of comparison features AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical in the table.

Function AutoCAD AutoCAD Mechanical 2010
The full set of functions AutoCAD + +
Habitual interface AutoCAD + +
Plotting means + +
Compatibility with DWG + +
700 thousand Standard details and components +
Support of state standards +
Generators of components and settlement modules +
The intellectual sizes +
Automatic concealment of lines +
Associative numbers of positions and the specification +
The integrated data control +
Associativity with Autodesk Inventor +

Let's consider the basic possibilities AutoCAD Mechanical:
- the panel of tools of plotting;
- formation of lines of an invisible contour;
- the dispatcher of dependences;
- the optimised working environment;
- working spaces;
- geometry correction by means of the sizes;
- associative tools for editing drawings;
- navigation on model;
- Software Developer Toolkit (SDK);
- designing on the basis of GOST standards, ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, GB, ISO, JIS.;
- the selected standard details – often applied details can be kept as the elite;
- the automated creation of carving connections and management of them;
- more than 11 thousand ready elements of bearing designs;
- special commands for drawing of explanatories and designations;
- adaptation of the basic inscriptions and lists of changes according to standards of the organisations;
- modules of designing of typical details and calculations;
- designing and calculation of springs;
- designing and calculation of shaft;
- designing chain and belt drives;
- designing and calculation of cams. Formation of the program for cam manufacturing on the machine tool with CNC;
- calculation of the moments of inertia, deformations and loadings;
- the analysis a method of final elements;
- means of creation of the documentation;
- intellectual numbers of positions and the automated formation of the specification;
- fast creation of tables of apertures;
- automatic control of layers;
- construction of the auxiliary lines allowing more correctly to draw;
- lists of landings;
- explanatory kinds in sheet space;
- creation of several copies of one and those the drawing in different scales;
- models of details and products from Autodesk® Inventor® can be placed on drawings and to make out in AutoCAD Mechanical;
- compilers STEP/IGES – teamwork with users of others CAD;
- support of format DWF;
- the built in control facilities the data – Autodesk Vault Manufacturing – it is intended for safe storage of the engineering data, the design information and the documentation, and also for management by them;
- the built in translation tools of inscriptions.

Let's consider new possibilities AutoCAD Mechanical 2010.

New tools and functions AutoCAD Mechanical expand possibilities of users AutoCAD working in branch of industrial designing. Productivity of work raises, time expenses are reduced, typical problems are automated.

New possibilities:
The optimized working environment
AutoCAD Mechanical it is supplied by the convenient user interface. You can spend less time for search of the necessary tools and commands, having arranged their image convenient for you.
The dispatcher of dependences
Now it is possible to set parametrical dependences instead of drawing of separate elements manually. The dispatcher of dependences allows to use such dynamic restrictions, as parallelism, tangency or perpendicularity. After parametres are set, at modification of a detail or a product the Dispatcher automatically updates geometry with observance of the set dependences.
Automatic extraction of the data for specifications
Extraction of the information from files DWG™ for formation of specifications is carried out quickly and with a split-hair accuracy. Thus it is possible to use not only current DWG-files, but also the files created in former versions AutoCAD or in programs of foreign developers. Automatic extraction of the data for specifications and the basic inscriptions relieves users of manual opening of drawings of knots and finding-out of their structure – procedures which often happens a source of errors.
The publication of details
Granting of the kept details in using to colleagues raises level of application of ready operating time and degree of unification of projects. By means of means AutoCAD Mechanical intended for the publication of details, it is possible to keep operating time in popular library.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version AutoCAD Mechanical 2010, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. 2D.AutoCAD Mechanical []
2. Demo AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 [ siteID=871736&id=12706842]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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