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Design works “under key” in AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite
In program complex AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite are united well proved CAD AutoCAD, AutoCAD Structural Detailing and Autodesk Revit Structure that allows to carry out gradual transition to technology of information modelling of buildings, having kept thus investments in the software got earlier. The decision contains a full set of means for modelling, designing, manufacturing and installation of building designs, documentation creation, detailing and formations of working drawings.

In system of information modelling of buildings Revit Structure the multimaterial physical model and the analytical model representing a frame design are integrated. Integration of models allows to raise accuracy of designing, calculations and the documentation. AutoCAD Structural Detailing represents the powerful decision for fast both effective detailing and automatic creation of working drawings of steel and ferro-concrete designs. The program complex will allow you to accelerate all stages of process of designing of building designs thanks to a combination of efficiency of technology of information modelling of buildings and conveniences of work in appendices on the basis of AutoCAD.

Let's consider that represents AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite.
AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite gives a full tooling for creation of volume model of building object and release of the design documentation, including detailing drawings, and also drawings for factory manufacturing of building designs. Thanks to integration of high-efficiency technology of information modelling of buildings (BIM – Building Information Modeling) with simple and convenient AutoCAD-appendices in use, you can essentially accelerate process of designing of building designs at all stages of the project – from conceptual design before manufacturing of designs at factory.

Let's consider for whom it is intended Revit Structure.
Engineers-designers, in particular those from them who uses in the work of the appendix the multicriteria structural analysis and strength calculation of buildings and designs, on advantage will estimate Revit Structure – its magnificent possibilities for entering, tracing and the control of changes in building structure, as well as management of them, provide substantial increase of productivity of design process. To engineers-designers who are occupied in working out and release of working drawings, it is not necessary to edit all drawing after change of one detail. Customers and contractors also will win, having had an opportunity to work with clear, accurate and clear 3D model of building object.

Let's consider maintenance of the analysis by a method of final elements.
Revit Structure it is not intended for performance of the strength calculations of building designs, however it is already integrated with several external settlement complexes of foreign developers. Such integration is provided by means of Revit API (the interface applied programming). Using the API-interface, it is possible to connect to Revit Structure own settlement programs.

Let's consider advantages of modelling in Revit Structure before modelling in settlement appendices.
Results of researches project processes, show that engineers-designers use in the work, on the average, three various programs for strength calculations and designing. Revit Structure it is possible to use as the basic means for modelling of structure of a building, transferring then the created model in programs of the structural analysis and strength calculation of buildings. Working, thus, the engineer-designer can give to more time to directly working out of designs and search of optimum and beautiful engineering decisions, instead of to spend it for studying at once several systems of modelling. Other advantage Revit Structure – available the intellectual design kernel involved in process of creation and check of model. For example, Revit Structure can automatically find out absence of support and communications between design elements, the general or local instability of model, an error in a building skeleton before performance of calculations. Models Revit Structure can be created under the data received from settlement appendices. It allows to transfer in Revit Structure the information from the projects begun in settlement programs, and also from already finished and erected.

Let's consider interaction Revit Structure with Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.
Revit Structure it is based on the same technological platform, as Revit Architecture. Even if architects and designers of building designs work in the different organisations, the unity of platform Revit allows them to exchange files in format RVT and, hence, to have access to the most actual design information. Thanks to a generality of a platform architects and engineers have possibility to check, whether are not present in the project of spatial crossings between designs and architectural elements. Coordination monitoring is automatically carried out, and experts of each discipline receive electronic notices every time when changes are made to system of levels, a grid of coordination axes, columns, walls, overlappings and apertures. At interaction of designers of building designs with the engineers developing internal engineering systems in Revit MEP, technology BIM provides a uniform database about a building. For increase of an internal coordination in all appendices Revit function of check of crossings is realised. So, for example, designers of building designs have possibility to check up, whether their beams and a column with air lines are crossed. Linkage of models Revit prepared by experts of different disciplines, gives all of them the best representation about the project.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version Autodesk Revit Structure, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite
2. Demo Autodesk Revit Structure []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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