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Design works in AutoCAD Structural Detailing
AutoCAD Structural Detailing gives means fast both effective detailing and creations of working drawings for manufacturing of steel and ferro-concrete designs.

AutoCAD Structural Detailing – the multimodular appendix on the basis of AutoCAD for creation detailing drawings, sheets and specifications of steel and ferro-concrete designs.

In the program there are special modules for fast and effective formation of drawings of steel connectors, dynamic models of ferro-concrete products, drawings of a timbering, automatic placing of armature, working drawings of skeletons of buildings.

In the module designing of metal designs you can borrow the information model of a building created in Revit Structure, to import files cis/2, and also to create models independently. Thanks to it process of working out of knots of metal designs and release of drawings for factory manufacturing of designs becomes fast and productive.

The module timbering designing is intended for creation of dynamic model of the casting form of an element of a ferro-concrete design and the drawings of the timbering necessary for its manufacturing connected with it.

The module reinforcings ferro-concrete designs automates process of working out of schemes of reinforcing and performance of drawings reinforcement products for all types of elements of ferro-concrete building designs.

Besides, AutoCAD Structural Detailing includes tools for automatic generation of sheets of materials and specifications of products.

The program complex will allow you to accelerate process of designing of building designs at all its stages thanks to a combination of effective technology of information modelling of buildings and conveniences of work in appendices on the basis of AutoCAD.

Let's consider intellectual designs.
In AutoCAD Structural Detailing engineers and technicians can create models of building designs and drawings of reinforcing by means of intellectual objects – beams, plates, columns, walls, reinforcement cores. Elements can be cut, extended, bent, divided and united. Objects dynamically react to changes; sheets of materials are automatically updated.

Let's consider creation of various macroes.

In AutoCAD Structural Detailing there are special functions and intellectual macroes with which help performance of design problems is accelerated. Macroes allow to form typical elements of steel designs (including connections, rafter farms, ladders, a handrail), automatically to add purlins and runs and also to create drawings of reinforcing of typical ferro-concrete designs together with descriptions of cores and sheets of materials.

Let's consider templates detailing on the Russian norms and rules.

The kind of working drawings directly depends on standards of designing and methods detailing in the concrete country. In particular it concerns drawings of ferro-concrete designs. AutoCAD Structural Detailing contains templates for creation of drawings of ferro-concrete and steel designs which are based on state standards. It provides their conformity to the accepted methods detailing, to specifications of materials and elements of registration of drawings (samples of shading, a designation, etc.).

Let's consider databases of steel profiles, materials and armature.
Numerous databases in appendix AutoCAD Structural Detailing provide conformity of used elements of designs to various state standards.

Let's consider automatic formation of kinds, cuts and elements of designs.
AutoCAD Structural Detailing simplifies creation of working drawings, automatically forming elements, cuts and facades, adding the sizes and explanatories.

Let's consider automation of creation of working drawings.
AutoCAD Structural Detailing allows to create working drawings (detailing and assembly), specifications and sheets of materials. At modification of the project the program incurs updating of the sizes and descriptions, providing a coordination of the data in working drawings.

Let's consider specifications and sheets of materials.
AutoCAD Structural Detailing forms specifications and sheets of materials automatically by data of drawings. The user has possibility to export these documents in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Specifications at any changes are updated automatically.

Let's consider adjustment of styles detailing and assembly drawings.

Styles allow to adapt almost any aspect of the drawing: explanatories, designations, the sizes, tables, etc.. It is possible to create new styles or to adjust the existing.

Let's consider interaction with programs for calculations of building designs.

In AutoCAD Structural Detailing it is possible to import the models of steel designs created in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis, and also files in format CIS/2. After that start creation of model of assemblage and further detailing. Function of detailed elaboration of armature also allows to import the data from Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis for automatic creation of drawings of reinforcing of separate elements. To export the data it is possible in several formats. There is a possibility of transfer of drawings of steel designs on machine tools with CNC.

Let's consider import of the data from Autodesk Revit Structure.
By means of expansion Reinforcement Drawing Extension it is possible to import the given reinforcings from Autodesk Revit Structure in AutoCAD Structural Detailing for automatic formation of 2D-drawings. These drawings are created taking into account state standards. The model of a steel design from Autodesk Revit Structure can be imported in format CIS/2 in AutoCAD Structural Detailing, and then to add necessary details: connections, edges of rigidity, a plate, a ladder, a handrail.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version AutoCAD Structural Detailing, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD Structural Detailing []
2. Demo Autodesk Revit Structure []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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