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News of branch
объекты Ростехнадзора
Now the company “Челябэнергопроект” develops design, assembly, starting-up and adjustment and repair divisions in the structure, specializes on performance of the projects “under key” the enterprises of power, industry and construction.

Today, in epoch of the rapid development of the computing machinery, need for automatization some information processes, requiring quick and exact processing the greater volumes data, the special attention is given to the following.

First, modern material and technical base was created together with base of the company. Really, groups heatworkers and complex designing, and office of mechanisation of repair work and the non-standard equipment were from the very beginning equipped
- a modern workstations on base large powered processor Pentium IV,
- a local-area network, uniting workstation with powerful four nucleus file servers on base of the processor Pentium IV with speed unlimited Internet,
- many-line telephony on base mini-ATS and fax device,
- service of the distributed printing,
- a spectrum of the modern multifunctional building programs CAD,
- a set of the exact computing programs,
- a managerial system project and technical documentation,
- extensive monthly updated by supplier normative-technical base,
- a system of the automatic standby and archiving,
- a system complex antivirus protection of the file server and workstation,
- a branded e-mail and given official site, including such updated sections, as news of the company and branches, article, galleries photography, services to feedback and others for interaction with the customer.

Secondly, quality and velocity of preparation to final design product is provided large powered copying-multiplying system:
- a device of the print from lazer duplex format A4 before color format A1,
- copying-multiplying technology of the format A0,
- the binding equipment for packages of design documents.

In the third, the company, aspiring to remain on front edge modern technology, alters the official site on control module and loading the pages on fly, for the reason reductions of time of the stale work with the document and increasing to efficiency of the working the personnel introduces the system of the electronic document processing, which on determination allows to organize the united outline corporative vault to information, automate the business-processes of the processing and searching for document, automate the process of the presenting the commission contracts and the control of performing discipline.

Finally, facility of the company complements the knowledge-based potential an employee, having one special or two higher education, degree and wide experience of work suffices.

So, highlighting person attention employee information division at support manual company:
1) to equipping of the company by modern computing machinery in complex with the best legal software, their regular modernization, support and advancement in Internet official site,
2) to provision large powered copying-multiplying technology,
3) to using leading program technology and systems of the work with electronic document,
4) to efficient control knowledge-based capital, confirmed corresponding to certificate of the correspondence to, allows the company successfully to solve customer’s tasks in required periods.

It is necessary to notice that the certificate of an accessory of firm to the civilized business world is successfully received certificate of quality ISO 9001-2001.

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