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Design works in Advance Steel
Advance Steel 8.1 is a program complex for designing of metalware in the environment of AutoCAD, providing working out of the complete set of working drawings of metal construction and detailed metal construction.

Together with the module “Series AS. Metal” program Advance Steel provides working out of the complete set of working drawings of metal construction and detailed metal construction.

System Advance Steel is developed by experts of group of companies Graitec Group (Europe), the manufacturer of the software for automation of building designing and calculations. The projects developed by means of the program correspond to the European norms. The standard variant of system includes also Russian-speaking version Advance Steel. The program is intended for the prepared users – designers with experience of working out of metal detailed metal construction not less than 3th years.

Term of independent studying of the program expert of metal detailed metal construction – from 3 till 5 months.

Let's list the main principles put in program Advance Steel:
- creation of spatial model of a design;
- study of constructive decisions for knots and separate elements;
- the automated release of drawings of metal construction and detailed metal construction;
- drawing up of specifications and sheets of materials in accordance with GOST;
- integration of the data used at designing, manufacturing and installation of metal designs.

The technology of program complex Advance Steel provides reception of the design documentation on the basis of spatial model. Elements of a metal design are modelled by means of parametrical objects which reproduce geometry and contain the special information on a material, an order of manufacturing, assemblage etc.

Let's consider database Advance Steel.
At creation of parametrical models of elements of a design the database opened for replenishment is used (a format ms access), including standard profiles, materials, fixture etc. Editing of properties of objects is made in dialogue windows (with the simultaneous visual control in window AutoCAD).

Let's consider the dispatcher of options.
Adjustment of parametres of Advance Steel environment, and also modes of modelling and reception of drawings is carried out in the module the Dispatcher of options. By means of this appendix it is possible to transfer easily sets of the user parametres or types of projects on other workplaces.

Thanks to parametrical operations of editing and intellectual models of knots of fastening (welded and bolted) process of construction of model of a metal design is optimised. Application of such operations and models facilitates to the user tracing of joinings of constructive elements at change of the geometrical scheme.

Along with special functions Advance Steel can be used and standard tools AutoCAD: editing commands, “handles” means of check of a design (for example, mutual crossing of elements) Are etc. provided.

Let's consider styles of plotting.
At automated, “in one action” generation of drawings of metal construction and detailed metal construction in advance adjusted styles of plotting describing a subject (what to draw) and a format are used (how to draw) images, designations of elements of a metal design. For reception of plans, cuts, drawings of knots and details in various variants of registration the wide choice of ready styles is offered. Means of the special dispatcher provide possibility of working out of the user styles.

The user can set quantity and an arrangement of kinds on drawing sheet (for example, having specified, distance between details).

Let's consider the dispatcher of the project.
The dispatcher of working drawings Advance Steel carries out preliminary viewing of kinds of the drawing, watches conformity of the drawing and model. At model change “become outdated” drawings are marked in the dispatcher with possibility of selective updating.

Let's consider documentation release.
Functions of automatic reception of specifications and stamp are included in program toolkit. Specifications are formed according to the Russian standard and with use of the created drawing (from the drawing the necessary information gets to the specification).

It is necessary to notice that all drawings created by the program (a format dwg), keep logic communication with model of a design and can be finished by means of standard functions AutoCAD, and also special means Advance Steel (drawing additional and editing of the existing sizes, additional marks of elements of a design and welded seams).

Interface Advance Steel uses a set of easily remembered screen buttons with helps in Russian.

Let's consider communication with settlement CAD.
The model created in Advance Steel, can be transferred in programs strength calculation of designs (SCAD or LIRA); as the result – is reduced time of creation of the settlement scheme.

The program scope is very wide and various: Advance Steel it is possible to use at designing of objects of industrial and civil building, and also in machine-building designing.

Let's consider types of versions Advance Steel.
Advance Steel STANDARD
Package for 3D-designing of metalware in weight less than 10 т.

Includes all features of Advance Steel PROFESSIONAL, it is limited by as much as possible admissible weight of metalware – 10 tons.

Professional package for 3D-designing of metalware and receptions of the building documentation.

3D-modelling of metalware any complexity, using libraries of plates, profiles, bolts, “intellectual” the parametrical knots, special tools for creation of ladders and a handrail etc.

Check of collisions in model, automatic numbering, release of drawings of metal construction and detailed metal construction, automatic notation of the sizes and marks; functionality of exact user adjustment according to requirements of the customer.

Sheets of materials and the specification; data acquisition for transfer on machine tools c CNC (DStV-NC).

Interface IFC 2.x3, SDNF, CIS/2, KISS, PML, Staad.

Advance Steel PREMIUM
Collective operating mode with support of simultaneous access to model.

Includes all features of Advance Steel PROFESSIONAL and it is expanded by additional possibilities: the technology of sharing of model allows several users to work simultaneously with one model; the settlement module for check and calculation of knots according to North American (AISC / CISC) and European (EC3) standards; the interface and the mechanism of synchronisation with settlement appendices Graitec through technology GTC.

Advance Steel STANDARD NET – network version Advance Steel STANDARD.

Advance Steel PROFESSIONAL NET – network version Advance Steel PROFESSIONAL.

Advance Steel PREMIUM NET – network version Advance Steel PREMIUM.

Advance Steel EDUCATION 10 SEATS – educational version on 10 places. Includes all features of Advance Steel STANDARD it is accessible only to the noncommercial organisations.

Advance Steel STUDENT – student's version. This package demands acknowledgement of the student's status. The annual subscription to updatings is inaccessible to this package.


This package allows to open and look through (including properties of elements) the models created with use Advance Steel. It gives the chance to work with model, using objects AutoCAD. This package does not allow to create objects Advance Steel, to change their properties and to create drawings.

Advance Steel DEVELOPER

For use of this module the conclusion of the special agreement with GRAITEC is required. This package allows to use Autolisp and COM API for an applications programming with use of objects Advance Steel.

The description of product Advance Steel on official site GRAITEC Advance [2].

1. Advance Steel []
2. Advance Steel: Steel detailing software for AutoCAD []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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