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Design works in AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Electrical is a part of known family AutoCAD and it is developed specially for designing of automated process control system, measuring instrument and electric control systems.

Product AutoCAD Electrical – represents appendix AutoCAD for designers of electric control systems. The appendix includes possibilities AutoCAD and gives a full set of functions for electrotechnical designing. Appendix AutoCAD Electrical simplifies performance of projects under the state and international standards of registration of drawings.

Automation of standard problems and extensive libraries of symbols allow to raise productivity and to eliminate risk of occurrence of errors. AutoCAD Electrical gives the means necessary for fast and exact designing of electric control systems with considerable economy of means and time.

Let's consider database AutoCAD Electrical entering in CAD by default.
Use in AutoCAD Electrical catalogues of components from different manufacturers allows to accelerate designing process. The library of components AutoCAD Electrical contains more than 650 thousand details and symbols. The user can quickly project electric control systems, choosing from the menu typical devices. The insert of electric devices in AutoCAD Electrical is carried out by means of different menus.

The product gives the chance to operate creation and transformation of blocks AutoCAD to intellectual designations AutoCAD Electrical. The converter of designations gives the environment of editing on the basis of the editor of blocks AutoCAD, allowing to create electric designations and symbols ACADE. Thanks to rich library of symbols it is possible to create exact pneumatic, hydraulic schemes and models of pipelines and the control measuring equipment. Various devices are included in base: valves, manipulators, distributive boxes, counters, regulators, filters etc.

Let's consider supported standards.
Support of standards of GOST, JIC, IEC, JIS and GB allows to coordinate projects with the established requirements. Decision AutoCAD Electrical gives the chance to adjust libraries of symbols, formats of cross references, to set rules of numbering of wires and devices.

AutoCAD Electrical automatically numbers all wires and puts down item designations of components according to the established rules.

Let's consider programmed logic controllers (PLC).
AutoCAD Electrical includes a set of the functions, allowing to raise productivity and accuracy at work with drawings of devices of input/conclusion PLC. The library of modules of input/conclusion PLC contains more than 3 000 modules with which help it is possible to create drawings of necessary devices quickly. The decision allows to add new modules in base.

In AutoCAD Electrical means for check of correctness of created schemes are realised, thus check is spent in a mode of real time and allows to reveal and eliminate potential problems on early design stages.

Let's consider tools AutoCAD Electrical for which account designing time is considerably reduced:
1. Automation of routine processes: automatic marks of communication lines, item designations, contacts;
2. Presence of extensive library of conditional graphic elements;
3. Database presence in format MS Assess. Possibility of fast replenishment of a database. Simple input of the new information in base;
4. Repeated use of sites of schemes in various projects, both by means of copying tools, and by means of preservation of sites of schemes in accessible of conditional graphic elements to any project menu;
5. Fast modification. Speed is caused by through designing, i.e. at modification of any part of the project, they is automated are displayed in all its parts;
6. The automatic and automated control of errors;
7. Convenient tools of work with terminal blocks. Terminal block it is typed from separate plugs that allows to use in schemes terminal blocks with any quantity of plugs. Then it is possible to place on sheet an assembly diagramme of terminal block on which all its addresses of connections are shown. This scheme is created automatically and addresses of connections are filled automatically.
8. Convenient tools of work with PLC. PLC can be typed the user from any quantity of inputs and exits that relieves of necessity to add in menu new PLC.
9. The automated generation of text target documents in accordance with GOST.

Let's consider new possibilities AutoCAD Electrical.
AutoCAD Electrical – conducting in branch 2D the appendix for designing of electric control systems. The new user interface provides simplicity and convenience of work. Last version of the given product will help you to achieve substantial increase of productivity by means of the new and improved means of creation and editing of various schemes of management, one-linear schemes, etc.

1. Simplicity of use
The user interface in style of a tape
AutoCAD Electrical 2010 differs successfully organised user interface. Users spend less time for search of the necessary tools and commands.

The new interface in style of the tape, realised in AutoCAD Electrical 2010, provides convenient access to often used tools. Management buttons are displayed in a set of tabs; their grouping corresponds to a carried out problem. Expenses of time for search of the necessary command in the menu and panels of tools as a result decrease.

Working spaces
The program allows to choose working space taking into account a working environment used by you and features of working process. To be switched from one space in another it is very simple – to choose a corresponding badge in a line of a condition enough.

In AutoCAD Electrical there are three working spaces which accordingly provide:
- Access to means AutoCAD Electrical and means AutoCAD for 2D plotting and annotation – through a tape.
- Access to means AutoCAD Electrical and means AutoCAD for 3D modelling – through a tape.
- Access to means AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD through panels of tools and emerging menus.

2. The designer of chains
AutoCAD Electrical 2010 reduces necessity for tiresome drawing of electric chains. Management chains are formed dynamically on the basis of a set of rules and functional requirements to components and connections, nominal parametres and the given catalogues.

Ecologically rational designing
The designer of chains allows to carry out calculations of power efficiency and to make ecologically rational decisions. The given function supports display of a range of sections of conductors with instructions of losses of energy depending on type of installation and various external factors. For example, at creation of ecologically rational projects it is possible to increase diameter of wires of the engine to lower thermal losses. Thus “The designer of chains” helps to define, whether the economy of energy throughout all life cycle of the engine is capable to compensate initial expenses on materials and a payment.

Support of one-linear schemes of power supplies
“The designer of chains” supports inclusion of one-linear schemes of power supplies in process of designing of electric control means. The power supply is designated in the form of an arrow, and the energy consumer – as loading resistance or by means of the user designation of loading, for example a drive with variable speed on the end of the tyre of a food. Besides, “The designer of chains” allows to adjust representation of loadings taking into account an arrangement of links.

Additional improvements
To other possibilities “The designer of chains” allowing to raise productivity, concern:
- Definition of sections of wires according to electrotechnical rules and norms.
- Determination of cross strands, which can be replaced with solid wire, to ensure that the permissible load current.
- Calculations of safety locks, disconnectors, switches, and also overloads according to electrotechnical rules and norms.
- The task of text characteristics for the description of the engine, installation, an arrangement and the description of components of chains.
- Addition of new chains and the reference to already existing chains – continuity of reference values for new chains.
- The editor of a database “The designer of chains” allows to look through, edit and expand a database file ace_electrical_standards.mdb

3. The means, allowing to raise productivity
AutoCAD Electrical helps developers of electric control systems to raise productivity of designing, giving in their order a set of specialised tools and means for performance of various parts of the project.

One-linear schemes of management of engines
For creation “intellectual” basic schemes of management of the engines, connected with other drawings within the limits of the project, it is possible to take advantage of new library of conditional graphic designations. Access to library is carried out through the graphic menu. The program allows to build one-linear schemes with values of components and the sections of wires which are meeting the requirements of special electrotechnical rules and norms.

Designations of components of one-linear schemes maintain type relations “the parent-affiliated” with other schemes and configuration drawings. You can be switched between the basic scheme and all connected components; at component changes all connected components are updated automatically.

Besides, the designation of components on schemes and configuration drawings allows to create the various reports including components of one-linear schemes.

Now the user can define, whether basic, hydraulic, pneumatic schemes and their components will enter into the report.

The option “Without number”
In the new version for layers of wires the option is supported “Without number”. On such wires typical functions for wires, for example, wire rupture extend at a component insert, restoration at removal and the tool “Fast moving”. Besides, they are displayed in the report on connections. But it does not appropriate numbers of wires.

Check of electric schemes
The program allows to look through results of check of electric schemes for active drawings. Start function of check of electric schemes, then press the button of the active drawing, and on the screen the errors revealed in it will be displayed. If then to open other drawing on the screen results of check of the current drawing will be displayed.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version AutoCAD Electrical, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD Electrical []
2. Demo AutoCAD Electrical [ siteID=871736&id=12706896]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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