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Design works in ElectriCS
Software package ElectriCS 3D is intended for automated (automatic and interactive) apportions of cables of different function at designing, reconstruction and operation of buildings, constructions and open territories.

ElectriCS 3D is the modern and powerful automated system of 3D-designing of a cable economy of objects:
- a fuel and energy complex;
- the oil and gas industry;
- organic synthesis;
- chemical, food and a pharmaceutical industry;
- a pulp and paper industry;
- the semi-conductor industry;
- an iron and steel industry;
- mining and Processing Industry;
- water preparations and water treatment others.

Working out and system ElectriCS development 3D are carried out with the assistance of experts of high level.

Unique technologies ElectriCS 3D provide:
- intellectuality of the system and the highest quality of the design documentation at the expense of number decrease (or a complete elimination) errors, inevitable at not automated or conditionally automated designing;
- considerable decrease in the expense of cable production and protective pipes on the project;
- increase of labour productivity of project institutes and design groups;
- reduction of terms of designing of objects of a cable economy;
- reduction of expenses on building and object operation.

ElectriCS 3D has the convenient, worked interface, has the expanded functionality:
- the visually-graphic control at manual input of the initial information;
- automatic formation of assembly lengths of cables for their order, definition of number of the ends of cables and trailer veins for estimating;
- integration with models of systems of 3D-modelling PDS and PLANT-4D;
- possibility of adjustment of forms of target documents;
- formation of documents in Russian, English and both languages (by means of the built in technical translator).

ElectriCS 3D uses exclusive algorithms of trace, acceptance of preliminary decisions and group processing of files of the information that allows to provide the highest speed of mathematical processing of lines. For example, even on the personal computer with the processor of type Pentium-II speed of trace of cables makes only 1.2 ms. On one cable. In other words, all for two minutes it is traced more than 1000 cables.

ElectriCS 3D works on the basis of set of cable lines. As a cable line the cable designs established on building designs of technological premises and constructions, and also separately passing a box and flat transitions can serve.

Cable designs represent consoles, trays, a box, flat transitions and other basic designs. In a design the system carries out packing of cables single-layer or is multilayered (bunches) according to design and cable types.

Unique algorithms ElectriCS 3D carry out an apportion of cables on lines according to the Russian norms of designing and classification according to PUE requirements.

Let's consider kinds of documents which forms and makes out ElectriCS 3D:
- an electric equipment explication;
- plans of placing of an electric equipment;
- plans of placing of cable lines;
- summary and custom-made specifications on cable production;
- cable magazines;
- custom-made specifications on pipes and-or metal hose;
- magazines of coordinate points;
- magazines of cable streams.

The designing system ElectriCS 3D is realised in a user-friendly kind. Working with ElectriCS 3D, the designer can look through position of cables, cable lines, consumers, premises and their combinations in a 3D-kind (axonometry). Together with graphic representation it is possible to look through tables with position and other parametres of objects. Double management – graphic and text (tabular) – allows to carry out a complete control over system that is especially important at manual input of the initial data.

Input of the initial information is possible both in a DBF-format, and in MS Office (Word, Access, Excel) with the subsequent information transfer in system. Input of the information on coordinates of lines, consumers, premises is possible directly in graphic AutoCAD environment (numbering of plans).

ElectriCS 3D conducts trace and an apportion of all kinds of lines – orthogonal and not orthogonal. Thus an accessory of consumers and lines “to premises” (on technological and power classification) it is possible to appoint manually, automatically or the combined way.

The powerful and flexible qualifier is built in system ElectriCS 3D for a choice of any groups of cables, consumers, lines both on coordinates, and on other parametres (semantics) that in turn allows to allocate groups on marks of premises and to give out various kinds of documents. Algorithms of trace of a cable work and in a simple mode, and with set restrictions (trace with the account mutual redundancy groups of cables, with minimisation of the general sites of lines etc.).

Mechanisms of trace of cables can be applied not only to groups that allows to trace separately power and control cables, and also to report cables on the general lines at designing of following turns of one object.

Algorithms of trace consider geometry and occupancy of designs of a cable line on its each site, that is the apportion of cables on regiments is carried out with the account:
- places on a regiment;
- requirements of rules of the device of electroinstallations;
- mutual redundancy.

For the analysis of lines and the accepted decisions possibility to look through and correct a line on sections is given the user. Sections can be formed in any place, proceeding from problems of the designer.

The user can look the spatial scheme of an apportion of cables on regiments that allows more compactly and economically, with observance of standard requirements to optimise an apportion.

And the design documentation the system ElectriCS 3D forms apportions of cables in base system of designing AutoCAD and in office standards Microsoft Word.

Official registration of papers is carried out according to the state and branch standards. Formation of the documentation on the standard of the customer is possible.

The description of software package ElectriCS 3D on official web-site CSoft Development [2].

1. ElectriCS 3D []
2. CSoft []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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