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Design works in ElectriCS Light
System Electrics Light is intended for lighting calculations at designing of lighting installations of the industrial enterprises. Calculations are made on a basis “The reference book on light engineering” (under the editorship of J.B.Ajzenberga, 1983).

The system toolkit gives possibility to carry out calculations as for internal illumination of buildings and constructions, and for external (including searchlight) illumination of industrial sites.

Let's consider the essential advantages of system considerably distinguishing it from programs of similar appointment:
- direct calculation of light exposure with use of curves of force of light of fixtures (with tracing shadowing and reflexions from surfaces);
- calculation possibility illumination in premises of any configuration (rectangular, oval, G – or T-shaped etc.);
- reception of summary result after calculation of set of premises and all building (project);
- possibility of the detailed analysis of distribution of light exposure on calculation areas, construction of fields of light exposure, and also a light exposure estimation in any points of space with various orientation of a settlement surface;
- possibility of input of the initial data – coordinates of fixtures, walls, control points etc. – with use of graphic means AutoCAD (numbering of plans in AutoCAD) and parallel delivery of the information on plans;
- viewing in a 3D-kind (axonometry) of the initial data for calculations: light sources (fixtures) with a vector of an orientation of a light stream, control points, and also walls, buildings and the constructions creating a shade;
- viewing (in a 3D-kind) results of calculation as light fields that allows to estimate visually light exposure distribution on the area of a shined surface;
- display to the plan (in AutoCAD) lines of the set level of light exposure that allows to estimate and deduce visually on plans of border of area of the set level of light exposure;
- import of files of the photometric given fixtures under standard IESNA:LM-63-1995;
- the total documentation in formats AutoCAD and MS Word.

In engineering practice for performance of lighting calculations two methods are accepted: a method of operating ratio and dot. The first of them is suitable for calculation of the general illumination if it is not required to consider feature of placing of the equipment and fixtures. The second allows to consider light exposure from each fixture in any point of space, but in advance constructed curves of equal light exposure are necessary for its use (isolux). The method of force of light is applied. To light exposure calculation. As the initial information on a premise its geometrical sizes and factors of reflexion of surfaces of a ceiling, walls and a floor serve. The number of walls of a premise is any, and the premise can have a various configuration – including oval. In one project (calculation) inclusion of several premises is supposed. Initial data about the fixture contains its geometrical sizes, the description of curves of force of light, the area of a target window of the fixture, efficiency, number of lamps, their capacity and size of a light stream. Fixtures can be round symmetrical, have two or one plane of symmetry. In one premise sharing of fixtures of different types is possible.

The choice of fixtures and lamps is made from a database. Placing of fixtures is carried out as manually (a dialogue mode), and in a graphic mode on plans of premises (general plans).

Curve forces of light can be looked through both in Cartesian, and in polar system of coordinates. It is possible to give out the initial data and results of calculation in AutoCAD both in 3D-representation, and in the form of the plan.

In a 3D-kind stand out:
- results of calculation – as two surfaces (the first – horizontal a stained flat surface at the set level of the light exposure, the second – the stained nonplanar surface set by settlement points of light exposure, where light exposure is shown to coordinate Z);
- isolines – as the closed lines for the set level of light exposure;
- light sources (fixtures) – as a circle or the focused rectangle of the set sizes with a 3D-vector;
- control points – as a stained sphere of the standard sizes with callout of a design position;
- walls – as a stained vertical rectangle;
- masts – as the stained vertical cylinder;
- a zone of calculations – as an orthogonal parallelepiped (without toning);
- buildings and constructions – as stained objects of various type (the tank, sphere etc.).

In the form of the plan are represented:
- Light sources (fixtures) – as a circle or the focused rectangle of the standard sizes with callout of a design position;
- Control points – as a square of the standard sizes with callout of a design position;
- Walls – as lines with callout of a design position;
- A zone of calculations – as an orthogonal rectangle.

More detailed description of system ElectriCS Light on an official web-site of firm-developer CSoft Development [2].

1. ElectriCS Light []
2. CSoft []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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