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Design works in ElectriCS Storm
System ElectriCS Storm is intended for the automated designing of lightning protection and grounding of buildings and constructions.

System application ElectriCS Storm allows to increase considerably labour productivity of designers regarding calculation of lightning protection and grounding, and also to raise quality of the project thanks to possibility of multiple designing.

ElectriCS Storm consists of two basic subsystems: calculation of lightning protection (CLP) and calculation of earthing devices (CED).

Subsystem CLP gives to the user a number of unique possibilities, impracticable means of other systems of calculation of lightning protection:
- viewing in 3D-representation (axonometry) of buildings and the constructions demanding lightning protection, the zones of protection received as a result of calculation, and also their parity;
- reception of section of zones of lightning protection at any height (the height of the highest construction by default is accepted);
- graphic input of the digital information: coordinates of buildings, constructions and devices of lightning protection;
- work on the flat general plan;
- performance of vertical sections of zones (on an axis between cores);
- documenting of results of calculations in a tabular kind in AutoCAD and Microsoft Word.

Subsystem CLP is intended for the automated calculation and construction of zones of protection lightning tap and horizontal sections of these zones on any way set mark. For calculation under the specification the conclusion of vertical sections on an axis between cores is possible.

Let's consider viewing of a zone of protection in 3D.

Calculation and construction of zones of protection are carried out according to requirements of following supervising materials:
- SO 153-34.21.122-2003 “The instruction on the device of lightning protection buildings, constructions and the industrial enterprises”;
- RD 34.21.122-87 “The instruction on the device of lightning protection buildings and constructions”;
- RD 34.21.121 “Guidelines by calculation of zones of protection rod and cable lightning tap”;
- SPE N212 “Grounding and lightning protection on thermal and atomic power stations. The directory on designing of thermal power stations and thermal networks” (ThermalElectricityProject, 1974).
The subsystem provides calculation repeated rod and-or cable lightning tap (repeated lightning tap represents a little rod or cable lightning tap, forming the general zone of protection), and also closed cable lightning tap.

Let's consider horizontal section of a zone of protection.

The protection zone of lightning tap considers space in which the building or a construction is protected from direct strokes of a lightning with reliability not below certain value. The least and constant reliability the surface of a zone of protection, in the heart of a zone reliability above possesses. The zone of protection of type A possesses reliability not below 99.5%, type – not below 95%.

Let's consider vertical section of a zone of protection.

Subsystem CED is intended for the automated calculation artificial and natural earthing.

Initial data for calculation of earthing devices:
- ground characteristics;
- the general data;
- group artificial earthing;
- natural earthing.

Natural earthing are system “a cable – a support” the bases, covers of cables, others external earthing.

Grounding calculation is made on the basis of M.R.Najfelda's book “Grounding, protective measures of an electrosecurity” also consists of two parts:
- resistance calculation of spreading;
- calculation of pressure of a touch.

Resistance of spreading can pay off on a method of operating ratios or a method of Ollendorfo-Lorana.

More detailed description of system ElectriCS Storm on an official site of firm-developer CSoft Development [2].

1. ElectriCS Storm []
2. CSoft []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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