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Design works in Project StudioCS Electrician
Program Project StudioCS of the Electrician is intended for automation of designing of system of an electrical supply (SES) objects of civil and industrial building in strict conformity with operating standards.

Project StudioCS the Electrician creation low-voltage (0.4 kV) provides parts of project SES. Tool means of system allow to project both internal electric illumination, and a power electrical supply of inhabited, public and industrial buildings and constructions.

The program has the Certificate of conformity of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of Russia N POCC RU.СП15.H00052.

Let's consider the basic possibilities of program Project StudioCS of the Electrician:
- Tool means Project StudioCS of the Electrician are built in at loading CAD AutoCAD environment. Access to all files of the project is thus given.
- The uniform file of the project can be opened only by means of the module of program ProjectStudioCS of the Electrician.
- The initial data (a building underlying cause) are formed by means AutoCAD, Autodesk Architectural Desktop or programs Project StudioCS Architecture.
- The new window of the project contains a tree of documents and floor project plans, allows to operate display floor plans and to spend updating of the data for the target documentation.
- Is conditional-graphic designations of elements of the equipment are stored in DWG-files of base of conditional graphic elements, and the given bases of devices (with the list of the characteristics necessary for calculation) – in MDB-files (forms MS Access). The version distribution kit includes a set of the filled databases, containing the equipment for work with the program and for demonstration of how to make correct filling of bases. In particular there is a database “Open Society the Electrocable Kolchuginsky factory” the switching equipment “Open Society DZNVA” a database on lamps without a leash to the manufacturer, lamps “OSRAM” fixtures “Ardatovsky lighting factory” fixtures “Light technologies” transformers oil 6-10 kV, base of electroadjusting products “Wessen” etc. plans of developers include filling of databases with the equipment of other known manufacturers.
- The manager of databases for connection of bases of the equipment and import from them the equipment in bases of the project is realised.
- Convenient tools for viewing, fillings and conditional graphic elements given in bases editing and devices are realised in special Masters and placed on the system panel of tools.
- Definition of premises and automatic placing in them of fixtures, and also other devices from databases is made.
- The base of devices, besides the data about electric devices, contains sections on cable designs (to cables-channels, trays, regiments, racks, pipes, connecting elements), accessible to filling.
- Implemented to create a list (technological assignment) process equipment.
- Any electric equipment placed on an underlying cause, possesses a characteristic set of properties, many of which are accessible to editing.
- Specialised tools for a lining of lines, cables and cable designs on lines are realised.
- There is a master of installation of connecting elements as in automatic, and a manual mode. Thus the program itself will pick up type of a connecting element from base of devices of the project for the set type of the channel.
- Automatic calculation of connecting elements of boxes and trays.
- Designing of lighting and power networks.
- Calculation of electric loadings (capacities and currents for target devices of switching centers) on RTM
- At calculation of loadings on the joint venture 31-110-2003 choice of factors of demand is carried out automatically under the help data.
- Calculation of currents of short circuit is realised by two techniques: a method of a loop a phase-zero, by a technique of GOST 28249-93.
- Calculation of the minimum and maximum current of short circuit on the protection device, calculation of a shock current is conducted.
- Calculation of a difference of loading of phases, current calculation on each phase of a feeder.
- The program groups the electrotechnical equipment in character of loading.
- Automatic calculation of capacities, currents and pressure losses in electric systems considerably simplifies selection of characteristics of the feeding equipment and cables.
- Recalculation of chains of the scheme at replacement of its elements is provided.
- Various checks of correctness of construction from a window of the Master of checks are carried out.
- Carrying out of calculations, viewing of results and equipment selection is made in a window of electrotechnical model.
- The system of grounding for all project is entered and individually for each object on the plan that does possible if necessary to combine various ways of grounding in the project.
- The same system of construction of reports with preliminary viewing and possibility of editing of the deduced information is realised.
- A documentation conclusion in Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, AutoCAD.
- The list of the target documents created by means of Project StudioCS of the Electrician includes:
1. Sheet of a building plan with designations of the established equipment and lines, portable designations and tables;
The plan with the equipment
The plan with the equipment

2. The specification of the equipment, cables, wires, products and materials;
The specification

3. Basic schemes of a feeding and distributive network;
PS the scheme
PS the scheme

4. The sheet on group guards;
5. The table of results of calculation of loadings;
6. Cable magazine.
- There is a possibility of adjustment of fonts for creation of reports and callouts on the plan.
- Plan files can be opened in AutoCAD without program Project StudioCS of the Electrician for from the further editing by designers or customers.
- Editing of the generated documents is carried out without infringement of their integrity.
- The independent editor of databases it is not required to whom AutoCAD and a key of hardware protection is realised.
- Program kernel Project StudioCS of the Electrician supports:
     – toolkit Object Enablers (for objects of the project);
     – separate or teamwork of a drawing in the environment of AutoCAD and carrying out of calculations on project model;
     – communications of objects of the plan between sheets;
     – DWG-files as inside, and out of the project;
     – a data storage of model of the project in separate XML-files;
     – use “strangers” objects – for example, walls from Autodesk Architectural Desktop or cases from Autodesk Building Systems;
     – opened API for programming of objects on Visual Basic.

Following possibilities of the program are most essential to designing automation:
- Automatic calculation of capacities of electric loadings. Devices of feeding devices, and total loadings on groups of consumers with various factors of demand are counted up as separate loadings for the weekend;
- Automatic selection of settlement factors from bases;
- Calculation (on a method of operating ratios) the quantity of the fixtures necessary for reception of set light exposure on a working surface and also calculation of light exposure from set quantity of fixtures and their automatic placing on the plan;
- Calculation of light exposure for premises with a difficult not rectangular configuration (T-, P-, G-shaped premises);
- Automatic calculation of necessary number of veins of electric cables;
- Automatic check of parametres of electric networks on conformity to currents of single-phase short circuit, to currents of long loading and the set loss of pressure to the most remote consumers;
- Automatic formation of callouts and letter-item designations, automarks of item designations;
- Calculation of quantity of the equipment and lengths of cables, cable designs the project;
- Automatic formation of basic schemes of feeding and distributive networks;
- Automatic formation of the specification;
- Automatic formation of cable magazine.

The description of program Project StudioCS of the Electrician on official site CSoft Development [2].

1. Project StudioCS Electrician []
2. CSoft []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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