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Design works in HTE
HTE – the appendix for designing of systems of an electric equipment under AutoCAD.

Appendix HTE is intended for designing of systems of an electrical supply, an electric equipment and low-current networks of buildings (cable systems, illumination, the security and fire alarm system, telecommunication networks, etc.)

HTE contains databases (DB) on devices, cables, cable channels and the other equipment, and also means of their editing. Has specialised functions for the interactive and automated placing on the drawing of devices and the equipment, distributing of cable networks and connections of devices and cables.

Automatic numbering of devices, formation of cable magazine, and also specifications on devices and cables for separate premises, floors or for all building are provided automatic construction the 3D-image of a projected network, including struts and vertical sites.

Appendix HTE is calculated on use by experts of all subsystems power and low-current electricians. In it possibility of creation of specific options, connections of necessary databases, and also changes by users of structure of the description of HTE-objects is put. In appendix HTE contains necessary features for creation of drawings of distributing of electric chains of inhabited, administrative and industrial buildings, placing and connection of electric devices, calculation and construction of specifications and cable magazines.

In appendix HTE contains necessary features for creations of drawings of distributing of electric chains of inhabited, administrative and industrial buildings, placings and connections of electric devices, calculation and construction of specifications and cable magazines. As a basis for designing in program HTE can be used as drawings of formats DWG, DXF, the raster substrates created in program AutoCAD and its appendices, and imported of other programs working with a drawing. At complex electrotechnical designing the general can effectively be used for all systems office objects – struts, transitions from a building in a building, a line, trays, cable channels and so forth

Appendix HTE provides conducting the multiuser projects with use of the same lines, transitions from a floor on a floor and from a building in a building various designers at designing of various systems of an electric equipment.

Let's consider functionality HTE.

The general advantages:
- Correct use of regular functions AutoCAD;
- Specialised functions of a choice and editing of HTE-objects;
- Any structure of the description of HTE-elements;
- Automatic notation of item designations.

- Possibility of use of any number of points of connection of cables and binding points;
- Functions of automatic arrangement on premises;
- Placing functions in a mode “on a wall”.

- Mode use “a line”;
- Possibility of automatic connection to devices;
- Lining functions in a mode “on a wall”;
- Correct calculation of length taking into account dimensions of devices.

- Calculation of specifications and cable magazines under the separate drawing, group of drawings, under the project;
- Inclusion in the specification of the additional equipment, cable production and account materials directly from a database;
- The account of individual structure of different types of HTE-objects at adjustment of target forms;
- Use of any fields of the description of HTE-objects, various variants of their sorting and association in groups;
- Generation of any target forms and documents.

Automatic procedures:
- Use of modes “ortho” “star” “parallel” “consistently” “with branching” “without branching” at automatic trace of cables;
- Use of the chosen mark of a cable at group arrangement of devices.

Use of logic procedures:
- Appointment of feeding elements, chains, positions and item designations, comments, “statuses” to group of HTE-objects;
- Appointment of numbers and designations of premises to the devices placed in them;
- Appointment of feeding elements – any device can be declared feeding element for other devices, thus number of a feeding element is underlined for everyone “the subordinate” the device in a corresponding field. The feeding element can be appointed to the devices, which are feeding elements. Thus on projected system it is created logic “a tree”. The device which is feeding element in one system, can be dependent, that is to be the consumer in other system.

Let's consider drawing representation in HTE.
Drawings represent dwg-files AutoCAD. In each of project drawings the set of specific objects of system HTE contains. The drawing contains the reference to the project file, stored in one of HTE-objects. At work in the environment of AutoCAD loaded application HTE has possibility by means of the COM-interface to get access to the data stored in base of the project. The drawing contains a set of specialised HTE-objects which in aggregate form projected electric system (a set of systems). Presence in the drawing of the auxiliary objects which are responsible for floor breakdown is in addition possible.

Let's consider base of devices.
The database of devices contains tables with parametres of the device which are used at creation of a new copy of the device in the drawing. The format of the table of the data (the list of fields) can be edited by the user. The set of obligatory fields is defined in advance, at system designing, and cannot be changed. The user can add the new fields which contents will be accessible to reading and editing. The changed structure remains in the project.

Physically the database is stored in one or several files of format XML.

Let's consider files of graphic representation.
Files of graphic representation contain models and symbols of devices which are used at rendering of corresponding object in the drawing. They represent AutoCAD drawings which can be loaded and represented HTE-expansions AutoCAD with the minimum functional and time expenses.

As a graphic representation of elements can be used as the separate blocks containing in dwg-files, and files entirely.

Probably also storage in one file of the information on devices in all necessary projections (kinds). Thus each projection is stored in the separate block.

The description of appendix HTE (the developer – the Russian company the POINT) on its official site [2].

1. HTE []
2. HTE []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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