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Design works in AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture, representing for architects, speed of work allows to raise special version AutoCAD considerably. Specialised functions for architectural designing and plotting, and also a habitual working environment do process of release of the working documentation by more effective.

AutoCAD Architecture helps architects to create faster drawings, specifications and other documentation, automatically coordinating projects and reducing quantity of errors in them.

Let's consider possibilities AutoCAD Architecture.

In AutoCAD Architecture marks of premises and their area are put by one click of the mouse. At change of boundary elements corresponding premises automatically are updated. This possibility saves time of the designer and provides accuracy of specifications. Premises can be created by means of displacement from boundary elements on the basis of standard or user rules. Calculation of the areas is carried out according to the standard standards, such as BOMA, DIN and SIS.

The AEC-sizes are applied in AutoCAD Architecture to walls and all of them components. At dimensioning various variants of a binding are considered: to axial lines of walls, their external surfaces, etc.

The Built in visualisation tools
By means of the built in visualisation tools it is possible to prepare for the customer effective presentation – at any stage, even when the project is not finished yet. Visualisation possibilities are completely integrated into AutoCAD Architecture environment. Be assured: your style of giving of a material does not remain not noticed.

As AutoCAD Architecture it is developed on the basis of AutoCAD, it is possible to begin at once work with it, gradually entering into use more powerful specialised functions. Such stage-by-stage approach urged to reduce an idle time, the new software product connected with introduction. If you have skills of work in AutoCAD, you easily apply them in work with AutoCAD Architecture.

Intellectual objects
At creation of model of a building intellectual architectural objects – walls, doors and windows which behave on the screen like the real prototypes are used. The program allows to insert and place automatically doors and windows, operating their arrangement with the maximum accuracy. At wall moving all adjunctions are automatically updated. Familiar commands AutoCAD, for example, are thus used “Interface” and “Facet”. Besides, architectural objects distinguish mutual crossings (for example, a wall and a column), allowing to find out design errors in time.

Facades, cuts
2D-cuts and facades are generated directly from the worked plans. At change of the project cuts and facades are completely updated. Respective alterations mention layers, colours, types of lines and other properties.

Formation of specifications
In AutoCAD Architecture 2010 possibilities on creation of styles of specifications according to enterprise standards are realised. In the specification it is possible to bring results of the calculations spent with model. The data from specifications is dynamically connected with objects of drawings. Adjustment of manual or automatic updating of specifications at change of elements of a design is possible.

Drawings of knots
Library of components of knots, and also means of work with key notes will allow to issue the working documentation in deadlines. Inscriptions, legends, references to knots take places on the drawing only several clicks of the mouse.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version AutoCAD Architecture, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD Architecture []
2. Demo AutoCAD Architecture []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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