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Design works in Autodesk Revit Architecture
Autodesk Revit Architecture allows to investigate various design ideas and forms, following a course of thought of the designer on all design stages, documentation and building release. The made changes automatically extend on all connected elements of the project. The data of information model of the building created in Autodesk Revit Architecture, allows to create schedules of civil work, to supervise observance of ecological requirements, to carry out check of collisions and to operate manufacturing of building products.

Autodesk Revit Architecture differs from AutoCAD Architecture that these two decisions are developed on different platforms – Revit and AutoCAD accordingly. And though the purposes and a set of functions of both programs are similar, ways of realisation of it features the different. Autodesk Revit Architecture by right it is considered the decision more powerful and advanced, than AutoCAD Architecture.

Let's consider the basic possibilities Autodesk Revit Architecture:
Tools for conceptual designing. In Autodesk Revit Architecture innovative tools of parametrical modelling any 3D forms are included.
- Support of engineering calculations on the earliest design stages is realised.
- Program functions facilitate creation of sketches and 3D models, and also allow to operate forms easily. The built in tools, allowing to transform your conceptual forms into real buildings, help to prepare models for manufacture and building. Taking for a basis conceptual model, you can prepare the working documentation within one working environment.
the User interface. Autodesk Revit Architecture possesses the convenient user interface. Users get convenient access to habitual tools and commands, can find more effectively seldom used commands, and also master new functions is easier. Expenses of time for search of the necessary command in the menu and panels of tools as a result decrease.
Support of 64-digit calculations. The built in support of 64-digit calculations in Autodesk Revit Architecture allows to work with the big projects, and also raises productivity and stability of performance of the problems demanding considerable expenses of operative memory – including visualisation, the press, updating of model and import/export of files.
the Improved interaction. The overall performance of the distributed design collective is raised thanks to the improved interaction of participants. Now it is possible to export model of a building or a platform with the metadata in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Besides, import 3D models from Autodesk Inventor is supported.
the Advanced API-interface. The interface of conceptual designing gives access to modelling high technologies. The applied interface of the Editor of families allows to automate creation of large specialised libraries of components.
- The program possesses high degree of parametrization of intellectual objects, provides a two-way communication of 3D-model and the target documentation. Functions conceptual and design engineering, construction of model and reception of the target documentation within the limits of uniform information model are realised. Possibility to edit any document of the project with the coordinated change of all dependent documents is provided with a two-way communication of elements of the project. The program carries out imposing of dimensional dependences, supports some variants of study of the project and has the built in visualisation tools.
- Format DWG is supported.

Let's consider specifications.
The specification is one of model representations in Revit Architecture. Changes in the specification are automatically reflected in model kinds, and on the contrary. You can divide tables of specifications, and also include in them the elements based on application of formulas and filters.

Let's consider parametrical components.
The parametrical components known also as family, – a basis of process of designing in Revit Architecture. As a matter of fact, they are elementary units of the project. Parametrical components can represent as the elementary building elements (walls, columns, etc.), and more difficult – for example, furniture and any equipment. Work with parametrical components does not demand knowledge any of programming languages.

Let's consider model visualisation.
You can create photorealistic visualisation of model. High quality of presentations is provided with rendering system mental ray which possesses the convenient interface and high speed of work. If the expanded possibilities of processing of a scene are necessary to you, you can export it in Autodesk 3ds Max in format Autodesk FBX. Autodesk 3ds Max provides unsurpassed flexibility and ample opportunities of management with visualisation of your models.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version Autodesk Revit Architecture, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. Autodesk Revit Architecture (Revit architecture) []
2. Demo Autodesk Revit Architecture [ siteID=871736&id=12707130]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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