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объекты Ростехнадзора
Design works “under key” in AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite
Flexibility AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite gives you conclusive competitive advantage. Association AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and Autodesk Revit Architecture in a uniform program complex allows clients to pass to technology of information modelling (BIM) in rate convenient for them, without having lost thus an investment in training of employees to work with AutoCAD and the available design data.

AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite – a program complex for the architecturally-building designing, including the newest program Revit Architecture realised on technology of information modelling of buildings and constructions.

The complex allows to share possibilities of information modelling of buildings and constructions in Revit Architecture, powerful features and flexibility AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD as base CAD the widest application. Thanks to compatibility of formats of the target documentation the information exchange between programs is possible.

AutoCAD Revit Architecture, developed on the basis of technology of information modelling of buildings, gives the chance to architects to concentrate on the main thing – designing of buildings – thanks to that designing process in the program reflects features of the real world of architecture. Autodesk Revit Architecture simplifies process of designing and improves interaction of users.

Revit Architecture allows to concentrate on the main thing – designing of buildings, without spending thus too much time for training. You can work with any kind convenient for you, easily and quickly to make changes at any development cycle of the project, to edit the basic building components, and also in the shortest terms to form working drawings on the basis of 3D-models. Revit Architecture will help you to create 3D-kinds for a fuller appreciation of your ideas to the customer; even changes at late stages you if necessary will make completely are assured that all kinds, specifications and building-engineering specifications remain coordinated.

Let's consider decision-making process acceleration.
Happened so, what you long could not find the decision of a design problem? More it will not be: with search of right decisions to you will help Revit Architecture – the program which use allows to reduce essentially expenses not only means, but also time. Thanks to presence of functions of the analysis of materials, drawing up of the sheet of materials, calculation of position of the sun you can develop projects taking into account ecological requirements. The data of information model of a building will allow to execute precisely design calculation, check of collisions, and then and civil work. All it helps to avoid gross blunders and waste of efforts.

Let's consider two-forked associativity.
You can change model in any sequence. All information on model Revit Architecture is stored on-line, in a project file – thanks to it component editing on any kind leads to change of all model of a building.

Let's consider variants of designs.
Study of various variants of the project any more is not a labour-consuming problem, therefore it will be simple to you to present to the customer at once some variants of the decision. Thus each of variants miscalculates and it is represented in an evident kind.

Let's consider components of knots.
Take advantage of the expanded library of components of knots Revit Architecture. Libraries of components can be changed according to operating standards, and also to create own libraries and to exchange them.

Let's consider the shaper of buildings Revit.
Revit Architecture automates standard problems of designing. The initial concept of a building is created from simple form-building elements which can be received from the volume geometry created in Form-Z, Rhino, Sketchup, AutoCAD and other appendices supporting technologies ACIS or NURBS. Then sides for creation of walls, roofs, overlappings and wall protections get out. It is possible to make calculations for the received model of a building – for example, a floor total area.

Let's consider support format Autodesk DWF.
Revit Architecture supports an exchange of electronic marks with Autodesk Design Review. Thanks to association of possibilities of work with marks in these programs tracing of changes is carried out very simply. You never should enter the data repeatedly. Revit Architecture supports the model publication in formats 2D and 3D DWF that allows to exchange effectively the design data in a compact kind. It is very important, for example, at attraction of customers to process of the statement of the project.

Let's consider conceptual designing by means of AutoCAD Revit Architecture.
AutoCAD Revit Architecture offers a number of absolutely new simulars.
Set of full-function tools of modelling of difficult surfaces:
- Construction of surfaces NURBS of the second order is made as simply, as well as usual expression.
- Construction 3D curves.
- Construction of a spline by means of reference points. Editing is made by dragging of points of management.
- Switching between global and conditional systems of coordinates by means of a blank key.
- The mode radiographic X-ray helps to be guided better in created geometry and more precisely to operate forms.
- The parametrical skeleton created AutoCAD Revit Architecture, it is possible to display at any moment mouse click.
- Convenient means of addition of edges and profiles provide more exact editing of forms.

Let's consider integration with service of search Autodesk Seek.

Possibility of addition of categories OmniClass (the new system of classification created specially of building. She allows to carry out the organisation of materials of libraries, the information on the project and to create hierarchical structure of the data for DBMS.)

The description of software product AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite on an official site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite
2. Autodesk Revit Architecture Suite [ 71736&id=12448301]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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