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Design works in AutoCAD MEP
AutoCAD MEP is a decision for designing of engineering systems of buildings on platform AutoCAD. Work in habitual AutoCAD environment allows to achieve instant growth of productivity and gives the chance to study specialised functions of designing of engineering systems in user-friendly rate.

The intuitively-clear environment of designing provides ease of teamwork with architects who use AutoCAD or AutoCAD Architecture. In AutoCAD MEP it is possible to open the plans of floors received in architectural CAD on the basis of AutoCAD, and to coordinate a lining of engineering systems with them.

Let's consider features AutoCAD MEP:
1. High efficiency. Working in habitual, checked up AutoCAD environment, designers of engineering systems can quickly create the documentation to projects by means of means specially developed for it. AutoCAD MEP it is capable to raise efficiency of information interchange and to reduce risk of occurrence of errors – and it in conditions when complexity of projects all time increases, and the experts working over them, often happen are territorially separated.
2. The Split-hair accuracy. Specialised means, access to which it is carried out from the habitual environment, rationalise processes of designing and documentation drawing up. The built in settlement means allow to define with a split-hair accuracy the sizes of elements and balance of systems. Automation of problems and possibility of application of library components reduce probability of design errors.
3. Accurate coordination. The Split-hair accuracy and a coordination of the engineering specifications created in AutoCAD MEP, reduces number of additional coordination and expensive changes on a place. The exchange of projects is made in standard format DWG.
4. The all-round decision. At import of available drawings, an exchange of the design data the big advantage render AutoCAD Raster Design, DWF and Autodesk NavisWorks, expanding a product configuration. AutoCAD Raster Design does by more scale possibilities AutoCAD and products on its basis, providing such functions, as cleaning of raster drawings, editing and management, a vectoring and processing of images. Autodesk NavisWorks expands possibilities AutoCAD MEP, supplementing with its visualisation tools and revealings of collisions. The innovative program decisions offered by company Autodesk, help to reach high efficiency and a fast recoupment of investments.
5. Possibilities. AutoCAD MEP essentially raises efficiency of all cycle of designing on platform AutoCAD – from working out of the concept before documentation release.
6. Creation of schemes. Plans and axonometrical schemes are easily created by means of tool palettes on which often used means are grouped. Besides, to adjust a configuration of objects it is possible by means of a palette of properties. Transformation of blocks AutoCAD to designations allows to use them in created schemes.
7. A palette of properties. The palette of properties is the centralised body of viewing and updating of properties of objects of engineering systems. Here you can look through current values, to change styles, the sizes, sites, sets of properties and other important characteristics. Base properties of objects also can be changed. Simplicity of access to components of the equipment and possibility it is easy to modify them helps to raise accuracy and productivity of work.
8. Dynamic input and handles. Possibility of dynamic input and use of handles allow to edit with a split-hair accuracy engineering systems directly in graphic area. Commands can be entered near the cursor, instead of in a command line. Your attention concentrates on the screen, instead of on the keyboard, and thanks to it productivity raises.
9. Management through the Navigator of the project. It became easier to work with drawings of the project and to create the coordinated kinds on the basis of the parametres set in the project. Building-engineering specifications on engineering systems in process of creation it will be organised in filings. All experts carrying out the project get access only to actual files – beginning from templates of the project and finishing cuts and facades.
10. Editing on a kind. Updating of engineering systems of buildings can be carried out on any of their kinds – not only on a plan view.
11. Work with commands AutoCAD. All habitual commands AutoCAD are accessible and in AutoCAD MEP. Air lines, pipes, channels and cable trays can be copied, be transferred and breed a file. Thanks to means AutoCAD MEP it it is possible to do all by one command.
12. Transformation of blocks and designations AutoCAD to elements AutoCAD MEP. Blocks, multispecific blocks and multispecific details AutoCAD can be transformed to images of devices and schematical designations. The initial material can be processed on one or in a package mode. That usual 2D blocks could be used as components AutoCAD MEP, to them give volume by expression, and then add connectors.
13. Interaction with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture. In the program use 2D plans of floors from AutoCAD, and also plans of floors from geometrical model AutoCAD Architecture is supposed. Possibility of connection as references of plans of the floors developed in programs on the basis of AutoCAD, raises coordination in projects.
14. Transfer of drawings to manufacture. Thanks to integration of means EastCoast and AutoCAD MEP you should not redraw models for a transfer of documentation in manufacture any more – all it becomes several clicks of the mouse. Direct application of design models considerably simplifies creation of working drawings of components from a sheet material and pipes in program EastCoast.
15. Configuration of electric systems. Electric systems are packed according to the accepted rules. Devices are connected to schemes, and their exact arrangement is possible as at the moment of connection, and later. The program itself forms electroconducting, raising thereby productivity of work and quality building-engineering specifications.
16. Designing of pipeline systems. AutoCAD MEP counts a bias for horizontal pipes. You can set a mark of a bottom of a pipe in any point. The sizes of sites of pipes are defined by type of the applied equipment. The table of sanitary-engineering devices can be adjusted according to operating standards.

Let's consider possibilities AutoCAD MEP:
1. Work in habitual AutoCAD 2. Specialised working spaces. Irrespective of, your organisation specialises in one or in several branches, working spaces will be useful to you. Working spaces can be used for preservation of unique options of the interface adapted under a concrete design problem. You can quickly be switched between several working spaces or work only in one space which completely has been adjusted under your requirements.
3. Specialised tools for schematic designing. Thanks to specialised tools in AutoCAD MEP it is possible to create schemes quickly. Means of creation of electric schemes and schematical drawings are grouped in one place that provides convenient access to them irrespective of over what you work: over heating, ventilating, electric or sanitary-engineering system. Transformation of blocks AutoCAD to designations allows to use them in created schemes. The converter allows to create not only standard 2D designations, but also all isometric designations for isometric electroassembly diagrammes.
4. Intellectual explanatories for objects. There is no necessity to change the explanatory depending on scale. The size of the explanatory text and designations is automatically adjusted depending on kind scale. You can annotate objects by means of the labels consisting of the text or blocks. Label contents undertake from such properties of object, as the size of an air line, a pipe or a cable tray.
5. Synchronisation of specifications. In AutoCAD MEP preparation of specifications is carried out faster, than in traditional CAD. It is possible to bring almost all objects AutoCAD MEP In specifications. Any specification used or created in AutoCAD, it is possible to create in AutoCAD MEP, without using thus manual data input. At entering of any changes into the project all specifications connected with it are updated automatically; it reduces quantity of errors. The specification form can be created, when the project is not finished yet, and then to watch their filling.
6. The improved means of adjustment of display of the project. Usually physical properties of objects (for example, speed and losses on a friction in an air line) are not displayed on drawings. Options of screen representations allow to include in the drawing the similar not graphic data thanks to allocation of the necessary objects by means of colour designations or shading. The adjustment displaying a class of pressure for each type of the pipeline, will help to reveal potential design errors.
7. Interbranch coordination. Means of revealing of collisions in AutoCAD MEP allow to coordinate engineering systems of a building with its architectural model and model of a building design. The report which can be exported for sending to colleagues is thus formed. Means allows to consider in detail the found collision, to pick up ways of its fast elimination and anew to generate the report.
8. Work with engineering systems. In AutoCAD® MEP engineering systems represent networks of the engineering equipment connected to the help of engineering communications. They are represented is realistic and reflect such real objects as exhaust ventilation, water supply, illumination, power supply, the water drain and many other things. These systems allow you to use identical layers, colours and interrelations for each system. The equipment added in system inherits current values in system by default (the sizes, the form, etc.) that allows to project quickly engineering networks with the set parametres. The system also allows quickly and to modify easily components, applying changes in all network.
9. Templates. Templates are drawings with in advance set parametres on which basis new drawings are created. In AutoCAD MEP templates in the metric and British units, containing predetermined units of the drawing, scales, sheets and standard options of the press are included. The set of configurations of the screen representations applied to work with objects of heating, ventilating, electric and sanitary-engineering systems also is stored in templates. Templates will help you to master faster AutoCAD MEP that, in turn, will help to raise productivity of work.
10. Work with the contents catalogue. The set of standard objects of the engineering equipment and communications is stored In catalogues of details AutoCAD MEP. To make a choice of details is easier, they can be requested from the catalogue and then to insert into the project. The components created by you can be brought in the catalogue for the further use. You can work with several catalogues, including both built in, and the user catalogues consisting of components created by you.
11. Creation of libraries of components. By means of templates you can create models of serially made air lines, pipes, etc.. After transfer in AutoCAD MEP these components are brought in catalogues. Application of components from the libraries created by developers in systems of pipelines.
12. The dispatcher of electric chains. Management of the information on chains and its editing is carried out now on-line. To users automatic notices on possible overloads because of insufficient section of wires are deduced. It reduces quantity of errors and reduces requirement for model updatings. In the Dispatcher of electric chains the information on the chains connected to several devices and devices and distributed on several plans of floors is presented. The schemes connected with panels, and loadings you can look through in the Dispatcher of chains, they are used in marks of premises (rooms) for the description on all chains.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version AutoCAD MEP, fill and send the form presented on a web-site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD MEP []
2. Demo AutoCAD MEP []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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