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Design works in Autodesk Revit MEP
Autodesk Revit MEP is the specialised decision intended for designing and calculation of internal engineering systems, and also release of the documentation on them. At the heart of the program the technology of information modelling of buildings (BIM) lies. Autodesk Revit MEP helps to adjust interaction between participants of design group, result of that is the high coordination of the documentation. The executed changes automatically extend on all project. Thus integrity and sequence of all project is provided.

Thanks to the built in means of calculation and possibility of data exchange with foreign appendices designing becomes effective and ecologically rational. CAD Autodesk Revit MEP it is accessible only in structure AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite.

Revit MEP is the powerful decision for designing of systems of ventilation and air-conditioning, electric and sanitary-engineering systems of the buildings, allowing to find ways of effective interaction between architectural, engineering and building specialisations.

Tools Revit MEP follow your thoughts. This advanced system of designing of engineering systems of buildings and documentation formation gives free rain of creativity at peak efficiency. Revit MEP it is based on technologies of information modelling of buildings and allows to investigate projects of engineering systems still before they will be carried out in practice. Ecological rationality of designing is provided through the analysis of operational characteristics which is carried out by the built in means and in external appendices. The technology of parametrical changes guarantees coordination of all interconnected elements of the project – against kinds of models, cuts and plans to sheets of drawings and specifications. Thus, integrity and sequence of all project is provided.

Placing of the data of model Revit MEP in databases, compatible with ODBC, allows to use various means of foreign developers for an estimation, planning, the supply and manufacture organisations.

Import/export of bodies ACIS from appendices on the basis of AutoCAD. Products on the basis of Revit are capable to load and keep bodies in format ACIS. Procedure of an exchange by models Revit MEP and appendices for the architecturally-building designing, based on AutoCAD Thereby becomes simpler. You can import 3D-solid-state objects or insert them as external references in AutoCAD Architecture 2009 or AutoCAD MEP.

Let's consider the basic functionality.

Let's consider calculation of the sizes and pressure drop for pipes and air lines.
Built in settlement functions Autodesk® Revit® MEP allow to recalculate the sizes and to define pressure differences according to building norms and rules. The sizes and design data of elements of air lines and pipelines are dynamically updated; it is not necessary to involve additional software here. The Trial and error method of the sizes is set in functions Duct Sizing and Pipe Sizing. For air lines, calculation of losses of pressure and function of equalising of losses on a friction, and functions of the account of a friction of air, admissible speeds are accessible to pipelines – the account of a friction and admissible speeds.

Let's consider modelling of ventilating and pipeline systems.
Intuitive means of configuration simplify creation and model updating. Autodesk Revit MEP automatically updates kinds of model and sheets, helping to support a coordination of the project and the documentation to it. Heating and ventilation systems are created by means 3D modelling of air lines and pipelines. The model can be changed easily almost on any kind, simply moving its elements. Work with model is carried out in any representation – including, on cuts and facades. All kinds of model and sheets are automatically updated at modification of the project. It provides accuracy and a coordination of drawings and the documentation at all stages of work.

Let's consider designing of systems of heating, water supply, air-conditioning and electric systems in premises.
The colour scheme of premises helps with visual transfer of design ideas to colleagues and customers. Now you should not waste time on understanding drawings and tables and to lead round fragments of plans colour pencils.
All changes in plans with the colour scheme are automatically transferred in model. You can create any quantity of schemes of colour designations and work with them throughout all project. The 3D-technology of modelling of air lines and pipelines allows to create systems of heating, water supply, air-conditioning in which by means of colour schemes values of a design and actual stream are illustrated, zoning, etc. Color schemes also it is possible to create for electric parametres – such as power loading and light exposure on area unit.

Let's consider check of systems (a critical route).
The program allows to reveal quickly sites with the big loss of pressure and to reconstruct them, providing increase of productivity and efficiency of designing. In Revit MEP there are interactive possibilities of change forms and the configurations of system allowing at once to see new value of loss of static pressure and properties of a stream. Revit MEP shows a critical direction of a stream for the main lines, taps and for system entirely.

Let's consider automatic trace of air lines.
Between any two points it is easy enough to spend an air line. The variant most suitable to the project gets out of set of the variants offered by the program. The air line line is under construction taking into account preferable connections. Automatic distributing allows to avoid tiresome layout work, liberates time for study of details and calculations.

Let's consider light exposure calculation.
In Revit MEP the method of division of a premise on zones for automatic calculation of levels of light exposure is used. The user sets value of reflecting ability of surfaces of a premise, connects standard IES-files, sets height of a working plane then the system counts average value of light exposure.

Differences of pressure and factors of decrease in capacity

Definition of differences of pressure and factors of decrease in capacity enriches the project the important engineering information.

Let's consider pipes with a bias.
Revit MEP supports modelling of pipes with a bias for various systems of water supply and the water drain. It is necessary for you to set only a bias of an inclined site and to group system, and Revit MEP will automatically execute all calculations. If in function some pipes connected fittings all of them receive the set bias are chosen. Calculation of levels of a bottom of inclined pipes and marks of the ends of sites of the pipeline are carried out automatically that allows to reduce manual calculations to a minimum.

Let's consider parametrical components.
Functions of work with parametrical components in Autodesk Revit MEP give possibility of evident graphic realisation of design ideas. Such components can be applied in the most difficult engineering systems, and from the user it is not required knowledge of programming languages.

Let's consider release of the working documentation.
Plans, cuts, facades, knots and kinds of specifications are automatically formed of model that provides accuracy of the information displayed on them. Synchronisation of kinds of model with a uniform database of the project provides the coordinated management of changes. The technology of Building Information modelling (BIM) allows to let out the quality documentation.

Let's consider automatic maintenance of an urgency of drawings.
Cuts, facades and references to fragments are extremely exact. All data, schedules, knots, specifications, drawings and sheets in the documentation complete set reflect a current condition of the project. It is not necessary to spend long hours for the coordination of making elements of the documentation among themselves: Revit MEP does it automatically.

Let's consider a browser of systems.
The browser of systems allows to carry out easily check of integrity of engineering systems, quickly to find out unbalanced loadings and not attached elements. A guarantee of that all elements are connected with systems and meet the requirements on loading, is important for correct selection of the sizes. Autodesk Revit MEP gives to designers confidence that engineering systems of buildings are designed correctly.

Let's consider support of formats DWG/DWF/DXF/DGN.
Thanks to support of formats DWG, DWF™, DXF™ and DGN full compatibility is provided at data exchange.

Let's consider possibility teamwork.
In Autodesk Revit MEASURES teamwork possibility over projects in the parametrical environment of modelling is realised. There are some modes of teamwork, including the general access to the design data in real time, formal division of the project into working sets, and also full splitting of the project into separate elements and systems. Groups of designers can productively co-operate and co-operate throughout all working process.

Let's consider visualisation.
Autodesk Revit MEP gives to the customer possibility to see photorealistic images of a projected building still before it will be constructed. In Autodesk Revit MEP there is a possibility to carry out visualisation on 3D kinds, adding such components, as illumination sources, trees and bushes, figures of people. To show degree of light exposure of premises, in model add a sunlight. As sources of natural illumination apply elements of families from transparent materials.

Let's consider the publication on Autodesk Buzzsaw.
Files Revit MEP can be loaded on design sites of service Autodeskj Buzzsawj. Template use by default allows to set properties for the sake of appearances, and then when time of the publication or the project press will come, to return reference values.

Let's consider the interface with external databases.
Placing of the data of model Autodesk Revit MEP in the databases compatible with ODBC, allows to use various means of foreign manufacturers for an estimation, planning, the supply and manufacture organisations.

Let's consider import and export components of ACIS from appendices on the basis of AutoCAD.
Products on the basis of Revit are capable to load and keep bodies in format ACIS®. Procedure of an exchange by models Autodesk Revit MEP and appendices for the architecturally-building designing, based on AutoCAD® Thereby becomes simpler. You can import 3D-solid-state objects or insert them as external references in AutoCAD® Architecture or AutoCAD® MEP.

Let's consider the interface of applied programming (API).
API-interface Autodesk Revit® gives possibility of expansion of functionality of a product.

To receive free 30-days fact-finding version Autodesk Revit MEP, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. Autodesk Revit MEP []
2. Demo Autodesk Revit MEP []

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Date: 03/23/2010

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