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Repeated acceleration of performance of design works by means of video cards NVIDIA Quadro
Obviously, the designer wishes to raise efficiency of the work in AutoCAD and any others 3D CAD.

Considering that video cards NVIDIA Quadro of series FX in times raise productivity of systems of the automated designing, Open Company “Челябэнергопроект” carrying out projects “turnkey” in AutoCAD and KOMPAS-3D, plans their use.

Let's consider productivity and quality:
- a productivity gain in 3D a mode to 10 times;
- the fastest processing and interaction with models in modes “Conceptual” and “realistic”;
- there is no necessity of switching for a mode “wire 3D” during approach, panoraming, rotations and movings on a scene;
- quality of the image is considerably improved at “smoothing of lines”.

Let's consider possibility of a raising of efficiency by connection of several monitors.

The more the working area of the screen, the above productivity. And Quadro, with two exits DVI and the utility of management of monitors nView®, provides an effective food and management of monitors.

Let's consider the certificated decision:
- Autodesk has certificated and recommends video cards Quadro FX for AutoCAD, 3D Max and others CAD;
- NVIDIA and Autodesk annually invest more than 2000 business hours of engineers for certification of hardware decisions Quadro and drivers for AutoCAD and in common work over optimisation of productivity of appendices more than 8 years;
- without GPU a professional class many from 3D possibilities AutoCAD and others CAD will work inefficiently.

Let's consider increase in time of trouble-free work.
Graphic decisions Quadro are developed, created and tested NVIDIA, guaranteeing working capacity of system when it is necessary for you. With the period of operation increased till 24-36 months, Quadro allows you not to reflect on system change longer.

Let's consider conformity of video cards QUARDO various CAD.
        Video card NVIQuardo
   Low ClassMiddle class   High class   Ultra-high class
FX 370/380FX 570/580FX 1700/1800FX 3700/3800FX 4600/4800FX 5600/5800
AutoCAD LT      
AutoCAD Vertical Solutions       
Autodesk on base Revit      
Engineering Inventor      
3DS Max      
Autodesk Backdraft Conform      
Autodesk Inferno, Smoke      
Autodesk Flint, Flame      

It is necessary to notice that the company “Челябэнергопроект” which carries out projects “turnkey” both in AutoCAD, and in KOMPAS-3D, plans transition from video cards GeForce 8600GT (got before occurrence in the market of payments NVIDIA Quadro FX) for use in the workstations for performance of design works of graphic payments PCI-E NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 512Mb and in powerful graphic stations – PCI-E NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 512Mb with the updated drivers optimised for data of CAD.

Also it is necessary to notice that for performance of design works in AutoCAD it is recommended to use NVIDIA Quadro FX 370/380, FX 570/580, and for performance of design works in KOMPAS-3D – NVIDIA Quadro FX FX370/570. For the difficult projects containing thousand of details, the best decision on a parity the price/quality – NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700.

Let's consider the cores interesting us from the point of view of performance of design works, possibility and advantage NVIDIA Quadro FX 580.
Let's consider architecture CUDA.
NVIDIA® CUDA™ is the newest architecture of parallel calculations for the professional graphic processors Quadro, offering revolutionary productivity in such areas, as video coding, processing of images and the exact physics.

Let's consider the graphic conveyor of 128-bit accuracy.
32-bit IEEE accuracy of calculations from a floating comma on a component (RGBA) provides millions shades in the broadest dynamic range. Establishes new standards of clearness and quality of images at a shading, filtrations, texturing and mixing. Provides unprecedented quality of visual effects.

Let's consider GDDR3 memory with the widest pass-band.
Provides high throughput for interactive visualisation of the big models and high efficiency for processing of difficult structures and shots in real time, and also offers the highest permission and quality of Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA).

Let's consider compatibility with standard architecture.
Let's combine with 32 and 64 digit microprocessor architecture and operating systems from Intel/AMD and Microsoft/Linux.

Let's consider graphic shader language Cg of high level.
Cg-“C” for a drawing is a programming language of high level with the open standard, using advantages of programmed graphic processors. Programmed graphic conveyors NVIDIA Quadro FX use high-level shading languages for creation of photorealistic effects of really time and their integration in 3D-models, scenes and designs. It is a huge step forward in ease and speed of creation of a realistic drawing of real time for CAD, DCC and scientific appendices.

Let's consider optimisation for Windows Vista.
Offering expanded user 3D the interface, the improved productivity of appendices and the highest quality of a picture, graphic cards NVIDIA Quadro and drivers NVIDIA OpenGL ICD are optimised for 32 and 64 digit architecture and allow to work comfortably in operating system Microsoft® Windows Vista®.

Let's consider the highest productivity of appendices for workstations.
The architecture of new generation twice improves geometry and speed of a shading with the highest productivity for professional CAD, DCC and scientific appendices.

Let's consider high-speed sockets for monitors.
400-MHz RAMDAC’и and two digital DVI a socket deduce images on digital panels of the highest permissions.

Let's consider topmost and pixel programmability of new generation.
Processors NVIDIA Quadro FX represent topmost shaders unlimited length and management of a dynamic stream, eliminating restrictions on complexity and structure shaders. Graphic processors NVIDIA Quadro FX realise earlier unprecedented, refined effects for a drawing of real time.

Let's consider graphic expansions NVIDIA API.
NVIDIA provides a set of expansions API for OS Linux and Windows, allowing appendices to involve full potential of hardware possibilities of graphic processors.

Let's consider technology of expanded dynamic range NVIDIA HDR.
Establishes new standards of clearness and quality of images thanks to operations from a floating comma at a shading, a filtration, texturing and mixing. Provides unprecedented quality of visual effects.

Let's consider technology NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD.
HD-video marginal level on your personal computer is possible thanks to a combination of hardware acceleration of decoding of HD-video and its subsequent processing on built in HDCP to a platform, and also thanks to integration of technology into the software for reproduction of video of the high permission. It provides excellent quality of a picture for all videos of formats, including HD DVD and Blu-Ray, thus, practically without loading the central processor and consuming an energy small amount.

Let's consider multiscreen technology nView.
Software NVIDIA® nView® offers a maximum of flexibility for management of one big or several incorporated screens, providing the end user unprecedented possibilities of management with a desktop for better performance.

Let's consider compatibility with PCI Express 2.0.
Doubles speed of data transmission to 5 GT/s on a stream, increasing total throughput of a two-forked exchange to 16 Gb/s (to 8 Gb/s in each direction).

Let's consider technology Quad Buffered Stereo.
Quad Buffered Stereo provides the improved visual quality for the professional appendices demanding a stereo of possibility.

Let's consider a two-channel socket for digital screens.
The two-channel socket for digital screens supports panels of ultra-high permissions (to 2560 x 1601) that creates impressing photorealistic quality of the image.

1. NVIDIA Quadro – it is projected in 10 times faster
2. NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 []
3. Altukhov P. The choice of graphics card to run on KOMPAS-3D//CAD/cam/cae Observer. – 2009. – #2/46 []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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