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Estimation of investments into CRM of design works
Process of introduction Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the organisations performing design works for a great number of clients, seldom manages only purchase of licences of CRM-system. Usually it is accompanied by additional expenses. In article these expenses are considered, concrete figures are resulted.

Customers of the design documentation aspire to do orders not there where more cheaply, and there where more qualitatively, better, more conveniently it is more reliable, more pleasant, there, faster, where suggest to make the project “turnkey”. Therefore CRM for the organisation performing design works within the limits of performance of projects “turnkey” becomes not luxury, and necessity. If the management is interested in use CRM, pressing question about cost of investments.

To answer the brought attention to the question, it is necessary to understand, first of all, what services are a part of the project on introduction CRM and of what of services it is necessary for you to take advantage and what it is possible to refuse. We will walk on the basic stages of introduction.

The stage 1. CRM-consulting
Appointment of this stage – to prepare the base to successful introduction CRM of system. It is possible to name this stage theoretical. On it business advisers investigate activity of your company, describe existing business processes. After that processes optimise, create key indicators of activity and think over a way of their control.
If you are assured that in your company all processes in the field of sales, marketing and servicing are accurately registered, brought to perfection, focused on the client services of consulting hardly will be necessary for you.
If feel that this stage is better be not to passing, its cost can be calculated proceeding from cost of a business hour of the business adviser. It is better to learn this figure in the company with which you were going to co-operate since the prices strongly enough fluctuate, from 40 to 100 euro/hour.

The stage 2. Technical project formation
At this stage advisers for introduction make the technical project. In it in detail register all changes which are necessary for realising in CRM-system that it completely met your requirements.

If base (standard) to a configuration of the chosen CRM-system does not approach completely it is undesirable to lower this stage. Stage cost can be calculated proceeding from cost of a business hour of the adviser for introduction. This figure also changeable, fluctuates in a range from 40 to 80 euro/hour.

The stage 3. System adjustment
At this stage technical experts are engaged in system adjustment that it met all requirements described in the technical project. At the same stage integration with other systems is spent, testing of the brought changes is held, the documentation for users is made.
If work at the previous stages it is visible (experts come, communicate with you, with your colleagues) work at this stage can not be felt since it passes in territory of the executor. Despite it, work boils, after all the previous stages – the theory, preparation. And at this stage all ideas generated earlier, are embodied in CRM-system.
Cost of this stage also pays off proceeding from cost of a business hour of the technical expert. Usually it lies in a range from 20 to 60 euro/hour. But precisely the quantity of hours can be defined only after drawing up of the detailed technical project coordinated with a management.

The stage 4. Installation
It is necessary to consider that except the CRM-system, probably, it is required to buy the additional equipment (for example, an additional server) and the additional software (for example, DBMS). Probably, the payment for a hosting (if you have decided to establish a server not on the equipment) is required.

Cost of licences for CRM-system strongly fluctuates depending on the chosen system. There are systems with open initial codes (features which it is possible to expand with forces of experts of the company in which such free CRM-system) and free licences (for example takes root, SugarCRM). There are systems at which the licence for one workplace costs more than 1000 euros (for example, Siebel CRM). Sometimes the server licence is paid separately.

For definiteness we will consider that for the company performing design works “turnkey” the average size it is possible to choose system which meets necessary requirements, having kept within in 300-400 euros for the licence on one workplace.

The stage 5. System start
This stage demands the maximum attention. That all work done at the previous stages has not passed for nothing, it is necessary to prepare users of CRM-system for its successful use. With it you will be helped again by advisers for introduction. They will carry out training of users, will help them to start to apply system, will track observance of regulations of work with CRM-system.
Cost of a business hour of the adviser for introduction on former in a range from 40 to 80 euro/hour, as at the second stage.
If you have decided to refuse the help at this stage it is very desirable to organise start by own strength since it is a key stage and on it depends – whether will get accustomed CRM in your company.

The stage 6. Project audit
The limit of perfection is not present. If after introduction you have decided that it is necessary to bring in system additional features it is useful to book audit of the work performed at the previous stages. This stage is especially useful, if you have initially decided to break introduction into some stages.
Project audit usually begins after couple of months after start. In the course of audit degree of achievement of objects in view is estimated. Comparison of an overall performance before introduction CRM is spent. Ways of the further cooperation are defined.
At this stage the business advisers, which cost same, as well as at the first stage, from 40 to 100 euro/hour again come to the rescue.

Technical support
Do not forget to specify cost of technical support. It can be included in cost of licences. But it is possible that it is necessary to pay in addition for technical support separately. It is possible to be guided that cost of year of technical support does not exceed 50% from cost of licences.

At calculation of cost CRM it is possible to lean against the resulted diagramme. It is final, not so obligatory that for you expenses will be in such percentage parity. Though for the majority of CRM-projects the picture looks very similar.

Decomposition of cost of introduction

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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