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How correctly to buy licence program maintenance for the design organisation
In the design organisation if it carries out difficult projects, projects “turnkey” the expensive professional software for performance of design works is necessary. As the Russian companies pass on licence (or free) software, questions of correct purchase licence software are actual. And it is necessary to consider two moments: first, it is necessary to choose correctly only necessary software for performance of design works, secondly, it is desirable to save at purchase chosen software.

Russia slowly but surely moves to market economy, and not superfluous acknowledgement to it is toughening of the control of illegal use of intellectual property, in particular, the software for computers. In a press and TV news about the next criminal cases got on unfair heads, using in the business not the licence software more and more sound. Business of the director of rural school after which in our country sales of programs of corporation Microsoft have considerably grown became indicative, on them some deficiency was created. Since 2008 in Russia the new Civil code in which 4th part entirely devoted to questions of intellectual property is added comes into force. It is necessary to notice that in the world not so it is a lot of countries in which the intellectual rights would be separately allocated by the legislation. Introduction of the given chapter, under the statement of the authorities, will help law enforcement bodies to consult better with the problem.

Therefore shortly before the majority of heads of the enterprises, not only performing design works which yet do not send on use licence software, there will be a question on its acquisition. It is necessary to notice that acquisition licence software – process completely not simple and demands understanding in process of its purchase. Really, on the one hand, prices, for example, on products Autodesk or Microsoft Windows become flexible, on the other hand, it becomes difficult to understand them without the aid of advisers. The incorrect choice of the necessary software can lead to that you we will get not goods absolutely necessary to you, and really necessary you software should get anew. Thus in most cases back at you nobody will accept the software. For example, simply unpacking a box with Kaspersky's anti-virus program, you “conclude” with firm the manufacturer the contract on use of the given software product. In the company “Челябэнергопроект” carrying out projects “turnkey” choice CAD for professional performance of orders is made for a long time in favour of AutoCAD and KOMPAS-3D.

Usually at purchase of the goods necessary to you it is possible to request simply the price-list of the seller and to choose under the description the production necessary to you. Unfortunately, without the special instruction at times it is difficult to understand prices of many manufacturers even to the expert, not to mention the usual user. In given article the short review of the basic knowledge for the most true acquisition of the licence software will be resulted.

Let's consider the basic signs of the licence software:
1. CD-ROM – a disk with the program distribution kit. Is obligatory if you get the basic delivery, instead of additional licences. Without it you cannot simply instal the program on the computer.
2. The user's guide in printing. Is present at the majority of software products if you get a box product. The user's guide can be volume, to 5 books, or small pamphlet, depending on level of complexity of work with software.
3. The licence agreement (establishing legality of use of a product). Is obligatory, and, as a rule, enters into delivery. The licence agreement is the public offer. If you have established the software on the computer, means, you have agreed with rules of the licence agreement. A licence part the registration key or the hardware element intended for protection against illegal use can be.
4. A registration card. It is necessary for reception of advantages of licence use of a product: the rights to acquisition of new versions at a discount, access to service of technical support etc.

Will understand with features of a licence policy on this or that software easier by means of the employee of the partner company. Probably, for your case there is unevident at first sight an optimum decision on purchase licence software which just and the seller should help to pick up.

Let's consider, from whom it is better to buy the licence software.

The software market is arranged approximately the same as also the majority of other markets. There are companies – software developers (they owners of copyrights), delivering the software, – as foreign (Microsoft, Novell, Adobe and others), and domestic (“1C”, “Kaspersky's Laboratory”, “Doctor the Web”, ABBYY and others). As a rule, developers (especially foreign) are not engaged in software sale, and operate through partner networks.

The partner can have different statuses of cooperation with the manufacturer of the software. From the partner status, including, quality of services which the partner can give to the buyer at acquisition of the software and its subsequent support if that is required depends also.

Let's consider principal views of distributors of software products.

Dealer Certificated partner Distributor
As has imparted, only sells the software, without its introduction and the subsequent support. The assortment of programs accessible to sale can be limited by the manufacturer.
if the necessary software product does not demand difficult installation and its further support by the expert, program maintenance can be bought from the dealer.
It is possible to carry to such software: the user operating systems, anti-virus programs, translators, post clients, etc.
Besides software sale has in staff of the certificated experts, capable to introduce and accompany the sold software product.
if the necessary software product demands introduction and support, the software is better for buying from the certificated partners, with their further service by professional employees.
it is possible to carry to such software: registration systems (accounting, warehouse, personnel, administrative), document circulation systems, server operating systems.
Is the basic center on advancement of the goods and services in regions. He incurs functions which are economically unprofitable or not always under force to separate partners of region – delivery of the goods, the maintenance of own line of consultations, regional advertising and others. The distributor the same as a rule, has in the staff of the certificated employees, capable to introduce and accompany the sold software product.
there are cases when at the distributor, it is possible to get the software under lower price, than at usual partners.

For acknowledgement of the status of the company and presence of skilled experts, it is possible to request corresponding certificates of the partner and to take an interest about already introduced projects.

For convenient search of the company at which it is possible to get the necessary software, on the Internet a site of each manufacturer there is a section in which the information on partners is placed, there is a tool of a choice of the partner in level of given services, region and a city more often.

Let's consider ways of acquisition of the licence software the organisations performing design works.

The organisation performing design works, can take advantage in several ways acquisitions of the licence software.

Purchase “box” a product. The given term concerns to software, got as the usual goods. The given way of acquisition is used by private users or a small-scale business. In the average and large companies to it resort only for purchase of the programs used by a small number of employees.

Acquisition of the corporate licence. “Box” the licence usually gives the program right of use only on one workplace that she could be established on several computers, it is necessary to get additional licences. More often it can be made only at official partners or distributors.

The given kind of acquisition is very favourable if your company wishes to get the program not on one, and some computers at once.

The Example. The box version “Kaspersky an antivirus 6.0” on one computer there are 980 rbl., and the licence for 5 computers of 3200 rbl.

The post client “The Bat! v.3” on one computer there are 930 rbl., and the licence for two and more computers of 750 rbl. (for 1 licence).

Use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – versions. The OEM-version – the software delivered together with the computer equipment (including established on new computers). As a rule, the OEM-version costs more cheaply, than “box” the product, and its price joins in equipment cost. Besides, you should not establish independently the software, all will be already established by the supplier of computer technics. The software OEM-version is the most favourable way of acquisition of a licence product.

The basic lack OEM of products is its binding to the certain computer. Its use only with the got equipment is legal. On other computer got by you OEM the version any more you will not rearrange, but the computer on which it is already established, it is possible to modernise without problems. At many manufacturers of the software exist OEM versions of their production.

The overwhelming majority got OEM the software are operating systems without which computers basically are useless, and to use them it will not be possible. If you have got, for example, the computer with preestablished operating system Windows, be necessarily convinced that on the computer there is a label special “the authenticity certificate”. Other attributes licence software – such as a original disk, and also the licence agreement (at least, for products Microsoft) – can and be absent.

Let's consider the prices for the licence software.

Recollect a saying “the avaricious pays twice”. In practice of our firm there were cases, when to the client “somebody” has established not licence software for its almost full licence cost, intentionally misleading the client about dearness of cost of the licence software. At such purchase the enterprise can not only have problems with the law, but it also loses the auxiliary documentation necessary for acquaintance of work with a product, and also cannot count on technical support and updating of software products. Therefore, before to choose a way of purchase of the software, take an interest about cost of its legal acquisition.

Many manufacturers of the software have recommended retail prices, and also an obligatory retail price below which the distributor has no right to sell the given software product. Many manufacturers very strictly watch that on them software there was no dumping of the prices from outside separate partners. The typical situation when the firm wishes to get, for example, the network version 1C: Accounting 7.7, rings round all firms, engaged in sale of products 1C, and hears from all the identical price. If the price is identical – in what a difference, you ask? The difference can be as service and to presence of additional services, for example, to free installation and training of employees of work with the program.

It is necessary to note, what not the licence software is paid. There are programs which can be downloaded absolutely free of charge on the Internet, or purchase, paying only cost of a disk with the distribution kit and costs of the seller, and thus you will not break any laws.

Let's notice also that for some kinds of programs (for example, anti-virus) licences have “subscription” character, that is besides the right to legal use of the program, is given the right to free updating software (in particular, anti-virus databases) during certain term (usually – one year). After term of use software still is lawful, however for updating now it will be necessary to get new “a subscription”. At many developers new “a subscription” it is given at a discount: for example, at “Kaspersky's Laboratories” for the anti-virus program it makes 30%.

At acquisition at once several products of one manufacturer you can receive the essential discount.

For example, the firm 1C has a product “1C:Enterprise 7.7. A set for small firm” (which includes Book keeping – the network version, Trade and the Warehouse – the network version on 3 users, the Salary and Shots – the network version on 3 users, a configuration of Proizvodstvo+Uslugi+Buhgalterija) cost of 22500 rbl. Acquisition of the given complete set separately would manage to you exactly twice more expensively – 45000 rbl.

Let's consider councils to the design organisations at purchase of the licence software.

Avoid superfluous functionality, choose the software for the decision of your concrete problem. In the world there is a weight of workings out, and happens so that one function is necessary to you only, and to you offer a product, at which their ten. For other nine you pay a spare cash! Really, it is actual for market CAD.

Whenever possible use all financial privileges which are given to you by manufacturers of the software: multidiscounts, current special offers, possibilities of free updating of versions, a preferential exchange, consultations on the got products.

Necessity of purchase licence software – a question legal as distribution kits of programs can be downloaded from official sites of manufacturers and to use programs users already are able. It is necessary to notice that the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, in the past acting with criticism of free OS Linux (GNU/Linux), since recent time is one of supporters of transition on free software in Russian state and educational institutions, expecting to solve for three years software problems in Russia. In particular, for the account of gradual refusal of company Microsoft services, whose licence software costs much, and gradual introduction of open software products, including on the basis of GNU/Linux.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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