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Search of visitors for a site of the design organisation
The site of the design organisation has the target audience which is considered at creation of a site and its filling by a content. We will consider web-site of the company “Челябэнергопроект” which carries out assembly, starting-up and adjustment, repairs and design works within the limits of projects “turnkey”. In this case the site is something to averages between a corporate site and information the catalogue, therefore is focused both on employees of the organisation, and on (potential) clients (customers).

It is known that foreign rating agencies the Russian corporate sites are recognised by one of the worst on the Internet. Nevertheless, the network promptly grows, and Internet representations become the important component of business and seriously influence image of the company as a whole. We will consider secrets of attraction of visitors.

Before each owner of a commercial network resource, the interested person that its child is not simple “hung” on boundless open spaces of a network the Internet dead cargo, and made for it real and notable profit, at least at the expense of attraction of potential clients, sooner or later there is a question: how to make so that quantity of visitors day by day grew and increased? A question that is called, not from the lungs. But also if you see that your site obviously drops out of a field of vision of network users, it is not necessary to despair also. It is enough to know simply algorithm of the success, developed couple of years back known western network expert in marketing Terri Dinom.

On this algorithm all actions directed on popularisation of your resource, it is possible to divide into three big groups. The first group of actions purely advertising manipulations, third all the others will make registration, the second.

Let's consider registration in network projects.

The most important thing, on what it is necessary to pay, first of all, the attention at registration is a registration of the resource in popular search systems (Yandex,, Rambler, etc.). If you are not registered in search resources automatically you doom the site to obscurity and invisibility for the majority of Internet users. It is known that an order of 85% of all users coming on a site, learn about its existence from search systems. Therefore registration in some of them – an original cause of popularity of your company. Indisputable leaders on daily attendance at us in Russia are Yandex and Registration on them not only is desirable, but also is necessary in the first turn. Registration in all searchers presented to the mass user will be considered as an optimum variant. It is necessary to notice that registration in catalogues of popular search systems, for example, Yandex, is paid.

Here some practical advice, for those who wishes to register the site on any searcher on example Yandex (the information from a site):
- Add the top page of your server – the others Yandex will find itself under references.
- Try not to register in the searcher not finished or empty pages, pages without the further references. The matter is that pages of such kind have a low priority in turn of the robot, hence, it is necessary to wait, when the robot, at last, will visit this address again and learns that there at last there was a filling.
- Look at the answer which is given out to you by program AddURL. If you were mistaken (for example, in the address, and such page does not exist) AddURL will inform you on it.
- Create a file robots.txt if you wish to close any sections from indexing (for example, from privacy reasons).
- If your page was indexed, and then you have changed its maintenance or have removed it, do not worry – the robot will automatically bypass it again and will update an index (in case the page does not exist any more, it will be excluded from base and, hence, from search).
- Check, whether indexed a resource, not at once, and in some days after addition in base Yandex. Usually pages appear in search base within a week after their occurrence or change. Further the robot will find the independently (automatically new and changed documents. And frequency of detour of a concrete server depends on the frequency of change of its pages fixed by the robot.

But it is not enough to be in them registered. The most responsible and laborious part of work on advancement of the site begins only after registration in searchers. Here it is important to achieve higher rating and to achieve its any not forbidden methods and in the ways. Remember that being registered in search system, you get to the high sea of the same resource legal owners what, actually, and be. The work purpose on advancement should consist in that your site was found out in the very first lines of results of search. Needless to say that users in most cases open first, and it, as it is known, settles down on the first page of search. That your site headed lists or at least was in ten first, it is necessary properly sweat. These recommendations can essentially help:
- Set the unique headings of documents in brief describing a site and the current document (but no more than 20-25 words). Words in titles carry more weight than others.
- Give to each document the description in a tag description.
- Do not forget about keywords, whenever possible unique for each page.
- Do signatures to pictures in a tag alt.
- The more long the document, the the words set in inquiry and, hence, your page will be less appreciable in it will be more low in results of search at other equal. Try to break long documents into shorter.
- Yandex as however the majority of domestic and foreign searchers, works only with texts and is not able to distinguish graphic representations. Therefore, if the name is drawn, costs duplicate it in a text kind.
- And, at last, think, by what words and phrases you would search for a site of your subjects.

Now advertising. Advertising – the engine of everything, including commercial network resource. The more abruptly, more persistently (more importunately) advertising, the above popularity of your site. Today the Internet can offer great variety promotional services, and effective of which we now and will speak about the most popular.

Let's consider advertising in post dispatches.

Perhaps, it is the paid most back and generous on fruits an advertising kind. It rather is not expensive, the minimum of forces, time and nerves demands from you. You need only to prepare the good advertising text, to pay 20-50 dollars to dispatch service (the price depends on popularity of system), and all other work will be made for you by mail. It is necessary to wait not long, in some days you will notice that attendance of your resource has increased repeatedly. Everything use mail if not, the overwhelming majority of visitors of the Internet. And in the event that visitors search for the concrete goods or service they naturally care of a subscription to post announcements of their interesting character.

Let's consider advertising on advertising boards.

Such places on the Internet great variety. To choose is from what, but easy and to get confused. Therefore be not surprised that having paid a great sum of money at once to several advertising agencies, will not find out on the site of increase in quantity of visitors. At a choice of the concrete space, pay attention to it unwound and attendance. First of all, among other similar advertising services it is necessary to allocate AOL. The specified service totals more than one and a half millions subscribers, and has good reputation in business circles. In particular, on the statistican with AOL the future partners interested in cooperation more often come. By the way, AOL it is still good also that it is rather inexpensive and convenient. Announcements here cost twelve and a half dollars and there is rather quite good system of search and their sorting according to categories and categories. Placing the announcement of a resource and the activity on advertising boards, remember, such advertisers as you here is more than enough. Therefore, if you want, that potential clients paid attention to your announcement, make the announcement as much as possible capacious (in no event it is impossible to do the long story of the announcement), colourful and allocated against other participants.

Let's consider advertising of a site by means of banners.

The given kind of advertising is represented to the majority very expensive and little payback. Really, before making banner advertising to begin with it is necessary to make a banner. It is possible to make, of course, it most, but if you not the expert it is better to entrust this mission to professionals. Professionals behind gift not begin to work, but, believe, it of that costs. You not only will save time and forces, but also for rather small sum receive a qualitative product. Ordering a banner, give to manufacturers following parametres: the size of a banner should make 240 on 400 pixels (it is very extended in a network, has the big size and it is successfully entered in the sizes of pages), the banner should be delicate and unostentatious, therefore “a plot” is better to avoid, it is enough to show only what product it is advertised also what advantages of your company. Then, after banner manufacturing, it is important to place it correctly. It is possible to choose, of course, usual sites, having paid it of dollars fifty – hundred for some transitions to your site, but it is better to prefer specialised banner services. They buy the spaces from advertising platforms, guaranteeing thus the stable and mass traffic on your resource. Their services cost much, but expenses basically pays off – the main thing to choose good advertising toolkit into which account you will free of charge consult in the service. The most successful advertising by means of banners is caused by that banners have a number of very important advantages before usual text hyperlinks. The first – banners are colourful, bright, artly issued and equipped by special possibilities – they can flicker, be shone and so on, therefore and they involve attention in themselves repeatedly more, rather than than “grey” hyperlinks. The second – by means of a banner visitors of sites learn about your resource, services and the goods even in the event that refuse to pass on a banner on a site advertised by it. Thus, if hyperlinks is only a little about what a speaking character set to which unit the banner is a window in your business with which help to you clients and partners will be pulled pay attention.

Let's consider an exchange of references.

As well as in any other business, in a network from you the closest cooperation with other participants of the Internet market is required. Cooperation possibility can offer and in the event that the content on your network resource meets the requirements of professionalism, novelty and appeal be assured – partners will find you. Never be afraid to get new communications with the adjacent resources offering this sort of services to the clients, and do not refuse cooperation with them. Adjacent sites if you own really serious and qualitative resource, will not entice to themselves your contingent of users, and you receive the additional and stable traffic from vast open spaces of the Internet. In this case the eternal true that you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is quite pertinent. So, if you are assured that the content on your site will be not a shame for taking out on court of a new audience safely enter negotiations about an exchange of references – send to the system administrator of a resource interesting you the message on cooperation or at least take care of that on your pages the announcement of possibility of such exchange has been hung out.

The most important difference of an exchange of references from concrete advertising consists in time which can pass before specific goal achievement – attraction of new users. Certainly that in the first case it is required much more time. The matter is that visitors of sites specially never search references to other resources and is in most cases simple on them “will come across”. But after the lapse of certain time and on condition that you will find enough of partners (8-10), the traffic on your site will steadily increase. It is supposed that an exchange of references – procedure free and demanding exclusively skills of diplomacy and negotiating. But with obvious favourites in any area of commercial activity if you have started network business only recently and had not time to get still here sufficient authority, at you hardly it will turn out to agree “free of charge”. Therefore, if you wish to declare yourselves seriously, offer them a payment for placing of the references.

Let's consider filling of a site by a content.

The contents – any is information significant filling of an information resource (for example, a web site) – texts, a drawing, multimedia – all information which the user can load on a disk of the computer with observance corresponding legality, as a rule, only for a private use.

In the laborious work on advancement of a site and increase in inflow of new users to the person of own company necessarily consider that no expensive advertising, any other dodges and strategic courses can force to grow fond of visitors your resource and to become the business partner if the site does not involve them. The site should be interesting, constantly updated and to give to all wishing various services of free character. Among similar services it is possible to allocate news reviews, software products, appendices, forms of the various documentation, the consulting services, convenient accounting of works offered by you, services and the goods and so on. For other sites also it would be quite good to resolve a reprint of your materials under condition of the electronic reference to an initial resource.

Let's consider a text content and the necessary conversion action of the visitor.

One of the vital topics discussed today among persons, anyhow connected with Internet commerce, – attraction questions on a site of target visitors which are reduced mainly to search optimisation.

At the same time all perfectly understand: to result the person on a site there is not enough. Actually, here one of the main problems standing today before Internet commerce, – a problem of increase in conversion is reflected.

To involve on a site of target visitors it is possible – anyhow. Not to tell that has put it absolutely idle time, but all it is clear that a problem, in effect, solved. Kontentnaja optimisation, search and contextual advertising at due financing allow to solve successfully a problem on attraction on a site of potential buyers.

And here what to do with them further – other question. How to induce them to execute the necessary conversion action – for example, to buy the offered goods?

Beginning experts on сontent have the right to ask to optimisation a question: whether and so it is necessary? The main thing – to combine a supply and demand within one electronic platform, and there they somehow among themselves will understand.

And such approach too has the right to existence. But it is necessary to understand one simple thing: clients optimizer and optimising studios are interested, first of all, in increase of sales, instead of in a stream of visitors.

With other things being equal they will prefer that contractor who answers not only and not so much for quantity of visitors of a site, how many for success of business as a whole.

Let's consider a role of a text content as the basic intermediary.

The text plays a role of the basic intermediary between the owner and the visitor of a site. If something is capable to affect sales so it is the text, – is simple because to count to you in this business any more on what.

In any sense to you in this plan has not carried: in your arsenal there are no active means, allowing to work with potential buyers.

Any managers on a hall, involving visitors in interaction. Only the text. Thus it is not visible, that any else means on active interaction has appeared in the foreseeable future. Not clearly even, what it could be.

To the people connected with search optimisation, the sight at the text as on one of tools on attraction of target visitors on a site is closer.

Keywords, meta-tags, etc. All it is very important. However it is not necessary to forget about that, what for on a site the visitor is necessary, – to involve it in favourable communicative scenario and systematically to bring to performance of desirable actions.

What, except a text content, is capable to involve the visitor in interaction under the scheme necessary to you and to bring to it is unique to the correct decision? Sometimes say that the content increases sales. It is not absolutely correct.

That with the maximum probability to lead the visitor of a site to purchase, to idea to make a call, – rather uneasy schemes are created. Various pages of a site help the visitor to realise the requirement for the offered goods or service, to choose the model of the goods necessary to it or service, to choose the supplier of the goods or service and, at last, to make the decision on purchase.

Conversion function of a text content is expressed that the text helps the visitor at each stage of this big way. Including, certainly, and at the stages extremely close to sale. So to say that the text content raises sales, it is possible, but to tell that each correct text from the professional point of view necessarily should influence sales, incorrectly.

Let's consider definition of the conversion scenario.

It is necessary to dwell upon how similar things are realised in practice. A principle here idle time: on each page the visitor of a site should fulfil “the conversion scenario”. Hence, the most important task facing to the developer of a content for a site, consists in giving to the visitor of the given page the information which is necessary for it for fulfilment of conversion action – the action provided by the scenario.

By the way, here it is necessary to specify concept of conversion with reference to a site. Generally, on a science, it is the integrated indicator reflecting percent of favourable actions, actions within the limits of the favourable scenario, for the visitor. However within the limits of given article to consider site conversion as a whole there is no practical sense. So we will speak about conversion within the limits of concrete page of a site, without forgetting thus that all pages are connected among themselves by the communicative scenario.

Here there should be a simple question: and how, actually, to be with working off of these communicative scenarios if all visitors come on a site with the different initial data? One search for one, others another? All it, of course, so. But we also do not assert that the input point in effective the scenario should be one. Them can be and a little.

Irrespective of, whether you create a site from zero or optimise work of already existing site, for each page you we can tell with a considerable share of confidence what exactly is searched on it by clients. If it is a question of the existing resource mastered by clients, you have a statistics of transitions, there are, at last, inquiries under which the page is optimised.

If the site is created anew, – then you register all routes in as much as possible reasonable image and to whom as not you to solve, on what page what clients will get.

All visitors can be divided into three basic groups – on those groups which, actually, and become input points in the scenario:
- the visitor searches for simply interesting information on a theme;
- the visitor searches for the information necessary for it for realisation of a choice;
- the visitor searches for the information necessary for it for decision-making on purchase.

Let's consider each of three groups “content consumers” more in detail, from two positions: first, from the point of view of that you can receive from them, and secondly, from the point of view of that you can – more precisely, should, – with them to make.

Let's consider ways of reception by the visitor of acknowledgement of the choice.

If the person is close to decision-making on purchase (for example if it has come by very narrow target inquiry), it in overwhelming majority of cases means that he less all is located to read.

It has all information necessary to it on an offered product or service. It was already defined with the model of the goods necessary to it or a service format. Everything that such visitor searches, is an acknowledgement of it is necessary what to buy here. The text should give it such acknowledgement. Practice shows that the less you force to be engaged such purposeful client in reading, the better.

How the visitor can receive acknowledgement which would allow it to realise the purchasing potential directly here, on this site, instead of on any the friend? To answer this question, it is necessary to learn – and what, actually, parametres (except for the price over which you, let us assume, now are not imperious) are responsible for choice fulfilment?

It can be convenience of service. It can be any special guarantees. It can be, including, and a company reputation. At last, it can be simply clearness of procedure of the order, purchase, delivery, etc.

How the conversion content can look in our case?

- First, certainly, it is dry facts. The description of characteristics of the goods either commodity group, or service. Here it is not necessary neither publicism, nor advertising, the literature.

- Secondly – thesis, extremely short and informative description of the key parametres resulted above. The speaking heading describing this or that consumer parametre, plus the short resume.

On this page there should be all the most important, competently entitled and laconically stated. The main thing – that there where presumably there will be a person almost ready to purchase, were laconically and all collateral factors which are not describing directly the sold product, but considered are clearly stated at decision-making on purchase. In a statement the main thing – simplicity, clarity.

It is not necessary to forget and about one important moment. At the given stage no new information is necessary to the person! Everything that is necessary for it, is an acknowledgement of a choice. It is not necessary to return it to a model choice. It disturbs. Everything that he needs to know about a subject, he already knows. Otherwise it would not come there where has come. To feed its new “the interesting information” or to call in question the choice made it, means – to provoke deviation.

Let's consider ways of transformation of the visitor in the potential buyer.

If the person wishes to choose the goods or service, but does not know as let's invite him to a page where it will be waited by article or group of articles with short “speaking” the summaries, allowing the reader practically without any intellectual expenses to reach its interesting aspects.

And if time and means suffices, it is possible to create in general the automated system of selection of the necessary model of the goods, and not on technical characteristics, and by consumer criteria. It, of course, it is possible to make all. And the more so it is insulting, when choose at you, and to buy go to the next shop.

In this context your main task – not to help to choose, and to make so that a choice whenever possible reliably became attached to your offer. Differently, to translate the person choosing the goods, in the potential buyer.

And, according to statements of the problem to make you it should by means of a text content on which there is a visitor concerning this group. But here in what a question and how it actually to make?

Problem, frankly speaking, not trivial. And, if that is a question of exclusive services, all is much easier: the choice tightly becomes attached to specificity of services of the company and thus becomes valid only within the limits of a specific proposal. All is very simple, from the conceptual point of view there is nothing to speak. Other business – the standard goods, which same at you and at thousand other companies in Yandex delivery.

Here the real creativity begins. To adhere the cottage drawing to concrete shop it is impossible. It is at everything, and at someone is for certain cheaper. It would Seem, a situation desperate? In no event. Exits, at least, two. One – marketing, another content.

Within the limits of the marketing approach not drawing of a cottage which can be found anywhere, and for example, the complete set with any set of drawings of the furniture, including the mentioned drawing of a cottage, plus any trifle, like the kitchen or bathroom drawing and still something will be result of a choice. The approach idle time, but in practice yields results.

The kontentnyj approach too is simple and even is to some extent rough. Article – or a series of articles – for choice should have object of consideration not only the characteristic of the goods, but also the user advantages of service on its sale or delivery. The question of a choice of the drawing smoothly flows from actual living space discussion in the questions connected with way of payment, privileges on delivery, firm discounts and all your design agency is famous for what.

Actually, a problem here the such: to unite a question of a choice of the goods and its supplier in a single whole. Certainly, on your conditions. Then – all is simple. The visitor, having read materials for choice, created taking into account resulted above positions, gets on the page close to purchase and in detail considered above. What he there sees, besides the information on the goods? He sees the thesis description of advantages of service of the company. Differently, acknowledgement of correctness of the choice.

Well and, at last, simply visitor to whom the theme is interesting. Which obviously is not going to buy anything, but basically is capable or to become the buyer in the future, or that too it is not necessary to dismiss, become some kind of the adviser in a case in point, to influence people. Such visitor can give someone a practical advice, if not in the real environment, at any forum.

Let's consider modes of work with the visitor who searches for the interesting information.

So, the visitor searches for the interesting information. Visitors such much, it is appreciable more than potential buyers. Thus it is easy to guess that the consumer potential at them will be the lowest – besides, within the limits of considered groups. First of all there is a most simple question: and whether it is necessary to communicate with them in general?

Practice shows that is necessary. But it is necessary only in the event that you are ready to be engaged seriously in regular work with similar visitors. Purposeful work in this direction is capable to yield rather serious fruits.

Actually, the regular publication on a site of the useful and interesting information, and also maintenance and conducting thematic forums on which active visitors would establish horizontal relations, is capable to lead to formation “kernels of adherents” a resource and the company as a whole.

Such kernel for which the name of your company serves as serious competitive advantage at a choice, and, a kernel inclined to expansion: active visitors of a site are capable to involve more and more new users.

The regular publication of new materials, conducting information dispatch, work with forums, formation of a steady feedback with regular customers – here work which at a given time reaches that is called, critical weight after which the information project becomes spontaneous, and is enough to direct to the owner activity of the adherents to the necessary channel.

Users start to generate independently a content in the format set by you, regulate dialogue at forums, do many any useful affairs in glory of your brand. Differently, having worked properly with the visitors coming on your site simply from interest to a theme, you receive not only a kernel of potential buyers, but also the whole community of your voluntary agents.

As to technics of a writing of a content for such public, – here differences from usual offline works with texts are minimum. Interesting texts, high level of possession of a material, a good literary language – Web-specificity practically is absent. Speech, more likely, goes about good and strong journalism or publicism. And here how to write texts for the Internet, it is necessary to tell.

The text for a site is only the text for a site

It is necessary to remember always that the visitor has come not to read on a site. It has come behind the information necessary to it, and the problem of a text content – this information to give to it. A text content – the intermediary in the pure state. It has no value for the visitor and therefore should not pay to itself attention.

The problem of a text content consists in that the visitor of a site has without serious consequences swallowed that information which the owner of a site wishes to give it.

And it is even more important to understand that texts for sites is not advertising, at least, on sites from an offline it is impossible to transfer advertising technologies. The information, instead of another's advertising is necessary to the user. So, advertising should be inseparable from the information. The information which is searched by the user, should be advertising already.

The commodity market and services on the Internet develops. The consumer develops also, including – evolution is undergone by its requirements to all on light, including, certainly, service level on Internet sites. Competitors develop, at last. Should develop and you at least to remain on a place.

Developing site in the opinion of the visitor – a site successful, a site of the successful (design) organisation. And success in itself is capable to affect conversion more than positively.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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