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Problems of IT-staff of the design organisation
Practically in each design company using CAD, there are experts in the field of IT. One firms organise the whole IT-divisions, others manage 1-2 wide-profile experts, the third give performance of works “on the party” (outsourcing). Correctly to pick up the personnel and to use it with high efficiency, it is necessary to represent accurately problems which will be carried out by experts depending on the size of IT-staff.

Let's consider staff from one employee.

Usually such position meets the small design organisations possessing modest requirements for an information technology. Standard requirements: the organisation and support of a small local network, updating of a content of an official Internet site, support of CAD, office, legal and accounting programs. As a typical example the position of the system administrator can serve.

Problems which are put before the employee, frequently do not demand too deep knowledge of concrete areas, and consist in support of existing decisions. With a view of IT-budget reduction for a role of the system administrator often take students of technical colleges, offering them a partial employment and the small salary. Instead of hiring of the regular employee the company can sometimes order services “coming” the IT-expert at specialised firms.

Let's consider IT-department.

At the average sizes of the company (a so-called small-scale business) it is logical to refuse use of coming employees, and to have staff from several experts. Level of preparation and number of department will vary depending on solved problems. It can be experts in local networks, databases, safety, various legal and accounting systems.

Problems, actual for small firms, do not demand bulky program complexes on processing of an information stream of the company, and it is more favourable to give working out of additional appendices to the specialised IT-companies, than to employ additional experts.

Ability to be trained and adapt to new conditions becomes the basic requirement to employees of department. Specificity of a small-scale business and introduction of decisions of foreign manufacturers dictate such conditions.

Let's consider IT-management, the IT-company.

Problems of the large companies and a huge information stream in them lead to necessity of creation of separate IT-division (IT-management). As a matter of fact such IT-management represents the present IT-company in the company which staff consists of various experts. It is necessary to notice that in the big companies of distinction between information management and the information company practically are absent. And creation of a ready product – programs for management of information streams becomes one of the primary goals.

The structure of information management can include various specialised departments on specific targets. Generally the typical scheme of such division will look as follows:

For effective work of division it is necessary for management to define accurately possible problems which will appear. Proceeding from it it is necessary to form staff. It is important to be of value also each employee as a whole for management. Thus, irrespective of the sizes of the company or management, the structure of IT-departments will be in many respects similar.

Service of technical support. It is possible to assert safely that the given department is company heart. It performs the everyday routine and ungrateful work connected with user support: accepts the information on failures, communicates with users, supports information streams, solves at times not trivial problems. Despite the important place with which it occupies in the general structure of management, in such departments high turnover of staff is observed. It is connected with several factors: the department occupies a low step in the general hierarchy, its employees have a low payment. Rigid requirements to service engineers and the big responsibility, on them assigned (at a low payment) essentially affect both the general atmosphere in collective, and on efficiency of work not to the best.

Department of program support. Unlike a support service this department solves the private problems arising with the software and creates new information products. Staff basically consists of programmers, technical documenter and testers. Occupies high enough status in the general structure.

Analytical sector. Management of projects. The analytical sector carries out the analysis of business processes, develops architecture and means of visual display of the information. Depending on the sizes of information management or the company can enter, as well as management of projects, in department of program support. Management of projects supervises projects and distributes tasks which are formulated by a division management.

Obligatory presence in staff of managers of projects is a point at issue as the majority of problems is solved by forces of heads of departments and their assistants. Necessity for managers of projects arises only in the event that I exist projects where enough great number of various links is involved at the decision of any problems, or the administrative board is required to unload. Appointment of curators of projects from circle of the analysts conducting architects or programmers then one person could conduct with not smaller efficiency one or two projects would be more rational decision.

Quality assurance. The given department is obliged by the occurrence to the western companies and standards. It urged to supervise and standardise management work. Obligatory presence of such division is required only in the large companies which are letting out powerful program decisions when it is necessary to build structures of check and testing of ready decisions. In small managements and the companies it is enough to observe all duty regulations and to watch, that employees have been provided by all necessary and responsibly carried out the duties.

Security service. Consists of engineers on safety and practically it is always allocated in separate department. The size of staff of service and its role in the organisation performing design works, its level innovativeness and the status.

It is necessary to notice that fashionable today virtualization thanks to management simplification virtualized system it allows professional IT-staff available in the company to be liberated for the decision of more important problems.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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