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Audit of a local network of the design organisation
Whether always computers well work? We think, hardly someone can brag of unconditional obedience of the computer. Printers sometimes do not print, the file refuses to remain etc. Isn't that so, familiar situations? But all have got used to such trifles and have learnt with them to consult, or by own strength, or by means of professionals – network managers. And how to be, if in the end of a month the account on 15 Gb of the Internet traffic instead of put 2 Gb comes? Or the hard disk on which are stored the design documentation, balances, contracts for some years, suddenly ceases to work? Or the important document stored at you on the computer, is irrevocably lost? Whether it is possible to understand such situations and, moreover, to warn them? Quite.

We will talk about audit, but not in habitual understanding of this word, and about audit of a computer network, original check of ability to live and working capacity of all complex electronic “organisms”.

Audit of a LAN is expedient for spending in following cases:
- before network modernisation if you wish to design a new network on the basis of objective “figures” instead of on a basis “subjective sensations” the manager of a network;
- to establish true when one party asserts that the network, and other party is guilty that applied programs are guilty;
- after network modernisation to be convinced that the network has been designed adequately to requirements of specification, for example, if the system integrator at delivery of a network to the customer did not hold its complex testing (and has checked up, for example, only quality of cable system);
- at start of the new software, whether when it is necessary to establish the existing network is comprehensible technically and-or subjectively, for functioning of a new complex;
- at occurrence of suspicions in leak of the traffic and unapproved access to resources of a local network of the cdustomer;
- for an estimation quality of service. For example, to be convinced that ISP carries out undertaken on quality of given service (productivity of the channel, its availability, etc.);
- at a transfer of function of administration of a local network to other person or the organisation.

Unfortunately, network audit recollect, when emergency has already occurred. Touching all chances of work with clients on check (audit) of office servers and computers, it is possible to allocate three aspects in connection with which responsible persons start to sound alarm:
- sharp increase in expenses at use the Internet;
- questions of internal and external safety of the information;
- the general regular problems with work of computers.
Let's try to understand on points.

Let's consider sharp increase in expenses at use the Internet.

Unreasonable increase in expenses at the Internet – the disturbing signal, saying that with your network something is not perfectly in order. If, forgive for a pun, to complain about a network and further to pay growing accounts it is possible to aggravate a problem only. Much easier and more economically it to understand, having called to the aid firm-autsorsera (the organisation performing on a contractual basis certain works for your company) which specialises on this sort of checks, in this case – on audit of networks.

So because of what your money flows away in an Internet web? Using the Worldnet in daily work, you along with its positive parties in the form of the received information can face and the negative. Users have got used for a long time to viruses and actively use specialised anti-virus programs, but frequently do not suspect about danger which is born in themselves so-called spyware (Internet spies).

You for certain had to come up against a situation when, being connected to the Internet, but without working in it at present, you notice that the badge of two computers which settles down in the system panel below and shows network activity your car, blinks or even is shone continuously. It means that any information leaves from the computer and simultaneously arrives on it. And if at the loaded communication channel such transfer is almost imperceptible, at “pure” the transferred traffic is obviously visible. It is interesting, where the data and why you pay for the handed over information which has been not declared by you are transferred?

In general, very many programs which you use, are by default adjusted so that, without asking you, to come on a site of the manufacturer in search of last patches (updatings). Having found out such patch, the program or there and then it downloads and establishes, or will preliminary inform you on presence of updating and will suggest it to download. As an example it is possible to name operating system Windows, anti-virus software, Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firebox, etc.), fireproof walls. To name this traffic superfluous in any way it is impossible, as updating of software raise safety and a system overall performance.

But there is a network activity of other sort. In a browser there can be any built in modules with a considerable quantity of the references, emerging invitations to visit virtual casinos, erotic sites, etc. If the similar situation is familiar to you, it is possible to ascertain: your computer has undergone to attack spyware. Such espionage modules trace your habits concerning visited sites, break a mode of operation most intepnet-coedinenija by means of a parcel given to the third party, change the important system files etc. And all they do it secretly from you, for as have received the name.

Internet users cannot feel protected as standard anti-virus programs of similar spies, as a rule, do not catch.

The panacea from this misfortune is – the special software blocking invisible and gatecrashers. As a rule, after the spent antiespionage work of the account for Internet use look more modestly and it is transparent.

And for even best protection of the computer installation of firewall – the program blocking extraneous Internet connections or, say, resolving only in advance authorised is recommended. This service will be given also to you by the companies-outsourcers.

But there is one more problem – it is hidden in ourselves. Quite often many computer users begin working morning with a fresh joke on a favourite site or the new song downloaded from a file exchange network. Such at first sight harmless pranks in case of not limitless Internet can do essential harm to a company financial position if to increase their figure by quantity of the working days and employees. As the allocated Internet channel, as a rule, possesses the big throughput, you take away from the Internet the information very quickly, is almost imperceptible for yourself that provokes to take away it again and again. And after all providers consider each mbyte...

Similar over-expenditures of the Internet traffic lay down responsibility cargo on all collective as almost all though sometimes trade on the Internet more often. But besides in competent hands of experts the situation can be corrected. The software supervising all Internet sessions is established, i.e. Exits in the Internet. To each computer individual number, the so-called IP-address is assigned. And already the car watches the expense of the Internet traffic employees so at any moment it is possible to receive exact detailed elaboration and to learn, who, when and where “went” on a network.

Typical case when in the organisation constantly complain of excess of the Internet traffic and thereupon – on the company-provider. After audit of a computer network it becomes clear that the provider at anything, and the traffic is spent by programs-spies and employees, but not for performance of design works. After the spent works on protection against Internet spies and an establishment of the individual Internet counter on each employee of a problem disappear.

Let's consider necessity of preservation of files.

Let's admit, with Internet use in the organisation performing design works, everything is all right. But it is required to cause experts for the decision of a problem of loss of the data or on creation of possibilities for their more reliable preservation. It is one more example when order network audit.

Let's notice what to restore the lost data much more difficult, than to make so that they were not lost. Believe, it considerably will facilitate to you a life. As it is known, the data is stored on winchesters (hard disks), and they, as well as all hardware, require the control and check. At occurrence of certain quantity bad blocks, “dead” hard disk areas, its subsequent operation threatens with information loss at any moment. In time the technical malfunctions revealed by means of special programs on the winchester frequently rescue the information from disappearance. Also it is a lot of cases when, on the contrary, it is necessary purposefully and to remove it carefully, but the few know what for this purpose insufficiently simply to forward the data to a basket, and then a basket to clear. Files and folders all the same remain, though seem invisible. The problem of experts-autsorserov – to make so that they have if necessary disappeared for ever.

The organisation performing design works, it is rare when does without daily conducting databases of the design documentation, accumulation of accounts and other necessary files. Loss at least shreds of this information threatens serious, frequently with financial consequences. Whether often in your firm the information, on-line or locally remains? We will address to following the lead. The company orders audit of a computer network. The reason – necessity to keep and restore the information after failures. During audit it was found out that files on-line do not remain. The special place for archiving of the necessary files is allocated, and by means of professional software the information remains some times in day (actually – so often as it is required to your company) with fixing of time of last preservation. In case of failure in a network the information is restored from last point of preservation in a primordial form.

Inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow suburbs will not soon forget incident with power cutoff. There is no sense to speak about idle times in work, losses of the data, technics failure is and so to all it is clear. And here knowing total power consumption of computers, loading on a network and other data received by means of audit, experts individually for your company will pick up corresponding devices of an uninterrupted food, well-known UPS. They if and not absolutely will save from energy switching-off will provide a reserve food of computers, servers and will precisely allow to keep a file, to print out of the necessary document and it is safe to finish work during tens minutes.

Let's consider sources of financial deductions for support of park of computers.

Not the secret that maintenance of park of computers demands periodic financial deductions. From it not to get to anywhere – computers too sometimes break. But they seldom fail at once, and prefer to deliver you any troubles before the definitive breakage, some time (sometimes as weeks) working “on brakes”.

Here we also have approached to the third problem solved by means of audit. With the computer constantly something not so. But what with it? And everything, beginning from a congestion of a dust in the case and finishing a faulty element, in particular a power unit. Here the problem consists in that through network audit to reveal malfunction and to offer variants of decisions.

Cases when in time the found out problem allowed to transfer successfully the data from the faulty computer on new are frequent before the first went to repair, i.e. Working process did not interrupt. Apparently from an example, especially valuably when malfunction comes to light in advance and the computer behaves still quite adequately. Moreover, it is possible to predict correct time of its work that financial deductions have not fallen down a snow clod, and have been in advance planned and confirmed. Besides the majority of the companies booking audit of networks, has a possibility to equip your organisation performing design works, new cars (and the prices can quite be more low, than in traditional places of purchases).

It is not necessary to forget about constantly updated software with which you work every day. The life is not necessary on a place, and updatings consume each time the increasing quantity of resources which, as it is known, are not infinite. With the account of it on each car the passport with the list of the equipment and possible programs which it is capable to support can be made. In due course the information is reconsidered, and the decision on destiny of the computer is made: either modifying, or its replacement by the new. And besides it is all becomes not suddenly, and it is predicted and according to plan.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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