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Automation “under key” performance of design works on the basis of the software from ASCON
Project cost on acquisition and start in work of program complexes for management of design and technological preparation of production (DTPP) practically always develops of two components: costs of software and costs of services of vendor or the partner in introduction. The important role is played by the effect of return postponed in time from investments (as a rule, it is a question of term from a year and more). In current financial and economic conditions the majority of the enterprises first of all cuts down IT-budgets, being focused on expenses, vital for operative activity. At the same time, many companies consider a present situation as new possibility for increase of the internal efficiency. Any crisis will end sooner or later (according to RBC, in August, 2009 for the first time since September, 2008 growth of volumes of output and new orders on index PMI) is fixed. And then, with other things being equal, the maximum chances of success will be at the enterprises which in hard times have managed to put a basis for competitive advantage in the future. And after all modern program complexes allow to reduce operational costs by means of structurization of the data, the documentation and processes, and minimisation of routine operations.

In the organisations performing design works, it is necessary to give a great attention to support of made production throughout all life cycle of the design documentation. Such approach is the integral and unconditional requirement of modern system of a quality management.

Special value has reduction of terms of performance of projects, including at the expense of maintenance of parallelism of performance of separate stages and the organisation of collective work.

Use of an information technology (IT) is one of the few technologically and economic ways of growth of efficiency of the design organisations: increases of labour productivity and maintenance of flexibility of performance of design works.

The main condition of successful and effective performance of design works is presence of the specialised tools, allowing to reduce term of performance of design works, to raise their quality, and also quality of the target documentation. Really,
1) performance of design works are auxiliary in relation to the cores (building) and, at first sight, not always considerably;
2) the majority of the processes connected with building, installation, operation, repair and reconstruction of objects depends on terms of performance and quality of design works and the corresponding documentation;
3) the hour spent for correction of an error in the project, can exclude considerable expenses for a building site when the equipment is already bought and delivered, are brought materials and technics; hence, investments in improvement of quality of carried out works can and should pay off repeatedly;
4) the most part of design divisions (especially design and technical departments) is located in the remote territories, and fast technical support from outside the supplier is strongly complicated; besides, in such conditions introduction of high technologies of designing is slowed down.

Today in the conditions of a rigid competition even more often it is necessary for design companies to be reconstructed operatively on preparation of drawings of new production. An exit – automation of an industrial and administrative contour, creation and use of the uniform information environment at the enterprise, its transparency (at observance of differentiation of access to the information), and also parallel performance of works by many experts during design activity.

As means for realisation of all these problems the control system of the engineering data and product life cycle, for example, LOTSMAN:PLM can serve. The system is developed by the Russian company ASCON and meets all requirements of domestic and branch standards. LOTSMAN:PLM accumulates in itself the industrial and administrative information, gives to its engineering services according to the rules defined at the enterprise, provides an exchange of tasks between departments and experts.

Certainly, it is a question of the information presented in electronic form, data exchange between components of a uniform program complex. Such the complex including except LOTSMAN:PLM, systems of automation of design preparation of manufacture KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graph, and also system of the automated designing of technological processes the VERTICAL, for example, is. The complex on the basis of LOTSMAN:PLM is already started in operation and successfully works at many domestic enterprises. The system is freely adjusted for the machine-building, instrument-making, ship-building enterprises , design departments and project institutes.

Automation of the basic processes (design works and engineering document circulation) means introduction of complex system of automation for the decision of following problems:
1. Maintenance of qualitative designing with use of modern technologies.
2. Maintenance of effective interaction of divisions and the enterprises during preparation of modernisation of manufacture in the uniform information environment (planning, designing, management).
3. Designing unification, intellectual property preservation, integration of divisions.

Let's consider problems of the project of introduction of complex system of automation:
1. At level of design division and design department is a maintenance of engineering document circulation and creation of archive of the electronic documentation, integration with CAD, planning and the control of design work, interaction with the customer.
2. At enterprise level – planning and the control of orders for design works (own design department and to subcontractors), simplification of preparation of the initially-allowing documentation, preservation, integration with system of planning of resources of the enterprise (Enterprise Resource Planning System – ERP).
3. At level service machine-building or repair shop – planning and the control of orders for release of products or performance of repair work, preservation, unification and reuse of design and technical documentation, integration with ERP.
4. At level of association (holding) – planning and the control of all kinds of design activity, creation of uniform archive PSD and system of engineering document circulation between the enterprises, integration with an information control system of projects, unification of design work of all divisions, simplification of an exchange by workings out, teamwork over projects of geographically distributed commands.

Let's consider the general requirements to the systems, capable to solve the considered problems:
- Adaptation to the Russian conditions – to requirements of the standards, the developed commercial crop, widespread computer facilities.
- Realisation of the basic algorithms of the designing put into practice.
- The maximum simplicity of introduction.

The greatest effect from use of such technologies should be received at performance of following conditions:
1. Attention to all stages – from business case of the project to repair of maintained object.
2. Use of experience of the decision of a complex of problems of vertically integrated enterprise.
3. Respect for work of the engineer.
4. A priority to really working decisions.

Naturally, taking into account the specified criteria of specialised tools it is necessary to approach responsibly to a choice of the supplier of program decisions, being guided by its experience of introduction (including, knowledge of branch specificity), level of rendering of technical support, training, etc.

As a practical example in given article experience of introduction of software products of the company is resulted “ASCON” at the Russian enterprises which use allows to solve problems of automation of engineering divisions of the enterprises: experience of introduction in Northwest Federal district at Open Society ZRTO enterprises, Open Society Sevmash, the Kola branch of Open Company “Institute Hypronickel” and in many other companies to show universality of the Complex of decisions.

Let's consider experience of application of COMPLEX ASCON on Open Society “Factory of the radio engineering equipment”.

At many enterprises OPK working out of the design and technological documentation till now are carried out or manually, or in appendices under MS DOS, and its account – in paper magazines that too does not add optimism. In a present situation those enterprises which reflect on optimisation of expenses, designers and technologists equip with the most effective tools of automation of processes. The St.-Petersburg factory of the radio engineering equipment (the company “ЗРТО”), entering in “air defence Concern “Diamond – Antej” has gone on this way, using on manufacture machine-building COMPLEX ASCON: system of 3D-solid-state modelling KOMPAS-3D, CAD technological processes

VERTICAL, control system of life cycle of product LOTSMAN:PLM. Such approach completely corresponds to Holding strategy, its problems and the purposes.

It has powerful design and technology potential, and has very good engineering traditions. The main feature of the enterprise – long enough work cycle considerably exceeding terms of receipt of the notice on changes, as has defined the main problems of the project: great volume of the inherited information, absence of uniform base corporate directories, various formats of storage of the inherited data. All it became a starting point for definition of the concept of the first stage: “step-by-step” the automation providing adjustment of directories, creation of electronic archive design and technical documentation, separate study of a design contour, a contour of technological document circulation, a contour of material rationing. One more problem before implementers, integration with registration system of the enterprise which at that point in time has already been chosen – 1C:Enterprise 8.1 became put.

All attributes of products with all believing requisites and all design notices on each detail which were spent on design base of factory, since 2005 have been as a result inherited. For today, LOTSMAN:PLM stores actual structure flowing

Products, also accumulates the information on all spent design notices. Except standard corporate directories (Universal technological directory, Materials and Assortments, Standard products, Radio-electronic components and of some others).

Automation of technological document circulation stood a separate problem. ASCON and “Bonus Service” (the dealer of the company in Sankt – Petersburg) have developed for the enterprise the scheme of change of conditions for automation of technological document circulation. Except use of CAD entering into a base complete set the Vertical more than 50 technological cards, for bureau of labour rationing have been finished special reports: “The card of technological labour input” and “Calculation of labour expenses” and for bureau of material specifications.

The second stage of introduction provides primary loading of directories 1C on the basis of system LOTSMAN:PLM information, working out of reports in 1C, loading and the organisation of planning of manufacture with use of the design and technological information and operative updating of entering materials and accessories of finished goods from system LOTSMAN:PLM in 1C:Enterprise 8.1.

At the moment at the enterprise working out of the design documentation (with entering of documents in system LOTSMAN:PLM), working out of technological processes with use of corporate directories (materials, the equipment, the tool), industrial equipment working out, labour rationing with an information transfer under specifications in system LOTSMAN:PLM, the account of the design-technological information (delivery, replacement, dispatch) is automated. Structures of test products, nomenclatures of materials and fixture are successfully loaded in 1C from complex ASCON.

In the near future this company the all-around automation of functions of department of engineering specifications will be spent and is developed additional features for applied problems of divisions of factory. In LOTSMAN:PLM integration into parts of working out of the specific design documentation and software products not from complex structure will be expanded. Besides it, by means of the module of notices design and technological changes will be spent completely.

Let's consider experience of use of complex ASCON in Open Society “Sevmash”.

Open Society “Sevmash” – the ship-building complex largest in Russia, unique shipyard in the country, which main task – building of nuclear submarines for the Navy.

Growth of quantity and the nomenclature of orders for production of the enterprise and increase in number of the perspective workings out necessary for start in manufacture, has demanded introduction at the enterprise of modern software products with the new ideology, allowing in a complex to solve problems of technological preparation of manufacture.

The main requirements for such software was:
- reduction of terms and labour input of preparation of manufacture;
- maintenance of interaction of all involved;
- an urgency, reliability, unity of the help data.

By results of pre-production operation various technological CAD and control systems of the engineering given experts of the enterprise the decision as a base control system for technological preparation of manufacture was accepted to use system LOTSMAN:PLM, and as the tool of the automated formation of technological processes – CAD VERTICAL. Thus Open Society “Sevmash” became not only one of the first enterprises who has begun pre-production operation of new software product ASCON (CAD VERTICAL), but also actively took part in its testing, having had an opportunity realisations of the offers and remarks for adjustment and system completion according to enterprise standards. Besides it, problems of preservation of the technical processes developed by factory in own IS, and adjustment of the electronic directories bearing the necessary information.

Technologists of Open Society “Sevmash” on advantage have estimated the friendly interface of the user of CAD VERTICAL, convenience of a dialogue operating mode, ease in setting up each workplace taking into account specificity of listed products. Such operating mode with system is very simple and effective. As has shown introduction experiment, in some days of work in CAD VERTICAL technologists independently and quickly develop technical processes in electronic form and automatically receive for them the complete set of documents.

Introduction CAD VERTICAL has allowed to reduce terms of technological preparation of machine-building manufacture in 2 times, and in the conditions of working out of technology not only to manufacturing of products, but also on repair, and the main thing to raise quality of the developed technological documentation.

Further it is planned to execute adjustment for deeper automation of process, and also to organise process of teamwork of the experts involved in technological preparation of manufacture that solving the problems and letting out necessary documents, they formed in system technological process as the detailed description of manufacturing of a detail and necessary resources.

Let's consider introduction of system performance management on the basis of system LOTSMAN:PLM in the Kola branch of Open Company “Institute Hypronickel”.

The Kola branch is regional design division of Open Company “Institute Hypronickel”.

Introduction of CAD is begun in 2000. Then the percent of equipment CAD made only 30%. In 2004. 100% equipment by systems of the automated designing of all employees of Kola branch are reached.

The basic problems in Kola branch to 2007  were absence of electronic archive design and technical documentation and absence of a control system the design data and the project. To solve these problems, the decision to introduce of system performance management on the basis of PDM/PLM-system was accepted. At a choice of the technical decision

System performance management have been spent:
- Preliminary pilot tests of PDM-systems LOTSIJA and LOTSMAN:PLM (2004)
- The initial data to system performance management (2004)
is prepared - The contract on inspection and preparation of the report, the concept and project specifications for system performance management (2005-2006)
is concluded - The Technical project on working out of the project and introduction of system performance management (2007)
is coordinated - The contract on delivery and system ASUPD introduction to platform LOTSMAN:PLM (2007)

is concluded Purposes of system performance management are:
- Storage and granting to users of documents on objects of an infrastructure of the Customer in electronic form;
- Reduction of time of search and granting of the documentation from electronic archive with release of necessary reports till 5 minutes;
- Conducting the automated control of a condition and terms of working of documents, created under current projects;
- Reduction of quantity of discrepancies of actual terms of working of documents to planned targets.

The first stage of works on creation of system performance management has included the contract conclusion on working out of the project and system introduction, actually project working out, work on adaptation features of systems LOTSMAN:PLM, introduction of 1st turn of PLM-system with base features, introduction of special modules “Project” “Archive” “Notices” subsystems “Tasks” and “Unprofitable”, also various reports for heads of departments under the control of execution of tasks.

Preparation of the Customer for introduction of system performance management was in parallel carried out.

This preparation included technical and organizational actions:

Technical actions:
- The budget for system performance management
is generated - Complete sets of 3 servers
are bought - 2 complete sets system software (MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server 2005)
are bought - Installation and start of servers

are spent Organizational actions:
- The Working group on introduction as a part of 16 people, including experts from each division KFGN is created, the Manager of the project, the Technical head and the curator of the project is appointed.
- At a stage of the beginning of introduction of system performance management ASCON has carried out training of Working group and the manager to work in LOTSMAN:PLM;
- Work on statement of system performance management on outsourcing on applied administration is spent;
- Monthly under the direction of the director meetings with fixing of problems in Reports were held;
- Practical training of users it was spent on places.

The further development system performance management in Kola branch assumes carrying out of following stages:
1. Integration with MS Project
2. High-grade use of Web-access for LOTSMAN:PLM
3. Integration with “Norilsk nickel”

It is possible to result more many examples of introduction software from ASCON at the enterprises.

It is necessary to notice that work ASCON in the automation market is highly appreciated by customers, the press, colleagues on IT Community. The company was included into number of the largest Russian developers and suppliers of an information technology on an agency rating “Expert RA” (2004)

At the opening of the conference “Technologies effective automation” (2005) Director of Strategic Development ASCON Eugene Bahini said: “Today ASCON and its partners are dozens of large automation projects. Among the company's customers – more than 50% of industrial enterprises included in the rating agency “Expert” TOP-400 Russian industry. Accumulated a serious database problem solving clients. The most important task – improving the design, production preparation and control, safe storage and industrial data processing, organization of collective work based on IT solutions” .

According to the project head of introduction of ERP-system of industrial group “Metran” Pavel Belkin: “Complex automation of complete transformer substations of industrial type should be spent prior to the beginning of ERP-system introduction. Manual entering of structure of a product into ERP-system leads to erroneous input to 30% of the information”.

Projects carried out by experts of ASCON include real integration of complexes ERP and CAD/CAM/PDM. At conferences of the company customers can familiarise with practice of performance of problems facing to them in detail.

Components of a complex of decisions of the company for automation of design-technological preparation of manufacture: LOTSMAN:PLM, KOMPAS-3D, KOMPAS-AutoProject, corporate directories “Materials and assortments” and “Standard products”.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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