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объекты Ростехнадзора
Working out of the project of the organisation of building of external thermal networks, waterpipe, the water drain and gas supply networks
Norm construction duration outdoor heating systems, water supply, sewerage, gas supply networks in accordance with building norms and rules 1.04.03-85 part 2.

It should be noted that the right to organize building production is only possible if there is an integrated design process documentation - the organization of construction projects and projects of the work. The order of development of these documents is set out in building norms and rules 12-01-2004 “Building organization”.

The project construction organization developed by General Designer or his order another project organization and is an obligatory document for the customer and organizations engaged in construction and logistics facility.

Route length, m:
Duration of construction (see building norms and rules 1.04.03-85 part 2), months:
The complexity of laying, hh/rm. route:
The complexity of laying, mh/rm route:
Workers, people:
Engineering and technical personnel, people:
Transport, units:
Fuel, t:
Oxygen, m3:
Acetylene, m3:
Water for household and domestic purposes, l/sec:
Household town
Wardrobe, m2:
Washroom, m2:
Walk-in, m2:
Room for heating, m2:
Room for drying clothes, m2:
WC, m2:
Medical center, m2:
Office work, that m2:

Source materials for development projects for the organization of construction include:
- feasibility study for the construction and design task object;
- materials engineering research (for reconstruction - the materials of their pre-project technical survey);
- decision on the application of materials, tools and resources;
- information about the conditions of supply of building designs, products and equipment;
- space-planning and designs of objects and fundamental technological scheme of construction;

Composition of the project construction organization includes the following key documents:
- construction schedule, which outlines the timing and sequence of construction of main and auxiliary buildings with a distribution of capital investments in the construction period;
- construction master plans for the preparatory and the main periods of construction;
- organizational and technological scheme of determining the sequence of construction sites and work performance;
- bill of quantities of major construction, erection and special construction works with the release of papers on key buildings and facilities and the construction period;
- statements of requirements for construction materials and equipment to the distribution by calendar period of construction;
- schedule needs major construction equipment, schedule personnel requirements of builders for the main categories;
-  an explanatory note containing the basic data for the development of organizational and technological design decisions, the rationale for the methods of organization and technology of construction, staffing and logistical resources, methods of construction works, list of conditions for preservation of the environment, technical-economic indicators.

The composition and content of projects of construction organization will vary depending on the complexity and specificity of the designed facilities, the need for special support structures, devices and installations, especially certain types of work, as well as on the conditions of supply to the construction site materials, structures and equipment.

Organization of construction projects for simple objects, you can develop a reduced level. It consists of the following items:
- schedule of construction;
- construction master plan;
- data on the amount of development assistance and the needs of major construction projects in materials, design, products and equipment;
- schedule requirements in construction machines and vehicles;
- brief explanatory writing, which includes activities on OSH;
- techno-economic indicators.

Source: Designing Gas []

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