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Design decisions for apartments with free planning
The free lay-out of the elite habitation which has come in the stead “rigid” to design decisions at building of typical houses, at all pluses it has appeared, as practice, not panacea for the future owners of apartments has shown.         
The apartment with a free lay-out is a uniform premise with external both bearing walls and bathrooms. In practice, buying apartment with a free lay-out, the proprietor then spends additional time and money for working out of the project of internal premises, its realisation, official registration of papers in Bureau of technical inventory. And full “freedom” it is impossible, as at apartment zoning all the same it is necessary to consider available systems of communications, the arrangement of ventilating boxes, that is an arrangement of private zones and kitchen will always depend on the parametres set by the project with which owners of habitation should be considered.

“The free lay-out” not advantage

The Soviet epoch of apartments – “boxes” when, driving to typical habitation, new settlers understood what to improve a lay-out they cannot any more, successfully passed. But also the boom of free open space too is passed: recently “a free lay-out” it is considered any more as advantage, and as something self-evident. Advantage is optimum variant of a lay-out of apartment initially offered by the builder. Today it is not enough to create “a free lay-out” that in the conditions of monolithic housing construction it is not difficult. It is important to offer the investor or the buyer of apartment such starting design the decision, near optimal to the decision.

The habitation is more claimed, than the more primary variant of a lay-out of apartment meets real requirements of the future proprietor. Modern buyers questions of primary functionality and convenience of apartments from the point of view design decisions interest.

Preference of an optimum lay-out

At a choice of apartment of a free lay-out it is necessary to pay attention to proportions of premises. To the person are more friendly wide, close under the form to a premise square, and rooms-“cases” – are unacceptable.

The big role in shape of the future apartment is played by orientation on several parts of the world. Besides the circular panorama of supervision is simply pleasant to an eye, she still adds plus and from the point of view of a lay-out. After all if the apartment is focused on three parts of the world, by design project working out there is a possibility as much as possible to use natural illumination throughout all day.

At an apartment choice it is necessary to pay attention to how private and public zones are located. Certainly, windows of sleeping rooms should not leave on roadway, a noisy highway etc.

Advantages of the design decision

As well as habitation with “a free lay-out” the apartment in the design decision also gives the chance to its proprietor to carry out within the limits of bearing walls design of a premise at own discretion. But from apartment with “a free lay-out” it is distinguished by that the builder offers the variant of the organisation of inhabited space, and its proprietor solves: whether to leave the variant offered by the builder, or to take advantage of the. In such apartment interroom partitions are executed by height in one brick, or completely erected. In documentation Bureau of technical inventory that quantity of rooms in apartment which appears in the design decision of the builder is designated.

It is necessary to underline that creation of own lay-out of apartment demands reception of the permission to manufacture of works on re-planning or premises re-equipment in housing inspection, – in spite of the fact that the apartment is given with free space. Long enough, troublesome and costly that it is necessary to consider the given process at decision-making independently to organise design of the got apartment.

It is considered also by builders, therefore by apartment granting in the design decision try to offer such variant of a lay-out of apartment which will not demand the further changes.

Sequence of actions for reception of the permission to re-planning:
Bureau of technical inventory (reception the floor plan, an explication and other necessary documents);
a) reception specifications;
b) manufacturing of the project by the specialised design organisation;
c) reception of permissions of fire inspection;
d) architecturally-design managements;
e) administrative-technical inspection;
f) reception of permissions sanitary epidemic station, gazo-technical inspection or the inquiry that the house is not installed gas;
g) passage of housing inspection;
h) the coordination on repair with neighbours in a floor from above and from below;
i) guarantee certificates for repair carrying out;
j) repair insurance;
k) getting help balance the holder home;
l) the contract from the managing director of the companies.

Then there is a passage of documents through the Interdepartmental commission, consisting of representatives of the above-named instances which confirms the final decision. A total stage is order reception about re-planning. On the basis of permission Interdepartmental commission it is already possible to carry out repairs with re-planning, and then to bring new data in Bureau of technical inventory and Registration chamber or Department of the state municipal property.

It is impossible to do at re-planning:
- to alter constructive elements of the house (to take down or shift bearing walls);
- to deduce heating for limits of external walls (to warm a balcony or a loggia);
- to unite balconies and loggias with a room by dismantling of external walls.

Changes can be brought in stationary designs only provided that under them the special project will be developed:
- bathroom carrying over;
- increase in height of a doorway in a bearing wall;
- carrying over of a ventilating box.

Successful design the decision is first of all an optimum parity of the inhabited and uninhabited areas, absence “eating” square metres of long corridors, possibility of division of the guest and private zones, not less than two bathrooms.

Besides, it is desirable, that the kitchen area would be sufficient for performance of functions of a dining room. The design decisions considering these conditions, as a rule, do not demand essential changes and become a starting point for the further imaginations of the proprietor in the organisation of inhabited space.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 07/23/2009

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