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About Us
The company “Челябэнергопроект” is registered by November 15, 2005.

During the existence the company executed various design jobs, for example (in Russian),
In 2008:
  • capital repairs (with reconstruction) installations for evaporations in boiler shop;
  • the project of manufacture of works on transportation of coils.

In 2009:
  • replacement fire-drinking water water of turbine shop;
  • replacement of water modular pipes of the storm water drain of a peak boiler-house;
  • replacement (with reconstruction) the bottom nutritious collector;
  • major repairs of steam lines with reconstruction reinforcing knot of a boiler-house of the power case of boiler shop;
  • repair of a gas pipeline of a high pressure with replacement of sector taps;
  • repair, replacement (thermal) coppers;
  • reconstruction transfer steam line with crosspieces of coppers.

In 2010:
  • capital and flowing repairs of the equipment for giving of fuel and shop for giving of fuel of thermal power station;
  • major repairs mechanical, sodium-kationitovyh of filters;
  • replacement of a site of a steam line;
  • installation of metal designs for support flue;
  • major repairs clarifier chemical water purifications;
  • steam line major repairs;
  • modernisation of an electric equipment of the crane-peregruzhatelja;
  • major repairs of installation for evaporations;
  • the project of manufacture of works on replacement of pipelines;
  • design works on electric joining of installation for reception of an electricity from heat on base gas-piston the engine for parallel work with external electric systems;
  • the design documentation, performance of prospecting and engineering-geological works on a complex of apartment houses with engineering networks in a quarter of streets of Blucher-new rural of the city of Chelyabinsk;
  • the design-budget documentation on mini thermoelectric plant.

In 2011:
  • thermal power station, water treatment installation 1,2,3, energy corps (the company “Челябинский металлургический комбинат”);
  • reconstruction of the gas control points 1 (the company “Уралаз”);
  • thermal power plant 2 of the city of Kurgan, the waste heat boiler number 1;
  • boiler number 1, the thermal circuit (the company “Копейский машиностроительный завод”);
  • electric locomotive boiler plant of the city Chelyabinsk;
  • nuclear heat and power plant, boilers N 1,3,5;
  • central boiler plant, the seam, the boiler boiler 5, 4 steam boiler;
  • combined heat and power, the turbine number 5, the installation of high pressure heater N 4,5 (the company “Челябинский металлургический комбинат”);

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