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объекты Ростехнадзора
Chelyabinsk city in XXI century
In 21 century in Chelyabinsk trading, entertaining and hotel complexes actively are under construction, there are modern office buildings, increases number of storeys apartment houses. The general stylistics of architecture inherent in this megacity thus remain.      

Today activity of Central administrative board of Architecture and town-planning (in particular, the main architect of Chelyabinsk – Nikolay Ivanovicha Yushchenko) is directed to the future. Besides enough important and ambitious projects, such as the national project “Accessible habitation” general plan realisation has great value. Not that dead which was in a Soviet period and it was developed for 20 years forward. The life advanced Him. It put many, including builders, in very uncomfortable position. Now there is a normal general plan which constantly is in a monitoring condition. It means that except the most basic directions, is prompted by the life. For example, nobody expected that in the street Brothers of Kashirinyh the such automobile Broadway will be generated. And in itself. Eventually, town-planners have thought suddenly, when all it has already been organised. And now under their management a decent number of known brands has turned out. It became successful step, and we now decided precisely same to make on a guest route. It is the Brodokalmaksky path, on road from the airport. Building there has already begun. The same is planned to make on Sverdlovsk a path.

It is planned to change and other entrances to a city: the New Gradsky prospectus, the Ufa and Troitsk paths. More recently the mayor and the governor have brought such attention to the question: “How long we will drive to a city through uncomfortable and unattractive roads?”. By the way, one of appreciable tendencies of the general plan – carrying out of various factories and factories for city boundaries and creation of the South Ural agglomeration where Chelyabinsk will star. It and now is the basic source of incomes in the area budget. Plus to everything, it will be creation of workplaces on peripheries, creation of the connected transport network. That on the one hand to organise inflow of people to city resources, and with another – to organise communication with the enterprises and cities in territory of Chelyabinsk region.

It is necessary to notice that the area of Chelyabinsk almost same as the area of Moscow, but lives in capital of Russia about 10 million persons, and with visitors is even more, while in Chelyabinsk – one million two hundred, that is population density is lowest also introduction in action of the new earths it will appear useful to a city.

That concerning the center, instead of periphery it is not built up. Here under the center means пойма the rivers. It is the basic natural axis of any settlement. Today the project on a river accomplishment is co-ordinated. The main tendency of this project – returning to a natural channel that will be made with the help backfill and installations of retaining walls. The question about backfill is solved by experts of the Yekaterinburg branch of the All-Russia scientific research institute of water basins. Hydrogeologists have come to a conclusion that depth of the river should be not less than three metres. Then solar beams will not get on a bottom and will cease to provoke growth of seaweed on which all dirt settles. After all all city drains have been deduced in the river. And what such territory in some thousand hectare from which rains wash off in the river all dust? It is a metre layer of mud adjournment at the bottom. Now there Mendeleyev's all table is collected. That also has affected and on shoal the rivers. The available plan promotes self-cleaning of the river and narrowing of coast, with their returning to the natural channel.

Taking into account river Chelyabinsk arrangement left on other architecture of building. The whole complexes became first signs: “The western beam” “Spring” “Svyatogor”. Building along street Bolejko is planned.
By the way, quay building influence and the offices of the company located along its coast “Энергоинвест”. Not only that experts of this company have made the project “Golden Ring” of Chelyabinsk. At them the project of full building of nearby territories is ready, but they while have begun with the small. In the future the huge complex on a place of factory of Plexiglas and an adjoining industrial zone here will be located. Even the punched hole of the bridge which will be street Tsvillinga continuation is meant. And opposite, on quay, the 40-storeyed hotel with the developed podium in which there will be a concert hall, an aquapark, multiplexes will grow. That is it will be the modern center of multipurpose appointment. This building will be constructed so that not to close Circus, on the same method, as Broadcasting Company “Набережный”. And the podium part of the future hotel will become on dumping. In this place of the river now the most stagnant water.

In city center is planned to continue building of office premises. Really, building of a two-level outcome on crossing of streets of Brothers of Kashirinyh, Freedom and Russian has begun. Br. Kashirinyh it will be continued at once with an exit on street of 1st Five-years period. Under it the ground area is allocated, the ground project which was already confirmed by the mayor is developed. It has caused at once working out of the next sites. Nearby the set of independent constructions, buildings absolutely different in stylistics is collected. The park of offices with разноэтажной building floors has been designed till 25-30. Building will last some years. Proficiency of parking spaces became the important feature of the project. By the way, now all customers carry out projects with similar proficiency.

Today the architecture and town-planning central administrative board supervises some projects connected with a transport network. Two-level road outcomes are now developed at once some: on the New town prospectus, at entrance to a city. In the street Cherkassk building has already begun. It is turn to Yekaterinburg. The beginning just of entrance gate. In the same place the road service station which will receive the name is almost designed “Northern Gate”. The purpose of creation of these outcomes – in definitive ring a transport network in city center. But while is not present internal “rings” in a city, the sense of two levels is washed very away. Last step to end “rings” is a punched hole on a site on streets Kurchatova and Ovchinnikova with an exit on station. Works on this site are already actively conducted. All problem that these some sites belong to different proprietors. Means for their purchase are. This project – time business only. But there is fresher project – creation of the second “rings”. As MKAD near Moscow. It is very useful, as makes active many city territories which were before simply forgotten. And with carrying out of a transport infrastructure their value repeatedly increases.

Now the most perspective are following city territories: Poplar avenue, Northern Shershni, river banks Miasss. All western part of a city as the Ice arena there is constructed is perspective «Tractor” and also there is a building of the center of cardiovascular surgery.
Near to the Ice palace there will pass road which will incorporate to parkway around Poplar avenue. By the way, the avenue from carriageway becomes simply foot zone. Here there will be four microdistricts. First two builds up “Artel-with” it is so-called “apartments on the earth” – low habitation. Further there are platforms “Стройком” which leave on Poplar avenue. This foot zone will separate shopping center of microregional value from a housing estate. And the street of the Academician the Queen who will proceed in the form of the bridge will be the main prospectus of the Northwest in this part. Behind the river it will incorporate to Work street. In general from Work will connect in total seven bridges: it will be continuations of streets of Tchitcherin, Molodogvardejtsev and so forth. After the flour mill will be an inhabited file. From flour mill to Poplar Avenue will build up river banks. After all at channel narrowing huge territories are released.

Decentralisation of objects of culture, leisure and administrative appointment became one more direction of the General plan. In this opinion architects are extremely unanimous. In each area, and all their seven, are defined places of creation of regional entertaining complexes. In the future in each part of a city there will be concert halls where stars of the first magnitude can act. The first sprouts – “Aurora” in Leninsk area, “Focus” in the Northwest, “Hills” in Traktorozavodsky area. By the same principle the trade centers are placed “Lightning” – just on one object in each of areas. And supergiants, as a shopping and leisure complex “Spring” there will be three. It besides that in the center. In cities large shopping and leisure complexes become on periphery to take away transport streams from city center. But it does not mean at all that objects of an average level will disappear.

From the point of view of design Chelyabinsk has at least two unique objects of which can be proud by right, – the chairman of regional branch of the Union of designers of Russia Alexander Timartsev considers:
- the love sphere, the monument first in a city to the enamoured;
- kirovka, the best foot street in Uralsk region.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 07/23/2009

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