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Package of free programs for performing the design work (part 2)
In given article the list of programs from the software package for designers, with references for architecture and design, building, modelling of objects, in particular, apartments, for calculation of expenses for building and repair and for performance of other calculations is resulted. The resulted programs facilitate work of the designer and give a prize in speed of designing. 

Architecture and design
The file The description
VisiCon11_se.part1.rar [2.08 Mb]
VisiCon11_se.part2.rar [2.07 Mb]
The program for design of any premises.

The file The description [0.46 Mb] The Assortment 020 – the program represents an electronic assortment of metal profiles used in building. All data presented to tables on profiles is taken from GOST standards. In a program database following profiles are presented: two-Tauris usual and with parallel sides of shelves, corners same shelf and unequally shelf, channels, a reinforcing steel, pipes, etc.
PromOffice.rar [1.15 Mb] PromOffice Euroremont 2.4 – a database of expenses for building and repair of apartments, offices, cottages. Allows to be guided better in the prices for works and building materials as well as what to do, whom to employ. The program registers:
- building stages;
- made works;
- used materials;
- defects of building;
- monetary expenses and much other
korssmeta.exe [1.33 Mb] Kors the estimate – the account in building and repair. Conducting estimates in building, repair. Tracing of stages of their performance. The account of the executed works as the employee. Convenient and simple estimating.

Modelling of objects, in particular, apartments
The file The description
Home_Plan.rar [2.86 Mb] Home Plan Pro 4.6.33 – the powerful program for creation of plans of premises. Program Home Plan Pro is developed for fast and easy high-quality designing of the plan of your cottage. The program provides on a minimum with all necessary graphic means.
setup.exe [2.41 Mb] The program of cutting of glasses v4.16 – the program of cutting of glasses. One of the best programs on quality of cards of cutting: working out of 1986-2007 the Demonstration version has restriction only on number of preparations, in the rest – completely corresponds to the commercial version. The program of cutting includes glasses:
- a booking with calculation of the price of a material;
- reception of cards of cutting with already imposed резами;
- allocation of a business waste in cards of cutting;
- very simple, convenient and deeply thought over interface;
- the press of selectively 1,2,4,9,16 cards of cutting on 1 page;
- import of preparations from file Microsoft Excel;
- export of the data to format DBF or Microsoft Excel;
- the account of a different thickness of cut for various materials;
- the account of sheets and a business waste in a warehouse;
- transfer of a business waste from orders for a warehouse;
- automatic open a business waste.
Setup.exe [2.22 Mb] Design and calculation of false ceilings – the program-designer of false ceilings: cassette and slatted. Is able to build ceilings of the difficult combined form and to settle an invoice the directing.
miosetup.exe [1.57 Mb] AfonSoft MioBell 2.3 – the program allows to create model of apartment and to consider various variants of arrangement of furniture in rooms. MioBell can create unlimited quantity of rooms and furniture variations in them. At room creation, the program automatically selects scale so that the room was located in visible borders of the screen. The russian interface.

Expenses for building and repair
The file The description
Win [3.14 Mb] WinEstimate the Sketch – the program serves for creation of engineering specifications, plans and sketches. Can be used estimators, designers, architects and designers at engineering specifications creation, definition of amounts of works, drawing up of explanatory notes for various objects of building. Demo restriction – possibility to create no more than 10 figures. In the rest it is kept full features of programs.
smetset.exe [2.21 Mb] The simple and inexpensive program for estimating and calculations of cost of works with account possibility on brigades and customers. Program possibilities:
- formation and the press of the estimate and calculation of cost of works;
- export of documents and reports to popular formats JPEG, Excel, Word;
- the account on brigades and customers;
- the account of payments and expenses under the estimate;
- the price-list press;
- reports: magazine of estimates, the register on brigades, the register on customers, payments and expenses;
- the catalogue of works and materials;
- directories of brigades, customers and factors;
- the designer of the form of the estimate;
- exchange rates;
- reserve copying and database restoration;
- an unloading/loading of directories at work on several computers.
Ceiler_Setup.exe [0.89 Mb] The program “Ceiling Calculation” allows to calculate quickly the expense of a material for a construction of a false ceiling Armstrong (Armstrong) and Knauf (Knauf). The program carries out calculation of a false ceiling for some simple steps. On the first step the plan of a counted ceiling in the convenient graphic editor who for few minutes allows to draw the plan of any ceiling is created. The type of a counted ceiling further gets out and demanded calculations are carried out. Allows see the scheme of an arrangement of elements of a false ceiling on the plan of a ceiling and quantity of necessary elements for false ceiling installation. The program “Ceiling Calculation” allows to unpack calculation of a false ceiling in the form of the report, for convenience of work at installation. In the program “Ceiling Calculation” the mode of training to work with plans is built in, therefore it is possible to learn to create any plan for few minutes. The russian interface – conditionally-free of charge.
demosme.exe [1.33 Mb] The program for the account in building, repair, contract business. Conducting estimates, tracing of stages of performance of estimates, their payments and expenses under estimates. Automatic estimating. The full account of monetary operations. The account of the executed works as various employees, wages calculation. Tracing of the rests of materials on objects. The basic possibilities:
- it is created for the firms which are engaged in building, repair, contract business;
- convenient and simple estimating;
- futofilling of the estimate with pressing of one button (on the basis of object parametres);
- the account of stages of performance of works, payments and expenses for each estimate;
- the account of execution of one work as several executors;
- the account of cost of the executed works for each executor;
- planning of executors of works;
- the full account mutual settlements with employees (planning of payments, actual payments – the salary, the development sum, a debt behind firm, advance payments);
- 8 categories of the prices for works (the first category is used as the tariff of payment to workers);
- 8 categories of the prices for materials;
- automatic calculation of categories of the prices (on the basis of set%);
- warehouse conducting: a condition, arrivals, returns to suppliers and movings;
- the full account of monetary operations: receipts, expenses, an exchange of money, the account on various “to purses” the two-level directory of articles of expenses/receipts;
- account conducting on different firms with separate numbering of documents;
- mutual settlements with customers and suppliers of materials;
- the directory of users with passwords and the rights to each of modes/reports;
- reports on all aspects of activity;
- separate discounts on works and materials in one document;
- archiving/razarhivatsija and database check.
The russian interface – ShareWare.
Estimate_Setup.exe [2.06 Mb] The program for building and repair. This program allows:
- to make and calculate the estimate of works and the estimate of materials on it is repair-painting and decorating;
- to unpack estimates and the typical turnkey contract of repair of premises;
- to calculate necessary labour expenses and the expense of materials for performance of works under the created estimate.
litsmeta.exe [1.42 Mb] The lajtik-estimate 1.1 – the program for fast estimating on repair, tracing of payments and performance stages. Modes of autodrawing up of the estimate. The prepared list of works and materials. For use free registration ( is required. The russian interface.

The file The description
PCSheetPileWall.part1.rar [4.1 Mb]
PCSheetPileWall.part2.rar [2.95 Mb]
PCSheetPileWall – the free program for calculation of retaining walls, for the aid to the designer of retaining walls (the detailed inquiry with the description of the theory and a way of use). [0.34 Mb] The PipE-calculator – calculation of weight of a steel pipe. The electronic calculator with which help it is possible quickly and to calculate easily weight of a steel pipe proceeding from its length or, on the contrary, to calculate, how many running metres in the set quantity kg. PipE-calculator allows to calculate weight and length of the basic assortment of pipes of a general purpose, water pipeline and petropipeline (in accordance with GOST 10704-91, GOST 3262-75, GOST 8732-78, GOST 20295-85, etc.), corrosion-proof, and also pipes electrowelded the big diameter.
avral.exe [1.68 Mb] The program “the Work involving all hands” it is intended for the automated calculation of single-phase short circuit in a network of an electrical supply with a earthed neutral in rated voltage ~380/220 to V.Raschyot it is carried out according to Gosenergonadzor requirements. In the program resistance of the most widespread power transformers of mark ТМ in rated power 25:1000 kVA are put. The scheme of connection of windings of the transformer can be chosen: “a star/star-zero, a triangle/star-zero, a star/zigzag-zero”. Electric networks can be executed air and-or cable, aluminium or copper, with a parallel lining and without it. Sections of applied copper conductors are equal 1,5:240 to sq. mm., aluminium – 2,5:240 sq. mm. The program allows to consider reduction of a current of single-phase short circuit introduction in calculation of resistance of an electric arch and transitive resistance of contacts. [0.56 Mb] The building calculator 3.0 – the program of calculation of building materials, is useful to technological services of the building organisations.
CalculationP113.rar [0.06 Mb] Calculation П113 – the program for fast definition and calculation of the material necessary for assemblage of a ceiling from gypsum cardboard. [0.55 Mb] The program of selection of the furnace. After definition heat loss premises it is possible to pick up the heating furnace with demanded characteristics on heat transfer and to dimensions. The basic characteristics of firebox, the certain kind of fuel calculated on application are simultaneously defined. [0.56 Mb] The program for calculation of heat loss. By means of the offered calculator it is possible to define requirements of any premises for heat. Under the term “inhabited” the premise in which live constantly during a cold season is meant. Country structures in which heating in a cold season works periodically, as a rule, in the days off, do not get to the given category. For an exit on an optimum thermal mode in them the considerable time depending on design features of a building, and the increased capacity of system of heating is required. For calculation of heat loss it is required to enter the data of a concrete premise into corresponding fields and revealing lists of the calculator. Recalculation of values is made automatically. [0.55 Mb] The program of calculation of bearing ability of beams. At designing of any construction it is required to carry out calculations of bearing ability of beams. In individual building in overwhelming majority of cases one-flying wooden beams in the form of boards, bars or logs of various length are used. The offered calculator will help to pick up quickly optimum section and a step of beams depending on length of flight and prospective loadings.
Podbor cenralnyh kondicionerov VKT.part1.rar [3.81 Mb]
Podbor cenralnyh kondicionerov VKT.part2.rar [3.15 Mb]
Company VKT (manufacture of the ventilating and fire-prevention equipment) represents the program for selection of the central conditioners. [0.49 Mb] The calculation of metal-plastic windows – the program by calculation металлопластиковых windows, makes:
- calculation of cost of windows;
- the press of configurations for the client, collectors in shop, the storekeeper;
- optimisation of cut a profile;
- the account of the rests on a warehouse.
winman.rar [1.07 Mb] The calculation of plastic windows – the program intended for calculation of typical window designs, conducting and tracing of a condition of orders. The program allows:
- to generate the order from the chosen window designs;
- automatically to calculate order cost, including taking into account installation and credit cost;
- automatically to generate and unpack the offer for the client;
- automatically to generate and unpack the contract with the client;
- to generate technological cards and accounting as on a separate product, and to order as a whole;
- to generate the report on the expense of materials for the period;
- to generate the report on requirement of materials for the set period;
- to trace a condition and order payment.

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