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AutoCAD Electrical and KOMPAS-Electrician: tools for operative work and creativity of the designer-electrical engineer
In article advantages AutoCAD Electrical and KOMPAS-Electrician are considered. Excellent assistants to the engineer-electrical engineer are new electronic tools, however their variety puts experts before a choice problem.                       

Modern manufacture demands from the engineer-electrical engineer of the decision of the challenges. Necessity of rational and ergonomic configuration of devices for cases and control panels, a wide spectrum of various accessories, high dynamics of designing of new products – here features of the modern enterprise.

Let's consider, how the system KOMPAS-Electrician offered by company ASCON, can help the designer of electrotechnical devices. Already more than three years customers effectively use it for designing of an electric equipment of any complexity and documentation release.

Being a part of a complex of information systems ASCON, KOMPAS-Electrician possesses all advantages of decisions from in the lead supplier CAD. First of all this dynamical development and an accurate feedback of group of developers with users. Many novelties KOMPAS-Electrician have appeared in reply to requests of customers that raises flexibility of system and provides success of its introduction at the enterprise with any, even the most difficult specificity of manufacture.

At first we will tell about the version KOMPAS-Electrician Std which is intended for release of the complete set of the documentation on an electric equipment of objects of manufacture. Now more than hundred enterprises from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan use it as the designing tool.

KOMPAS-Electrician possesses the database extensive and opened for the user in which descriptions of completing products and conditional graphic designations are stored. Library of conditional graphic designations has initial filling and contains more often used 500 by working out of basic schemes of designations of elements. System possibilities allow to project easily and qualitatively electric schemes of different degree of complexity, to create reports on a demanded electric equipment. For example, at filling of schemes it is possible to use following functions:
- an insert of conditional graphic designations;
- construction of various communication lines (simple, group, the electric tyre);
- an insert of special symbols;
- copying of fragments and elements of schemes;
- formation of objects of the specification etc.

Among the major characteristics of system – possibility of registration of the documentation on various standards (common system for design documentation, system of design documents for construction, ISO, etc.), export of a package of documents to different formats (eDrawing, DXF, DWG), presence of service of management by a database, projects and separate documents of the project. We will note the convenient user interface (tool panels, the menu, the combined call of commands by means of the keyboard and the mouse, etc.).

The interface of work with a database is realised in the form of separate modules that solves a problem of superfluous functionality of the editor of schemes and reports. At the same time replenishment of library of conditional graphic designations probably to make in an operating time over the current project that at existing simplicity of the automated designing is one more advantage.

Let's consider some aspects of designing in a KOMPAS-Electrician, visually reflecting advantages KOMPAS-Electrician.

Filling of the basic scheme is made by means of an insert from database of conditional graphic designations of elements of schemes. At this stage, in case of need, the user defines quantity of functional chains and an accessory to them of communication lines, carries out marks of wires (drawings 1 and 2). At performance of such manipulations with the scheme obviously increase of productivity which is reached at the expense of economy of time on already existing insert of conditional graphic designations of devices from a database, automatic marks of communication lines (if that took place), and also at the expense of use of the graphic environment KOMPAS-GRAPH.

Drawing 1
Drawing 2

At creation of the scheme of an arrangement of the devices chosen by the user the system considers their overall dimensions, distance between them and distance to a cover, thereby helping the user to group devices in the optimum image. There is a possibility and return operation – calculation of overall dimensions of a cover after arrangement of all accessories. Therefore to begin designing it is possible or from working out of the basic scheme, or from filling of the project by accessories. After creation of the scheme of an arrangement the user does not need to think of working out E4, E5, E6 and over a marking of surfaces – the system will execute arrangement of elements for these documents automatically (drawing 3).

Drawing 3

At creation of the specification the user sets on the scheme of an arrangement elements for inclusion in structure of the specification and receives a specification fragment in which it can make necessary updating (for example, to specify quantity of the same elements).

Besides it KOMPAS-Electrician gives to the user a number of small conveniences, such as automatic assignment of numbers of clips for each device, the control of repetition of special serial numbers, marks, references and plugs, automatic filling of the basic inscriptions of drawings, possibility at drawing up of electroschemes to spend lines of electric communications through an element and automatic formation of cross references, including at device editing.

It is known that at choice CAD of an electric equipment it is necessary to subject to the analysis those systems which are focused on release of the necessary complete set of the design documentation. Certainly, to find the decision which meets all requirements, very difficult. For example, some customers do not accept redundancy of possibilities specialised CAD which involves price increase. Therefore for designing of electric equipment ASCON offers one more variant – KOMPAS-Electrician Express which has been presented in a year after release of standard variant Std. The given version possesses full функционалом, necessary for working out of basic schemes and drawing up of the list of elements to them. The interface facilitated KOMPAS-Electrician is executed similarly to variant Std, distinction consists only in service functions of editing of databases (in version Express to fill up a database it is possible on a course of work on schemes).

But there is more to come! Now into a line of products ASCON enters also the third variant – KOMPAS-Electrician Pro which is most powerful. Besides functionality of version Std, it gives to the designer toolkit of designing of the operational documentation on programmed logic controllers and functions of drawing up clock cyclograms (drawing 4).

Drawing 4

Let's consider advantages AutoCAD Electrica.

Simplification of difficult and repeating operations

Reduce number of duplicated operations and simplify a reuse of the design data by means of the tools developed specially for designing of electric control systems.

Specialized possibilities for work with drawings of electric systems

AutoCAD Electrical it is developed specially for designing of electric control systems. Specialised possibilities help to reduce designing time. Built in features for construction of communication lines, copyings and removals of components or all chain, moving and alignment of components are accelerated by creation of drawings.

The editor of terminal blocks
The improved interface of the editor of terminal blocks allows to simplify labour-consuming problems and to raise productivity of editing of plugs and management of them in all project. To insert reserve plugs or to edit available (for example, having exchanged addresses of connections for wires), it is enough to click the mouse some times.

Carrying over of given AutoCAD
Means of carrying over of data AutoCAD Electrical allow to import easily the projects created in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, for the further working out. Data AutoCAD will instantly be transformed to intellectual objects AutoCAD Electrical. Therefore you can start at once realisation of your ideas by means of specialised tools.

Libraries of modules PLK
The library of modules PLK contains more than 3 thousand modules from the most known manufacturers. With their help you can quickly create drawings of necessary devices.

Import and export of signals of modules of input-output PLK
The reuse of the important design data between AutoCAD Electrical and the software intended for programming PLK, saves time and reduces number of errors. Physical and logic addresses of signals of modules of input-output can be exported in various formats. Now users had a possibility of two-forked data exchange between AutoCAD Electrical and Rockwell Automation, and also Schneider Electric’ s Unity.

The improved process of installation
Now in the course of installation AutoCAD Electrical you can choose, what electronic catalogues from different manufacturers should be loaded. Thus it is possible to adjust contents of a used database easily.

Recognition of an origin of DWG-files
You wish to learn, with what help of product Autodesk the DWG-file has been created? At cursor prompting on badge DWG there is a help with the name and the product version in which the specified file has been created. AutoCAD Electrical also allows to define the most suitable product Autodesk for file opening.

The utility of association of databases
By means of this powerful utility you can easily unite existing databases of products of various manufacturers, and also databases PLK and corresponding symbols of drawings of configuration with contents of databases of the next version of a product. Now you can use all advantages from addition of the new information to available databases without loss before the executed options.

The generator of connectors
In AutoCAD Electrical it is possible to create quickly a connector, having set the minimum information on it – for example number of contacts and its orientation. The created socket can be inserted into the project at once.

Export of labels for wires
Time which is required for the creation of a set of labels strictly corresponding to wires in the project is sharply reduced. A command “Export of labels” allows to use attributes of wires from the project for formation of inscriptions of labels and their conclusion to specialised devices of the press.

Transformation of symbols
By means of the built in converter in symbols ACAD-E you can transform standard blocks AutoCAD to intellectual symbols AutoCAD Electrical. Transformation process occurs quickly and easily. It is necessary for you to specify only the necessary attributes on each step.

Carrying over of the data from projects
Utilities of carrying over of the design data from a format promis-e will allow to save many hours at import of projects in AutoCAD Electrical.

Numbering of iterative chains and lines of references
Flexible possibility of placing of iterative schemes on drawings allows to reduce number of auxiliary drawings to a minimum. At an insert of iterative chains in horizontal and vertical directions you can easily operate their characteristics, including intervals between links, number of links, chain height etc. Placing of numbers of lines of references is completely automated and carried out according to the set options.

The insert of new links in an iterative chain
Designing of basic schemes becomes even faster at the expense of simplification of process of an insert of links in an existing chain. Click the mouse in any place in a chain, and the program will automatically place a new link with points of connection of wires.

Navigation on cross references
AutoCAD Electrical allows to look through easily interrelations of devices and to move between them. A command “Transition” allows to move quickly from a product on the configuration drawing to its display to the basic scheme, passing set of intermediate drawings of the project, and also in cases of components with dependent contacts. Thanks to it you can concentrate on the creative party of designing, having forgotten about routine operations.

Reports with navigation possibility
At utility use “The report with navigation possibility” from the report time for transition is reduced to sheet of the drawing corresponding to it. At an insert in the project of reports in the form of tables users can choose various fields of the table quickly to pass to corresponding components on the basic scheme or the configuration drawing.

The utility of replacement of symbols
Possibility of fast replacement of all occurrences of some symbol in all project allows to save a lot of time. You can replace all occurrences in the project both in case of the whole block, and for a separate symbol. Besides, you can replace symbols from one library with symbols from another. If, for example, it is required to change the standard used in the project you can simply cause this utility and execute automatic replacement of displays of symbols of GOST by equivalent symbols of standard DIN.

Cross references for chains
Cross references between chains simplify paginal tracing of these chains in all project. They serve for virtual connection of chains which take places on different drawings.

Contours of places of placing and markers
To define places of placing of components and their groups became is even easier and faster. By means of a special command you can connect groups of components with their places of placing in a case. Placing markers serve for visualisation of these communications. Besides, you can renominate places of placing for the chosen components. Thus there is an automatic updating of the symbols of a place connected with them.

Addition of numbers of positions for devices in cases
Automatic addition on drawings of numbers of the positions formed according to specifications, essentially saves time.

Crossing of wires
AutoCAD Electrical automatically defines in the project the wires crossed without connection. You can choose, how crossing places will be displayed: with a backlash, a loop or usual imposing. Result are accurate schemes without additional efforts.

Automatic numbering of wires and marks of components
You spend a lot of time for manual numbering of wires and the task of item designations therefore design errors collect? AutoCAD Electrical automatically numbers all wires and puts down item designations to components according to the established rules. If necessary to numbers of wires suffixes can be automatically added. It provides uniqueness of names and possibility of renumbering of objects at change of requirements. So flexible rules of numbering allow to satisfy all design requirements.

If wire number blocks other objects on the drawing, AutoCAD Electrical automatically begins search of an empty seat along this wire for number placing. If it is not possible, the program searches for an empty seat away from a wire. When the empty seat is found out, the program places number and automatically deduces to a wire a line callout.

The insert of reserve plugs
Completeness of specifications is provided thanks to possibility of addition of reserve plugs in terminal block. Reserve plugs are inserted into the project by means of the Editor terminal blocks. At any changes there is an updating of specifications and reports on plugs.

Direct joining of wires to plugs
For formation of more exact accounting documents take advantage of possibility of an establishment of sequence of connection of wires. You can connect wires from different devices to one plug. Thus corresponding information is brought in various reports on plugs and wires in a correct order.

Automatic formation of reports
Time for formation and updating of reports is reduced, and in the reports prepared manually, now becomes less errors. Unlike AutoCAD, you can receive some reports by means of only one command.

Process of formation of reports in AutoCAD Electrical is very simple. Automatic reports cover all types of documents: the specification, lists of wires, the table of signals for PLK, the table of connections, the list of cables, and also reports on cross references. Possibilities of sorting and a filtration of accessible fields allow to display in the report the necessary data as on the basis of a single sheet or group of sheets of the scheme, and under all project. You can place the report on the drawing in the form of the table. The report is very simply updated; it can be kept in a file. For preservation of reports in AutoCAD Electrical formats ASCII, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV and XML are supported.

Check on errors in a mode of real time
To avoid expensive errors by manufacture their timely revealing on early design stages will help. AutoCAD Electrical constantly checks, whether made changes contradict the project as a whole: for example, whether numbers of wires or item designations are duplicated.

Cross references between the coil of the relay and its contacts – in real time
The risk of occurrence of the expensive errors connected with appointment to the coil of the relay too of a great number of contacts is essentially lowered. AutoCAD Electrical establishes between coils and contacts of communication of type “the parent-descendant”. The program automatically traces number of contacts of the coil of the relay. At excess of admissible limits the program gives out the prevention. There is a possibility of addition of additional contacts to the relay coil. You can display the information on cross references on drawings and if it is required, to create the report on them.

Drawings of configuration of cases and panels
Special means AutoCAD Electrical provide check of integrity of the project and create electronic logic communications between the basic scheme and drawings of cases. Here is how it works. You create the basic scheme. The program takes from it the list of components for their placing on drawings of cases. You need to choose only the device from the list and to drag it in a proper place. In the set point the graphic image of a design of the placed component is displayed. Further the program creates electronic logic communications between the basic scheme and constructive representations of components. At change of the significant information on one drawing you receive inquiry about updating of other drawing. You also can add on drawings design elements (for example, a box and assembly of rail) which will be automatically brought in the specification.

The reuse of schemes
Often applied schemes can be kept for a reuse in the subsequent projects. At their insert in the new drawing or the project numbering of wires and item designations of objects are brought into accord to the current project.

Reports on errors in electric schemes
Passed or incorrect numbers of wires can cause great difficulties. By means of control reports such errors can be found out before they will prove in manufacture. Correction of design errors at an early stage allows to save time and money.

Visualization of sequence of connection of wires
The graphic designation of sequence of connection of wires on the scheme allows to transfer more exact documentation in manufacture, helping to avoid expensive errors. At change of sequence of wires reports in appropriate way are updated.

Tracing of cables and wires
In AutoCAD Electrical convenient management of cables and wires is provided. You can unite separate wires, having specified that they are a part of one cable. As well as in the course of an insert of components, at appointment to cables of types according to catalogues of manufacturers AutoCAD Electrical automatically traces and brings them in the list of cables.

Renumbering of item designations
Renumbering of item designations in the project allows to reduce essentially time of designing and number of errors. By means of one command you can change a format of item designations in all project, satisfying requirements of the customer.

Fixation of numbers of wires and marks of components
In AutoCAD Electrical you can to make without damage to earlier done work changes to the project even at finishing stages. Giving of the fixed status to numbers of wires and item designations of components does their unchangeable at renumbering. If it is required to change the project after its transfer to manufacture, you can easily add new numbers of wires and item designations of components without change of already available numbers.

Increase of productivity
AutoCAD Electrical is specialised CAD. The program almost completely automates construction of drawings, allowing to give to more time to direct designing of electric control systems.

Databases AutoCAD Electrical include the wide listed products, let out by the industry
The insert of components from the menu
The simple system of menu AutoCAD Electrical allows to add the necessary electric devices easily. In each menu there is an access to extensive library of symbols where buttons, switches, alarm lamps, the relay, contacts, safety locks, plugs and other devices enter.

Multilevel plugs
Use the simple mechanism of numbering for contacts of multilevel plugs.

Terminal links of a crosspiece
Application terminal crosspieces saves time and reduces number of errors. Simply create a crosspiece between two plugs to balance potentials on them.

The automated creation of drawings of modules of input-output PLK on the basis of the tabular data
Create drawings of connection of modules of input-output PLK by the simple task of appointments of these devices in the project by means of the tabular editor. It saves a lot of time whereas in the environment of AutoCAD it is necessary to create drawings of similar devices generally manually. Besides, possibility of export of physical and logic addresses of each module of input-output PLK in specialised programs for work with PLK provides a mutual coordination of the design information.

In AutoCAD Electrical you can automatically receive drawings of connection of inputs-exits PLK by the simple task of addresses of these devices in the project by means of the tabular editor. The program automatically creates the drawings including iterative schemes of connection of inputs-exits, filling modules with corresponding physical and logic addresses, and also builds communication lines to plugs and components. If the module is not located on the drawing, the program automatically creates a rupture line in the bottom part of the iterative scheme and continues it from the top part of other iterative scheme or on the following drawing.

Data of modules of input-output can be exported to a format supported by the majority of programs for work with PLK. Developer PLK does not need to create anew their address and the description.

Huge catalogues of components from different manufacturers
Accelerate designing process, using the catalogue of components! In base of components AutoCAD Electrical contains more than 350 thousand details from the most known manufacturers. Here you can find a wide spectrum of devices of input-output, including switches, gauges, lamps, and also various components of designs, such as box and the case.

Flexible possibilities of use API
Support of the interface of applied programming (API) expands possibilities AutoCAD Electrical for the decision of your problems. About 200 built in functions will help you to combine easily AutoCAD Electrical with appendices available for you. To create powerful applications by means of API, it is enough to have base skills in programming. The product supports following programming languages: AutoLISP, Visual LISP, Visual Basic, VBA, C, C ++, and also own command files AutoCAD. As an example with AutoCAD Electrical the utility of creation of drawings of modules of input-output PLK on the basis of tables AutoCAD Electrical with the complete set of initial codes is delivered.

The simultaneous insert of several wires
Allowing to insert at once some wires one command, AutoCAD Electrical automates process of connection of devices with several contacts that considerably accelerates drawing creation.

The command of creation of the new drawing
Creation of the new drawing can be begun one pressing of the button. Thus AutoCAD Electrical uses all current options of the project. After a choice of a suitable template the new drawing automatically becomes a part of the active project, and it can to start be edited.

Productivity of many commands for work with drawings in AutoCAD Electrical is essentially improved.

The generator of graphic representation of terminal blocks
Automatic generation of displays terminal blocks on the basis of the information from the basic scheme for their subsequent use on drawings of configuration and in the table of connections allows to save a lot of time. You can project terminal blocks as graphically, and by means of tabular input. Displayed terminal blocks automatically are filled with the data about wires for each of the plug parties according to the values set in the Editor of terminal blocks.

Designing can be begun with case configuration
Flexibility of the environment of designing AutoCAD Electrical 2008 allows it to correspond to your plan of working out of the project always. For example, you can organise designing process, making a start from case configuration. This possibility helps to satisfy requirements of separate designers.

Support of the multiuser mode
Raise productivity of projects thanks to advantages of teamwork! At work of several experts on one project indicators of the status of drawings in the environment of AutoCAD Electrical allow to operate the data more effectively.

The plotter of modules PLK
By means of the Plotter of modules PLK it is possible to add easily new modules of input-output of programmed logic controllers in standard library. If in library there will be no necessary devices, you can add them by means of the graphic interface.

Diversified libraries of symbols
By means of rich library of symbols you can quickly create exact pneumatic and hydraulic schemes, and also automation schemes. You will find such devices in library, as valves, manipulators, distributive boxes, counters, regulators, filters and many other things.

Support of various standards
Support of standards of GOST, DIN, JIC, IEC, JIS and GB provides conformity of projects to requirements of customers. In AutoCAD Electrical you can adjust libraries of symbols, formats of cross references, to set rules of numbering of wires and devices. There are also other possibilities for project reduction in conformity with standards of the enterprises.

Designing of three-phase chains
The built in libraries of symbols containing three-phase switches, contactors etc., allow to create quickly three-phase chains – for example with three-phase electric motors. Distances between symbols at their insert in three-phase links are regulated automatically.

Switching of conditions of devices
The condition of contacts (opened normally/closed) changes one click of the mouse. If contact is a part of a component with dependent contacts (for example, in case of coils and relay contacts) AutoCAD Electrical automatically updates all references in a corresponding component.

The effective exchange and management of the design data
You positively estimate possibilities of the organisation, search and a reuse of the important design information. Control facilities data AutoCAD Electrical provide reliable storage of your current design data.

Electric control systems easily take root into projects of the industrial equipment. AutoCAD Electrical allows to organise teamwork of experts in machine-building designing and designing of electric control systems. The created drawings can be opened and changed in others CAD companies Autodesk.

Use Autodesk Inventor Professional for work with cables and assembly plaits
You can transfer the table of connections of wires and cables, and also the information on connectors in Autodesk Inventor Professional for an automatic three-dimensional apportion of plaits. Now in Autodesk Inventor Professional there was a possibility of export of the table of the connections including the data about length of wires and cables, back in AutoCAD Electrical for reception of corresponding basic schemes. Thanks to full compatibility AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor Professional you can create the finished electrotechnical project including both basic schemes, and three-dimensional models of designs for smaller time, than at use of products of foreign manufacturers.

The exchange of drawings and tracing of changes
At teamwork users can easily look through and edit drawings AutoCAD Electrical by means of any DWG-compatible program, for example AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. Not very well, how many users have seen and have corrected your drawings, – AutoCAD Electrical traces all changes brought from the moment of last release of the documentation.

The publication of projects on the Internet
Possibilities of publication AutoCAD Electrical allow to exchange easily on the Internet both separate drawings, and the whole projects. AutoCAD Electrical creates HTML-pages and the references necessary for placing of your project on an Internet resource. You presume users or manufacturers to transfer drawings to the open project, and added objects become a project part, without breaking its integrity.

The user attributes
You can set additional attributes for symbols AutoCAD Electrical which values will be displayed in all reports under the project. Use of the metadata is useful for adjustment of standard reports.

Autodesk Productstream
You highly appreciate possibility of automation of process of transfer of projects in manufacture and can effectively operate the design data. With Autodesk Productstream you will be always assured of completeness, accuracy and a coordination of the design data, and also in timeliness of start of products in manufacture.

The built in control facilities given
In AutoCAD Electrical control facilities the data for the working groups are built in, allowing reliably to store the documents design given and connected with them, and also to operate them. For users it means acceleration of process of working out and possibility of a reuse of projects.

The interface for work with the project
The interface for work with project AutoCAD Electrical essentially simplifies management and navigation between separate DWG-files of the electrotechnical project. Intuitively clear control facilities files will allow you to concentrate on the creative party of process of designing.

Navigation under drawings
By means of buttons “Back” and “Further” you can quickly pass between drawings in the project, without opening each file separately. Productivity of work as a result raises.

Support multiple document interface (MDI)
In AutoCAD Electrical standard MDI which allows to look through and edit some drawings simultaneously is completely supported.

Means for work with DWF-given
You can look through and exchange two- and three-dimensional projects in a safe mode by means of technology DWF and program Autodesk Design Review. CAD companies Autodesk allow to publish drawings in format DWF. Program Autodesk Design Review is intended for allocation of separate sites of drawings and their press.

Thus, AutoCAD Electrical and KOMPAS-Electrician – reliable tools which will help to realise to the full design and creative potential to reduce time and the resources necessary on working out of the design documentation.

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Date: 07/22/2009

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