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PLANT-4D For effective industrial designing
In given article some additional modules PLANT-4D working on a joint of problems of various departments at designing of the most various enterprises where the branched out network of pipeline is necessary are considered.                          

Let's consider application PLANT-4D in process designing.

In life cycle of any industrial target it is the first and very important stage. Correctness of building and installation, safety and economic feasibility of decisions depends on it

The design stage on duration is commensurable with a stage of execution (building). Automation of works should accelerate processes of decision-making and engineering specifications release.

PLANT-4D Is a tool for automation of designing of industrial targets of different function. The area of its application is rather wide: designing and operation of objects of the oil and gas industry, organic synthesis, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, pulp-and-paper, semi-conductor, metallurgical, the mining and processing industries, a fuel and energy complex.

PLANT-4D Offers the designer the sound and comfortable toolkit, allowing to develop technological schemes and it is easy to create 3D-model of projected object. We modern people also understand that without 3D-model the project loses very many.

When the 3D-model is created, specifications, trumpet magazine (the report on lines), sheets of materials, assembly isometric drawings with writing of the sizes, positions and creation of assembly specifications on sheet are automatically generated and prepared for printing. Besides, you can receive any plans, kinds and cuts without problems. All drawings it is possible to edit, make own amendments and changes.

It is obvious that PLANT-4D gives the chance to trace pipelines and to receive “derivatives” technical documentation. But, besides, he allows to project technological schemes, to pack and place on a platform the standard and non-standard process equipment, to trace a trench and a box under an electrocable, system of ventilating channels.

There is a wide set of settlement programs: from necessary practically to everyone working with PLANT the module START for calculation of durability and rigidity of pipelines to program system MOSES for calculation of behaviour of objects in the sea or ocean (for designing of oceanic platforms).

As show interrogations and direct dialogue with designers, the most demanded, even fashionable programs for automation of work of technologists and assemblers are AutoCAD and PLANT-4D.

Except them, the following is rather claimed.

- START – the program of calculation of durability and rigidity of the branched out spatial pipelines of different function at static loading. Algorithms of the program START correspond to techniques and norms of calculation of power installations (it agree RD 10-249-98), thermal networks (agree RD 10-400-01), oil refining and petrochemical manufactures (agree RTM 38.001-94), main gazo – and oil pipelines (agree building norms and rules 2.05.06-85).

The program can be used for performance of mass calculations and the decision of the various research problems connected with studying of real working conditions of pipelines, specification of their settlement schemes etc. Under the program carries out verifying, design-verifying, standard and non-standard calculations.

START has the obligatory certificate of conformity of State Committee of Council of Ministers for Construction of the Russian Federation and the Gosgortekhnadzor recommendation.

- HYDROSYSTEM – the fine program created by the Russian developers. She allows to carry out a choice of diameters of the branched out pipelines which are pumping over liquids or gases, to define throughput of system or to carry out testing hydraulic calculation.

- PREVALVE – calculation of demanded section of the valve through passage; definition of properties of a product on the set structure; selection of mark and number of valves, and also selection of a spring, cargo or execution from a database; hydraulic calculation of bringing and taking away pipelines and check of an admissibility of hydraulic losses; release of the design documentation (an explication, the specification), and also a calculation detailed protocol – under forms corrected by the user; check of variants of installation of valves of various marks, testing calculation before the established valves. The program corresponds to GOST 12.2.085-82 and is co-ordinated with Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia.

- ISOLATION – calculation of a thermal protection of pipelines, armature and the equipment. A choice of materials of a thermal protection; calculation of a thickness, volume and an isolation surface, a design choice; calculation of amounts of works and expenses of the basic and auxiliary materials; release techno circuit sheets, sheets of amounts of works and the sheet of requirement for materials for the standard and non-standard equipment, pipelines land and underground, with companions and without them, armature.

- PV-Protection – calculation of power potentials and categories of explosion hazard of technological installations. Calculation of superfluous pressure of explosion. Definition of categories of premises and buildings on explosion fire and fire danger (NPB 105-95). Calculation of radiuses of destructions. Standard indicators for 7000 substances. The certificate of Gosgortekhnadzor of the Russian Federation N 02-35/255 from 09/16/99

- TEPLOS – a complex of algorithms of thermal and hydraulic calculations of any shell and tube heat exchangers and “pipes in a pipe” condensers, evaporators, reboilers – with the built in functions of calculation of properties of working environments on set structure taking into account phase transformations.

- The MIRAGE 4D – system of designing of the control and automation, working on the basis of operating system Windows and CAD-platform AutoCAD. The Database of system the MIRAGE 4D contains the big listed products and materials. The database has the open and accessible format and can replenish with directly user. She allows to store and use the diverse information under technical, assembly, constructive, information, graphic characteristics of any kind of the equipment as monitoring systems, measurements and automatics, and others.

- System design documentation for construction GraphiCS – addition to Autodesk Architectural Desktop, Autodesk Land Desktop, AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT for registration of drawings according to GOST of series System of the Design Documentation for Building. Has the certificate of conformity of State Committee of Council of Ministers for Construction of the Russian Federation.

- StoryConsultant – an electronic information database of standard documents (building norms and rules, GOST standards, etc.), created by information center of State Committee of Council of Ministers for Construction of Russia and intended for use in the building and design organisations, and also at the enterprises of any rank which are engaged in building or designing.

- CAESAR II – unique in the world the engineering tool which carries out the full analysis of system of the pipelines, including static and dynamic calculation of system of any size and complexity. Is the world standard de facto. Application of this software product in Russia is limited by absence in it of conformity to domestic standard documents and techniques, but it is used at service of foreign contracts and designing of foreign objects. However, for designing of such objects the software products developed CEA and COADE for calculation of vessels and devices on ASME, BS, UBC, ASCE, ANSI, TEMA, WRC, NBC, WRCB, WRC, DIN, CODAP, ESPACE, SCADES, etc.
are recommended also
All listed – only small part of that enters into a technological ruler on the basis of PLANT-4D.

Also it is necessary to notice that:
- PLANT-4D is the fullest electronic database of the Russian elements for systems of the automated designing;
- all elements of the Russian database are adhered to manufacturers of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine;
- registration of drawings in PLANT-4D is made according to GOST state standards ;
- release of specifications is carried out according to state (GOST), branch, corporate and user standards;
- PLANT-4D – the unique software product having the interface for calculation of durability according to the Russian standard documents (the certificate of conformity of State Committee of Council of Ministers for Construction of the Russian Federation);
- unique value gives PLANT-4D presence of the certificate of conformity of State Committee of Council of Ministers for Construction of the Russian Federation. Any other software product for designing and release of technological and construction drawings and technological schemes of such certificate has no.

Therefore for expert PLANT-4D and a technological ruler on its basis are tools which increase productivity, reduce number of errors, allow to raise quality of the design documentation, remove burden of tiresome routine works and allow to give more time to search of creative engineering decisions.

Let's consider application PLANT-4D in building and reconstruction.

Building is an embodiment of creative thought of designers.

Many designers, – even those who is familiar with building by hearsay, – know that sometimes it is necessary to bring a large quantity of changes. For example, instead of one materials have bought cheaper. Or other case: materials are already bought, and it is necessary to project according to that is had.

In the first case it is necessary to change quickly trace and to let out a new variant of a certain site or project sites. The technological ruler on the basis of PLANT-4D will allow to make it in the shortest terms.

In the second case is even easier. It is possible to fasten PLANT-4D with the warehouse program or ERP-system. In such sheaf the design organisation can project with tracing and conditional reservation of materials available in warehouses.

Also in system PLANT-4D there is a control of collisions (crossings and infringement of distances). So PLANT helps the builder here again.

Let's consider operation.

PLANT-4D And decisions on its basis help also process of operation of an industrial target. And it is absolutely unimportant that it for object: a deposit, petrogas-processing or, say, a chemical plant.

Really, PLANT-4D it is arranged in such a manner that the project data is ready to use in information and dispatching systems industrial object.

Very often for delivery to the dispatcher of absolutely ready information capacities and possibilities most PLANT-4D quite suffice. In some difficult cases available SCADA-systems – for communication with controllers or with IS – systems be required to unite the distributed data (for example, between the several geographically remote points).

Modern information systems allow not only to use the technological scheme from PLANT-4D for the organisation of control offices of technologists, but also dynamically to receive and process other information. For example, information systems on the basis of MapGuide are used for data acquisition on the enterprise, resource managements, certification of the equipment and the control over it, management and the decision of problems of a general layout and engineering networks, forecasting and monitoring of emergency situations, acts of nature... Information systems are used not only the industrial enterprises, but also the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, repair services and operation of linear objects (the main pipelines, roads), city controls and executions.

Let's consider additional modules PLANT-4D.

Let's consider the bases.

At designing of industrial targets as an underlying cause the 3D-lay of land received by means Autodesk Civil 3D or GeoniCS is used. This relief “connect” to the current project.

The arrangement of the bases on a 3D-relief

The underlying cause connected to the project as the external reference, consists of a set of 3D-sides (triangulation). At equipment designing, and also buildings and constructions on the screen the real picture which dynamically changes at modification of general plan department is visible. Placing in the project the equipment, the designer should define in any point a high-rise mark for its placing, and also to project for it the base.

The bases in a 3D-surface

Having as an underlying cause a relief and having only standard software, to find a high-rise mark in any point of a surface it is difficult enough. It is connected by that objects can settle down in a 3D-surface and define crossing with an internal part of a surface (a difference of heights between object “the Base” and a 3D-side) happens inconveniently, and even it is impossible. Buildings, constructions, the bases under capacities, the equipment, pumps can be these objects, support of pipelines etc. The quantity of such objects in the project is really great, and changes including concerning a relief, occur constantly. But at the same time the binding to a relief is necessarily necessary.

The window of options of the bases
Use GroupID in PLANT-4D

The designer specifies equipment position on coordinates X, Y, and then projects under it the base. After that the base it is necessary “to plant” on a relief (variants here a little: on the top plane of the base, on an average surface, on the bottom side). Besides, it is required to provide possibility of lifting of the base on certain height from the earth in the given point.

By means of special options the designer specifies, in which way it needs to define the top high-rise mark of the base.

After that the button is pressed to Calculate – the the rest the program will make in an automatic mode. On a course of performance of calculations it is possible to observe of moving of the chosen objects. Application of the given mechanism in PLANT-4D opens additional possibility: a choice of objects on certain groups (GroupID) and moving of objects only this group. With change of the initial data (geounderlying cause) all above described actions can automatically be carried out that excludes routine work and possible errors at manual change of support of the bases.

Let's consider addition of the text information to objects PLANT-4D (virtual components).

At project performance in PLANT-4D the designer should generate the summary custom-made specification. The system allows to do it automatically – but how to be in a case when at addition in the project of any graphic object (a flange, the pump, capacity, a cable tray or other element) together with it it is necessary to include such positions in the report, how fixture, assembly unit, a purchased detail or any virtual component which it is not necessary to show in 3D-model or on the drawing?

The special supplement allowing quickly to solve this problem, provides the centralised storage of base of virtual components in which it is possible to add new positions and to make changes. The system traces change date, and also fixes, who from users edited this nomenclature the last.

The centralized conducting base of virtual components
Display of parametres
Bindings of virtual components to objects PLANT-4D
Change of properties of virtual components in the project

In base of virtual components to the nomenclature it is possible to add any parametre and to define bindings – with what graphic components PLANT-4D it should join in the report.

After that at addition of any graphic element in PLANT-4D the virtual components in advance adhered to this element, will automatically be added in the project and will be considered in the custom-made specification. Having caused a command of editing of virtual components, it is possible to change structure and quantity of not graphic components.

The window of change of virtual components in the environment of PLANT-4D

Let's consider addition and isolation calculation.

At use of the additional module it is enough to choose components in the 3D-project and to define isolation type: depending on type of isolation and the initial data the program will independently calculate norms of the expense of auxiliary materials and will include them in the reports specified by the user. The control of correctness of the initial data is thus carried out: having found out discrepancy, the program will specify, what of values interferes with correct calculation of norms. There is a possibility to copy type of isolation from an initial component-prototype. For convenience of work elements with the appointed type of isolation are displayed in the project by certain colour...

The general view of a dialogue window of editing of isolation
Thus, we have considered structure of program system PLANT-4D, including some modules allowing qualitatively and effectively to carry out corresponding problem of industrial designing.

1. Orellana I. Plant-4D – the fourth measurement of industrial designing//CADmaster, #3 (33), 2006 []
2. Makarov E. Effective and qualitative designing of the industrial enterprises: PLANT-4D on a way to perfection//CADmaster, #1 (26), 2005 []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 07/22/2009

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