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System of work with standard documents: NormaCS
In given article the basic requirements to information help system and conformity are listed them of system NormaCS.                                       

Each design organisation it is compelled to be guided in constantly growing stream of the information (standards, specifications, requirements, instructions, legal documents etc.). Independent tracing of all occurring changes – process very labour-consuming and expensive. To solve this problem acquisition of the qualitative information help system characterised
allows - an information urgency;
- presentation;
- identity of the document to the original;
- convenience of work;
- use of advantages of existing software products;
- effective technical support;
- availability.

In the market such information systems with various completeness and reliability of the information, the interface, possibilities of search of the necessary document, speed of work are presented some. However the majority of similar products is focused on building or accounting fields of activity. Therefore the organisations working in others including allied industries, are compelled to spend in the old manner a lot of time, means and forces for search such necessary, but inaccessible standard documents.

Certainly, to describe all possibilities of system within the limits of one article it is impossible, therefore we will stop on the most important. First of all, we will consider information base from the point of view of its conformity to some basic requirements formulated above.

Completeness and an urgency. By data for July, 1st, 2009 the system database contained more than 64 000 units and every month replenishes on the average on 1000 new or staticized documents. All changes, editings and additions are brought directly in hypertext representation, and also remain separately according to operating standards on document circulation. Out-of-date statutory acts do not leave and subsequently can be used as a help material.

Reliability. The Document in system is presented in three kinds: a card, hypertext representation and the scanned image:
     – the card contains document requisites (data on the developer of the document, periods of validity, instead of what documents it is let out or is replaced by what documents, a scope);
     – hypertext representation of the document allows to follow the link directly to the mentioned document;
     – the scanned image guarantees exact conformity of the electronic version of the document to the original.

Presentation information provide colours and drawings on labels, and also short data on the document, resulted in the bottom part of the screen. To define an urgency and a document scope it is possible, without opening neither it, nor a card, and only on colour of an icon.

Document search can be text-through, by a name fragment, on attributes of the document and is carried out both in one qualifier, and on all bases.

Service possibilities are rather various and include sorting of documents according to various attributes and by results of search, presence of filters, use samples etc.

Features of systems NormaCS:
- the clear and convenient interface which is adjusted by the user (an arrangement of windows and panels, width and height of columns with requisites, filters, window or a full-screen mode);
- high speed of search, possibility of creation of search inquiries;
- work in the one-user or network modes (Intranet – or an Internet-variant);
- possibility of a conclusion of results of search on the press, carrying over of fragments of documents in MS Word for citing;
- creation of references from documents in formats Word, Excel or the drawings created in AutoCAD, on the specifications containing in system;
- preservation of working options at leaving the system;
- possibility of creation and conducting the user folders with hierarchy support;
- communication with the settlement-graphic programs of the automated designing developed by company Consistent Software.

Besides, there is the regular information service, allowing to choose periodicity of actualisation of the data containing in a database. In the absence of the required document in a database users of system can order or accelerate input of the necessary document in base.

The structure of a database of system allows to choose only the necessary sections of the qualifier, and acquisition of the new can be carried out after as required.

Thus, Norma CS completely corresponds to the requirements shown to information systems.

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2. Blagiy A. Norma CS: The pilot at information ocean//CADmaster, #1 (26), 2005 []
3. NormaCS®. The Information retrieval system under standard documents []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 07/22/2009

Comments of experts of Челябэнергопроект:
The system administrator

The period of use of the demo established by the supplier, was two weeks, i.e. sufficient for acquaintance. As users have noted, difference from analogues – presence of the additional materials useful at designing. If to dig more deeply, this product a little damp for commercial use.

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