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объекты Ростехнадзора
Free programs of the scheduler and the designer of an interior
It is known that the experts owning expensive Archicad th or 3D-editors, do not test complexities with interior modelling. And what to do by the rest? You will not begin to buy the expensive program and to master the difficult interface for the sake of pair drawings, participations in competition of projects of design of apartments, summer residences, cottages etc.

It is possible to order modelling in the expert, but it costs money, besides in Russia there is a probability to receive an out-of-date variant of an interior. There is other exit: to take advantage of free programs which often go complete with the goods of manufacturers of furniture, accessories and subjects of design or are placed on their official sites.

Free programs for designing of kitchen, a bedroom, office from IKEA

IKEA offers the program for planning of an interior of kitchen, a bedroom and office. It is necessary to download the Offline-version here (19.3 Mb).

The program differs a binding to goods Ikea – pieces of furniture and accessories only from network assortment there are used. For those their kitchen arranges whom, for example, it is very convenient: it is possible not only plan an interior, but also at once to count its cost, but it is necessary to notice that the prices are in process of updating.

Designing of kitchen from IKEA
Designing of kitchen from IKEA

Options in the program very flexible: it is possible to set and change height of walls, windows and doorways, places of passage of electroconducting and sockets, points of a binding of the water drain, radiators, etc.

But possibilities on a decor here are absent: it is possible to work only with colour of furniture, and that within the catalogue of the goods.

It is necessary to notice that the program can be used, without having the rights of the manager to installation of programs.

The free program for an interior lay-out stolplit

It is downloaded from the site with the same name by link.

It is possible to choose online or an offline the version.

The program is able the following:

- To create the premise plan on the set sizes with instructions of doorways, windows. On click the volume image of a room of the set form is under construction.

The program Interface stolplit
The program Interface stolplit

- In the created premise to select coverings: wall-paper, plaster or textiles, a tile, a parquet, false ceilings, etc. The set of ready structures it is not so great, but can provide guidance on volume, whether looks red near to green and what motley wall-paper at motley to a floor.

Selection of coverings in the program stolplit
Selection of coverings in the program stolplit

- To select doors, windows, curtains, lamps.

- To choose and place furniture from the catalogue, technics, accessories. In a set there are typical elements for all premises: a drawing room, a bathroom, kitchen. Though the choice is not so great, and quality of a portrayal leaves much to be desired, about result it is possible to receive general idea.

Furniture arrangement in the program stolplit
Furniture arrangement in the program stolplit

Modernline Furniture

The brauzernaja program, interplatform, not demanding the rights of the manager to installation of programs, for an interior lay-out. Is here.

The program allows to create a premise of the necessary form and to place on it furniture and accessories from templates. All the sizes long subjects are adjusted. In a set there is a furniture for a drawing room, bedrooms, kitchens, house office, a dining room, a house cinema, and also elements of type of ladders, fireplaces, columns, bar racks.

The interface of program Modernline Furniture
The interface of program Modernline Furniture

It is possible to keep, send the ready plan to itself on an e-mail, to unpack.

Program lacks:
- Interface language – English language.
- All units of measure are specified in foots and inches. It is possible to translate the sizes (1 foot = 34 centimetres, 1 inch – 2.54 centimetres) or to give the discount for scale.
- There is no possibility to make the 3D-image, to pick up colour of walls.

The demonstration version of program KitchenDraw for 3D design of kitchen and a bathroom

Besides free programs for the period of project realisation it is possible to use full-function demonstration versions of more professional packages.

For example, Kitchendraw – the program providing working out design of projects of kitchen and a bathroom. At any stage of work it is possible to see a projected premise in a 3D-kind, in a cut, in the long term, to make an animation roller. All elements of a file of the project are created simultaneously (the plan, eminences, 3D prospects, the estimate, etc.). Any updating made in one of them is automatically reflected in others. To download a free demo it is possible here.

Program Kitchendraw is intended not only for professional architects and designers, but also for unsophisticated users – the people occupied by re-planning of apartment, construction of the house and a site accomplishment, but it will be necessary to familiarise with engineering specifications.

Program possibilities:
- the program, and also all catalogues are accessible in different languages;
- the account of all sales and registered sellers is conducted;
- there is a possibility of restriction of access to different functions of the program;
- there are local and network versions;
- work with one or several premises of any form with installation of walls, windows, doors and so forth;
- installation of products drag-and-drop from the catalogue, in the plan or in the long term;
- installation of walls under exact corners.

The demonstration version of program VisiCon for designing of premises and design of an interior

This program is issued in 2 variants: of “VisiCon” and “VisiCon. The ABM” also it is focused on the people who do not have an operational experience with programs on designing of premises and design of an interior. To download corresponding versions of the program it is possible here. Founders of the program have tried to simplify as much as possible planning process, but flexibility and functionality of the program as a result decreased. Though, if you need to outline the simple sketch of the future premise or approximately to show, how the room after repair, then VisiCon will be for you the true assistant.

The main window of program VisiCon
the Main window of program VisiCon
Design of a bathroom, 3D an interior in VisiCon
Design of a bathroom, 3D an interior in VisiCon
Design of kitchen, 3D an interior in VisiCon
Design of kitchen, 3D an interior in VisiCon
Design of office, 2D an interior in VisiCon
Design of office, 3D an interior in VisiCon
Design of office, 2D/3D an interior in VisiCon

The base version of the program is developed for house use and intended for the decision of following primary goals:
- Exact creation design of the project of a premise (one room, some rooms, the apartment plan) with the help “Masters of projects” for some seconds
- Arrangement of furniture and interior subjects in the set space, including design, registration and designing of kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a drawing room, an office and other functional premises on the basis of specialised libraries 3D elements as much as possible approached to real forms and the sizes
- Use of materials and structures in design projects of interiors of premises
- Viewing of the received results in the colour volume image and entering of all necessary changes into design the project
- Reception of the quantitative statistical information on design to the project (the name and quantity of the used elements, the sizes, the areas of a projected premise, etc.)
- Reception of various listings of the project of an interior and preservation of 3D-images of a premise in various foreshortenings in files of a graphic format

The demonstration version of the program of Arkon for professional design, designing and 3D visualisation

Arcon Eleco (Arkon Eleko) is allocated from a number of professional programs on creation of design of an interior as it is calculated, in more parts, on architects. Unlike its expensive analogues, its interface unduly is not overloaded and allows with the minimum time for training to connect to designing of new employees. It is necessary to mention that now the program has more than 20000 European users. To download the demonstration version of the program it is possible here.

Orientation to professional architects
Orientation to professional architects

ArCon allows to discuss architectural ideas with the colleagues and clients more effectively.

Effective discussion of architectural ideas
Effective discussion of architectural ideas

The work principle in Arkone not strongly differs from the majority of programs for design of an interior: at first you do the detailed plan of the future structure, whether it be 1 room or a huge trading complex, and then, the program builds 3 measured model under your projects. And you already can go further simply on your virtual house or shop, as if to video game (function “walks” on a premise).

It is necessary to notice that quality of 3D-models high enough, and all objects at visualisation look is very realistic.

1. IKEA: furniture and subjects of an interior for kitchen, a bedroom and all your house []
2. Furniture from stolplit: kitchens, cases of a compartment, a bedroom, furniture for the house []
3. PlanningWiz – der Online-Raumplaner (PlanningWiz – the on-line scheduler of apartments) []
4. Kitchendraw – design of kitchen and a bathroom, the program []
5. Program VisiCon – an official site of the developer of the program for design of apartment []
6. ArCon – visual architecture []

Date: 02/11/2010

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