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Performance of design works by means of Pro/Engineer and Windchill PDMLink
Use of modern program complexes at performance of design works in the design organisations is an absolute must caused by a high competition and aspiration quickly to react to inquiries of clients and the market as a whole. In particular it should be considered to the companies which are carrying out projects “turnkey” and also working in the international market – for the foreign companies use of the program decisions operating process of working out and manufacture of products, is for a long time already norm. In this connection the management of the Russian design organisations also a lot of attention gives IT Infrastructure modernisations. We will consider one of examples of the projects directed on perfection of process of performance of design works by means of program decisions which consists in introduction of the complex decision with use of systems Pro/Engineer and Windchill PDMLink.

Let's consider problem statement.

Among divisions of the considered company – the mechanical processing manufacture equipped with the automatic equipment with CNC, service service, and also the modern design office equipped with the advanced computer complexes and the software. The quantity of own workings out of design office is estimated in hundreds. The design office consists of several territorially isolated divisions.

Initially at the enterprise the system of automated designing Pro/Engineer for the equipment with CNC was used.

A bit later a management the decision on introduction in addition to Pro/Engineer control systems of teamwork and managements of engineering data Windchill PDMLink was accepted. At the moment all cycle of designing and manufacture preparation is carried out in system Pro/Engineer at a full data control by system Windchill.

Let's consider used tools.

Modern CAD-systems of the senior class represent very big program complexes. Their structure includes some tens large functional modules, therefore to estimate, analyze and master them difficult enough.

Pro/Engineer – Full-function CAD for working out of products of any complexity. Thanks to powerful possibilities of automation of all machine-building disciplines, Pro/Engineer is the conventional 3D-decision for modelling and working out of competitive products. By means of Pro/Engineer, the root decision in system PDS (Product Development System – Integrated System of Working out of the Product), it is possible to detail the form, appointment and functionality of a developed product. Use of web-technologies within the limits of the decision provides access to various groups of developers of a product to necessary resources, the information and functions – from conceptual design before technological preparation and manufacture. Pro/Engineer provides teamwork over a type product “the user-user” in a mode of real time also supports both synchronous, and nonsynchronous teamwork of participants of process of working out. The product is completely integrated into company system PDS.

Let's consider that such group designing in Pro/Engineer, than it differs from technologies of databases with the plural access, what interface in a control system of a database.

The question is connected with modern technology of creation of an end-product – concurrent engineering – a method of parallel designing of the basic product and preparation of manufacture for its manufacturing. However, different suppliers of the software put various sense in this term.

All design works are conducted under control of a control system of project Pro/PDM (Parametric Design Manager) irrespective of, the concrete workplace is focused on what kinds of works: the engineer-designer, the engineer-raschetchik, the engineer on industrial equipment or the technologist. To each authorised user Pro/PDM certain level of privileges is appropriated: User, Manager, Administrator, Superuser, and within the limits of level of privileges variations of the permission/prohibition of certain operations are possible. For each authorised user the working zone (work area) is defined – project area, whence it can take the information.

Pro/PDM Is a new generation of systems for management of the big, scaled, parametrical and associative design databases. The system operates parallel access to the data of the project and their updatings, facilitates information interchange about the project in process of its development, provides flexible access to the data for all developers of a product. Pro/PDM expands traditional possibilities of management with files for complete support of associativity and through parametrization of the designs developed in the environment of Pro/Engineer. The group of experts using Pro/PDM, has possibility to work over the same products simultaneously that reduces time of an exit for the market of a new product. Pro/PDM is a separate applied program which can be used in a combination with DBMS Oracle and with all popular hardware platforms.

System Pro/PDM has been developed for management of changes in the project in the conditions of parallel performance of design works by working out of a difficult product. Many members of working groups can have simultaneously access and modify the data on a product, without disturbing each other. Pro/PDM coordinates the coordination and integration of joint updatings, guaranteeing preservation of unity of files and consistency of a database. In Pro/PDM support of full associativity of all applied modules Pro/Engineer that provides possibility of flexible management with versions of objects and configurations is initially put, and also allows to operate process of carrying out of brought changes. For example, when assemblage Pro/Engineer is brought in a database, Pro/PDM automatically understands with all details available in it, identifying specific versions and interrelations between its parts. Pro/PDM Also predicts, as object change can be reflected in the corresponding information on a product, such as drawings or the data on mechanical processing.

System Windchill is the PLM-decision which is one of the most widespread systems of interaction of the enterprises on the basis of CPC-technology (Collaborative Product Commerce).

Windchill PDMLink gives itself an individual workplace for design work on a product. Within the limits of this workplace the user gets access to the necessary information, in dependence of the appointed role, carried out problems and access rights. Besides, the data can be given to users depending on a stage of life cycle and those problems which are carried out at this stage. In this case is constructive-technological partitioning of a product is original structure of storage of all connected data.

At use Windchill preservation of all data in the course of working out and product manufacture occurs in uniform base. It allows to optimise application of the standard repeating data and to provide effective work before the involved technical decisions (analogues, prototypes, etc.). Windchill provides a number of the built in possibilities: the coordination of the data and documents in electronic form, automatic dispatch of notices, construction of reports on a working out condition, search and viewing of documents in various formats. These options urged to provide high reliability of storage and access authorisation that in turn optimises process of joint performance of design works. Windchill supports design work with professional CAD-SYSTEMS, such as AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Catia etc.

Let's consider possibilities and advantages Windchill PDMLink:
- Windchill PDMLink prevents errors at performance of design works, automating managerial processes by changes.
- In the environment of Windchill PDMLink the uniform archive of the information on a product, giving global access to the actual and exact engineering data from the most various sources is created.
- Windchill PDMLink provides “seamless” integration into the uniform environment of designing and working out of the various CAD-systems, the inherited software and ERP decisions.
- Windchill PDMLink promotes acceleration of process of working out of new configurations of a product thanks to already available decisions.
- At last, “Seamless” integration with introduced Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill ProjectLink provides unique possibilities on management of the information on a product within the limits of business processes of the considered enterprise.

Let's consider the purposes and a project course.

The primary goal of introduction is a reduction of term of release of new types of the equipment and the fullest satisfaction of customers on terms of manufacturing and quality, and the basic rate in reduction of terms should become not on truncation of some necessary kinds of checks and the control which are required at performance of projects “turnkey” and on parallelization of processes. Transition from consecutive movement to the purpose on movement by echelons, i.e. the end of one process is not the beginning new, and, as a rule, the beginning of new process anticipates the termination of the previous.

Introduction was carried out in some basic stages. Development of main objectives of introduction of system Pro/Engineer and Windchill for performance of design works became the first. Further the plan of introduction of system has been developed and stage-by-stage transition to system is carried out. Maintenance of communication of system Pro/Engineer and Windchill with in parallel developed and introduced system ERP became the project final stage.

Thus, introduction Pro/Engineer and Windchill for performance of design works “turnkey” it is possible to carry out in parallel.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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