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Annual international forum SolidWorks World 2010
In given article some presentations and demonstrations on 11th under the account annual international forum SolidWorks World 2010 which passes annually in California in February for several thousand users are considered.

The main achievement is a work in the cloudy environment. It promises also work on different platforms, and use of serious computing capacities at performance of a mathematical part (calculations 3D-graphics) design works, and, probably, simplified data exchange between accessory manufacturers. As consequence:
- More a heavy use of contents online of catalogue SolidWorks 3D ContentCentral which already now contains more than 600000 models.
- The unified environment of modelling which ensures functioning in uniform style with details, assemblages, drawings and sketches, and also more effective designing in style “from above-downwards”.
- Possibility of search in a part, without worrying about on what disk or URL there can be a necessary.
- The object-oriented editor 2D the sketches, also providing search and use of templates “in clouds”.
- Direct editing of elements of the project.
- Instant display even very difficult models through the Internet (it is supposed that in “a cloud” will be calculated a picture which will betray to the spectator, without transfer actually given).
- Vitally-realistic (“lifelike”) modelling – is expected that objects will behave in the course of editing more approximately to a real life: to be deformed, it is displaced directly in the editor, needlessly to cause separate subsystems of simulation.
- Calculation of mass characteristics of details and assemblages directly in the course of editing, in a background mode.
- Radical increase of reliability and protection against equipment failures for the account storage of models not by the local car, and in the distributed cloud.

Such is vision SolidWorks, but what vision of community of users and experts? It is necessary to notice that it is far not such iridescent, as at the company. Really, there is a number of key doubts which yet have not received the official answer:
- Unification of a code of products SolidWorks and Dassault Systemes will lead sooner or later to use of geometrical kernel CGM instead of Parasolid, belonging to the main competitor – Siemens PLM Software. Probably similar destiny expects also geometrical solver DCM, also supervised Siemens PLM Software. From the point of view of independence of the competitor is, certainly, attractive strategy of corporation. But users do not have confidence of reliable compatibility of the data with the previous versions. As it is known itself Dassault Systemes so up to the end also has not dealt with a data exchange question between V4 and V5; for today there is no also an adequate system of data exchange between SolidWorks (Parasolid) and CATIA (CGM). A question the sharpest.
- Whether there will be opened an interface of programming of appendices (API) for SolidWorks? Today it is accessible to free of charge each owner of licence SW while API for products Dassault Systemes – CAA it is not free also reception of the licence for it is uneasy procedure.
- Whether it will be separately necessary to pay for technical support? Today each owner of licence SolidWorks at least within a year has free access to online to system of technical support, service-pakam etc., similar service Dassault Systemes demands separate payment.

Thus, passed SolidWorks World 2010 not only has promised brilliant prospects, but also has left a number of serious questions. How much it will be of use kind service to users, and how much there are rallied numbers of admirers, perhaps, to the most popular in the world machine-building CAD will show time.

SolidWorks supports multi-touch
SolidWorks supports multi-touch...

SolidWorks flies in clouds
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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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