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About new model of pricing from Autodesk
Today, when the design organisations enter the self-adjustable organisations, it is necessary to use licence maintenance. As world financial crisis has lowered consumer ability expensive professional CAD the design organisations, software developers reduce the prices for the software products. In given article the new model of pricing from Autodesk which does their prices by more clear for the purpose of decrease in expenses in case of incorrectly chosen software product for performance of design works is considered.

It is known that after March, 16th, 2010 Autodesk enters the new, optimised model of pricing for updatings, cross-countries-updatings and a retrospective Subscription. Given article is devoted consideration of this new model in which, judging by numerous comments, in not all it is clear: both in its general orientation, and in essential details.

The director for marketing Autodesk the CIS Morozova A. notices that the new model of pricing extends only on such positions of the price-list as Updatings and Transitions.

Transition is a transition to higher instrumentalno-technological orbit: AutoCAD Mechanical – Inventor, AutoCAD Architecture – Revit.

Further under Updating Transition will mean also. At an exit of each following version clients have possibility to pay some sum of money, is considerable smaller, than cost of a full commercial product and to receive in exchange latest of the left versions. For example, if is available AutoCAD 2007, 2008, 2009 it is possible to update them to AutoCAD 2010 on special conditions, having got not the full commercial version, and that Updating. Now Updating cost depends on at present the customer owns what version. I.e. than more time has passed from the moment of initial purchase, the more versions it is passed, the updating is more expensive. Till now on each such updating in the price-list about 4 lines as there are Russian, English, network and local versions were taken away. Now it is still multiplied by three – by quantity of those versions from which updating, and then also on a large quantity of software products Autodesk is possible. To simplify the approach to Updatings and Transitions and this simplified model is entered. Since March, 15th, without dependence from the version, Updating cost will be always equal 50% from cost of the commercial version. Possibly, it becomes easier to all to understand set of offers and to plan investments. It is the logistical party of a question.

By some estimations of experts, more than half of enterprises in Russia consider necessary to update the software every year. And in Europe the overwhelming majority of clients use for this purpose the Subscription mechanism. We such have less.

Specificity the Russian firms at decision-making concerning updating software and, in general – concerning introductions new, is that quite often as a brake not so much money, how many necessity any gestures, findings-out, the account of new possibilities serves. it is valid, we do not consider efficiency of those or others the investment, we simply think that will carry by.

Probably, a root of the given process all in the same original approach to a competition … access to “to an administrative resource” possibility to receive something from the state or on acquaintance at us means much more, than productivity and quality of let out production. All of us still often are not focused on final to consumers, we would like “the state order” and always it is possible to do it with the same resources and at invariable terms. With such approach Russia hardly will sometime come to hi-tech economy.

Let's consider the problem an overhead charge. Programs develop very quickly and, despite considerable efforts which are put by developers not to raise technical requirements to the equipment, gradually it is necessary to change and “iron” it is necessary to carry out training to new possibilities, differently what for to change software? But, possibly, a root here nevertheless that version change, it not expenses, and investments. And if so it is necessary to look that the organisation performing design works, will receive, if will use new feature at least on 50-60%. Though in an ideal, of course, all of 100%. Probably, many design organisations, having at the order a good, qualitative software, do not know about ways of its effective utilisation because, to use it professionally, it is necessary to spend a quantity of money and plus at least partially to come off working process. We do not do it and we sigh: What expensive software, instead of gives results advertised by sellers. And some the organisation performing design works, prefer to use the counterfeit software.

It is obvious that an updating variant through the Subscription more favourable. And for those who marches in step with progress, that every day clients become more and more exacting pays attention and their inquiries are more and more various, and for those who prefers to be updated time in three years.

Thus, two basic possibilities are more favourable: infrequent updating (once in 3 years for 50% from the product price) or an annual subscription for 12%. As it not bad corresponds to two really occurring (and quite proved) to models of the user behaviour, it is possible to recognise the described transition to new pricing quite pragmatic for the majority. And, as it always happens, the variants recognised atypical and, especially, exotic, will cost more expensive.

It is necessary to notice that concessionary terms on Updatings are given only for three years. I.e. if you have not updated the software in a current of three years for 50% you any more will not buy updating. Other rules and price-list positions come into force. And that the scheme of the Subscription described by me worked, she should be bought every year. There is a number of products which are updated only through the Subscription.

1. Morozova A. Update is not expenses, and investments. – 2010 []
2. The simplified pricing on updatings of products Autodesk: questions and answers (for clients) [ _simplified_upgrade_pricing_ru.pdf]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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