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Management of life cycle of a product from Autodesk
Leading consulting and research company in the field of management of life cycle of a product (PLM-decisions) CIMdata has let out the analytical report “Evolution Autodesk as the supplier of decisions PLM” in 2010. In this review CIMdata characterises a transition period during which Autodesk will carry out transformation from the supplier of separate dot decisions, in the supplier of branch decisions which can become for the organisations performing design works, the basic platform for the general strategy PLM. As examples CIMdata represents experience of some clients Autodesk.

In the first part of review CIMdata describes the traditional calls facing to the enterprises at formation of decisions, automating management of product life cycle. Thus the special attention is given to those complexities which should be solved or bypassed to those companies which use complexes of isolated decisions on concrete sites, instead of apply complex target decisions PLM.

It is necessary to notice that, according to definition CIMdata, PLM is not only and not so much set of corresponding appendices, but the concept, business strategy providing creation and management of the information on a product in the expanded enterprise throughout all life cycle, from the concept before recycling:

Full life cycle of a product
Full life cycle of a product

In the second part the estimation of role Autodesk in the PLM-market is given. Autodesk was one of the largest suppliers “dot” appendices PLM for many years. Autodesk it was traditionally considered and perceived as the supplier of the appendices focused on individual segments of market PLM, instead of as the supplier of an integral platform or PLM environment. Nevertheless the corporation role, at least owing to financial circumstances, is rather great. Literally till 2009 Autodesk was simply the largest player in market CAD.

CIMdata notices that the branch segments which are key for Autodesk, the general mechanical engineering, the equipment for building enter. At the same time, names decisions for architecturally-building designing “additional” branch.

We consider that decisions for multimedia, architecture and buildings, ГИС – just are key for Autodesk. Really, in these segments of the market the corporation not only is in the lead, but frequently simply dominates.

However, time goes and, during a number of last years, the family of tools in arsenal Autodesk has considerably grown and has changed. Besides successful development of own products, the corporation has made a number of key acquisitions which have essentially strengthened and have expanded technological base.

Recently Autodesk has started association of several tools in the integrated packages of proposals which are given as full decisions so the basic attention is given any more only to the decision of dot problems, and concrete problems of branches.

CIMdata illustrates expansion of technological areas and a set of the products offered Autodesk by the following classification.

The advanced visualisation:
- Showcase
- 3dsMax Design

Industrial design:
- Autodesk Alias (family of products)
- Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Industrial designing and designing:
- Autodesk Inventor (family of products)
- AutoCAD Mechanical
- AutoCAD Electrical

- Autodesk Moldflow
- Autodesk Algor

Manufacture preparation:
- Autodesk Navisworks

Data control and collective work:
- Autodesk Design Review
- Autodesk Vault (family of products)
- Autodesk Buzzsaw

Packing from these decisions package offers, Autodesk can form complete offers for various industries and building. In specified above classification decisions for architecture and building, oddly, are not resulted, nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that positions Autodesk in this branch also are rather strong.

As one of the key moments of qualitative transition Autodesk CIMdata considers change of a marketing and technical policy in the field of a data control. Historically decisions Autodesk for a data control were rather hidden and have not been widely presented in the market out of some regions in Europe. Channels of distribution Autodesk as a whole have not been aimed at support rendering to these decisions, except for training of use Vault. This situation, seemingly, varies after partners Autodesk have in more details got acquainted with these technologies and consider them as possibility to improve the incomes at the expense of the offer of such decisions to the clients.

Unlike Autodesk which becomes the supplier of PLM-decisions, company Dassault Systemes is focused on digital prototyping. Really, if from the resulted slide to clean inscription PLM 2.0 new accents of development Dassault Systemes will be the following: “3D-means for realistic interaction” also are subdivided on “means of collective innovative working out” “realistic modelling” and besides – “realistic interaction”. All together can be treated it as “the means of digital prototyping providing interaction with model at level, close to interaction with real object”. Probably, from positions CIMdata, and, probably, from positions of syntax of marketing Autodesk and Dassault Systemes, these companies will exchange in places.

Innovative strategy in Dassault Systemes
Innovative strategy in Dassault Systemes

Thus, according to CIMdata, gives the chance Autodesk to make quickly enough qualitative transition from a position of the supplier of individual decisions for specific targets to a role of the supplier of the complete environment focused on the decision of problems of branches. CIMdata does quite well-founded assumption that such evolution will strengthen corporation positions in the market because the enterprises can receive now integral decisions that for them is more actual and is valuable, than excellent, but isolated decisions for separate segments of their activity.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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