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Performance of design works in Autodesk University 2009 by means of cloudy calculations
In given article estimations the cloudy calculations presented at annual forum Autodesk University (AU), spent in 2009 are considered.

This year it is offered to participants of a forum more than 640 various classes and practical works in 18 various disciplines which will be spent for them by experts Autodesk.

For participation in all these actions it is not so obligatory to go to Las Vegas: it is enough to be registered on a site of action and to take part in Autodesk University Virtual which practically does not differ from a real forum. Free registration gives the chance to you to look any report both in an online mode, and in record, having established offered service Microsoft Silverlight.

For example, it is possible to see the performance which has opened a forum Lin Allen (Lynn Allen) which possesses a 20-year-old operational experience c AutoCAD and conducts a daily column in magazine Cadalyst under the name “Circles and Lines” and also own a blog. Annual performances of the Mrs. Allen on Autodesk University traditionally collect the highest rating.

In the performance Lin has told about idea AU Virtual which has been realised for the first time this year: more than 16 thousand persons worldwide (Lin has mentioned New York, Paris and Hong Kong) watched on the Internet alive its performance in Las Vegas. Besides, this year AU for the first time left in Twitter – search for messages with a tag #AU2009 which place in this micro-blog of hundred different participants of action.

After Lin Allen Charles Bass (Carl Bass), the main chief executive Autodesk who has made already traditional for Autodesk accent on innovations has acted: at first many things (for example, movement by air) seem impossible, then – possible, but not practical, then there comes the moment when the exit of a new product (plane) becomes possible, further – expected, and at last – simply obligatory. The greatest advantage is received by those who will seize the necessary moment and will let out a new product when its realisation only just becomes possible. Decisions Autodesk urged to help just such innovators.

Participant Autodesk University 2009, journalist Ralf Grabovski, notices that else persistent hearings about the future occurrence AutoCAD for Mac – even with a mention of recently went that some components already exist in a kind independent from Windows and that Microsoft it cannot be pleasant. However, recognises Ralf, it as well as other journalists and experts, was mistaken: instead of AutoCAD for Mac in focus of performance of Charles Bass (the main chief executive Autodesk) there were cloudy calculations about which as notices Ralf, it was possible to speak quite safely as any real software will appear approximately years through five. This theme, and switching on it from enthusiasm and optimism previous AU on which head Autodesk described possibilities of the future powerful personal computers is indicative not. But Charles and all of us – is continued by Ralf – has brought Intel:
- speed CPU has got stuck on the average at level of 2001,
- multinuclear CPU work much more slowly expected,
- the basic acceleration from 64-bit CPU arises from a premise more volume of the data in RAM, rather than from disk structurization,
- GPU is capable to give much, but their real testing is complicated by actual monopolism Intel.

Ralf considers that sources of the future growth of productivity is a writing of more effective programs and decrease in an overhead charge for work of bulky operating systems. And after that remain only “cloudy calculations” conducted somewhere in the distance in the weight of servers. Such schemes have already proved the efficiency not only for the small companies beginning the business, but also for most Autodesk which has found out that cost of its server service has decreased 10 times after part carrying over софтвера “in clouds”.

Ralf quotes Charles Bass who expects that soon users will receive 50-fold acceleration in modelling sphere (and, in general, in vychislitelno-capacious sphere, such as the is final-element analysis or photorealistic rendering) as problems will be carried out on tens or hundreds in parallel working computers. (Ralf believes that already today we observe similar effect on an example of fast search operations Google.)

In connection with prospect of a victory of cloudy calculations, Ralf does a number of predictions – places rather guarding:
- users all will refuse in a greater degree constant licences, passing to annual subscriptions or even to payments of single applications,
- users will be nervous, when cloudy servers will hang or when Internet connection,
will interrupt - superfluous OS of type Windows will be replaced on more adapted for the Internet of OS of type Chrome,
- final appendices will work on cheap and easy systems like netbooks (which less than laptops) or smart beeches (which more than mobile phones),
- suppliers will update software on servers, without delivering such updatings is direct to clients who will be upset by necessity to use not desired updatings with new errors and unfriendly functionalities,
- fights for access to the data which are generated by CAD-SYSTEMS will be developed, but stored on the carriers given by suppliers of cloudy means and which transfer is carried out by suppliers of Internet-services.

Ralf in [3] notices that against plentiful conversations on cloudy calculations, Autodesk has shown a little real software, accessible actually in an experimental mode, for example, Project Dragonfly (modelling of premises), Project Twitch (strongly cut down version AutoCAD), Share Design (means for collective work with drawings which is not present even on labs).

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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