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The effective printing in design works
If the printer is bought home the choice problem rests against type of printed documents. It is necessary to answer only on some simple questions, having understood with necessity of the press of photos and necessities in colour if to print photos it is not supposed...

At the same time the house user such things, as practically do not excite speed, print cost, convenience of replacement of a cartridge and trays for a paper: people, as a rule, print houses seldom, paternal discrepancy of a choice even at worst will turn back small moral and material costs.

As soon as we consider a corporate segment, rates raise, and when the printing technics plays a role of one of process bases, the error in a choice threatens to turn back a trouble. The more largely business and a press format, the is less in a question of a choice of the equipment remains the non-significant moments. To make the device which is meeting the requirements of all customers, it is impossible; the market is divided into segments, and the choice in each of them is rather poor. All “players” the expert knows by sight: quite often, if it is necessary to weigh and count, choose all between pair models, and even at all a choice does not remain.

According to statistics in the world the parity between colour and black-and-white prints constantly increases in favour of colour, not excepting the large-format press at engineering and design works. In the majority of the companies to be limited to the black-and-white press it does not turn out any more. Time so, experts should make now more difficult choice which quite often pours out in “opposition” two technologies: the thermojet and light-emitting diode press.

Let's consider advantages and lacks of ink and a powder.

Both technologies have known pluses and minuses. The light-emitting diode press is inexpensive, allows to print fine details and thin lines, provides uniformity and good quality of pouring and that is important, printed production can be started up at once in business. On the other hand, if on the press pouring of different degree of intensity is simultaneously deduced, it is difficult to device to pick up optimum temperature of fastening of a toner, and work in colour becomes complicated difficulties with drawing of parts of a toner of different colour in the same point of the project. At last, the present headache from the electrographic press is caused by that the toner is harmful a microfine powder. Especially harmful at industrial application of printing technics.

As to a thermoink jet printing here difficulties in positioning of points of different colour are minimum, and features of technology allow to print without quality loss on one document drawings and colour images. There is no harm for lungs – ink liquid, however the liquid form of ink turns around also lacks typical for given technology: insistence to the carrier, depending on the concrete project, and, on the average, in cost of the carrier which is considerable above, than at the electrographic press. Besides, ready prints are necessary for drying, and their application should consider low moisture resistance peculiar to technology.

Let's consider the combined approach.

However there is an approach which allows to unite many advantages of the mentioned methods of the press and to level their lacks. Company Oce has developed the device for the large-format press, calculated on average loading from 6 to 70 thousand square metres a year, – Oce ColorWave 600. The main feature of technology CrystalPoint applied in this printer, consists in filling of cartridges by firm spherical granules (TonerPearls). Everyone such “a pearl” getting to printing head, melted there to gel-like conditions. In such kind the toner gets on the carrier where immediately hardens again. Experts will remember at once technology of the solid-state press from company Tektronix which now owns Xerox. It is necessary to notice that thus at Xerox there are no the large-format printers using given technology, but also technology Ocе – own working out having essential differences.

The principle of work of technology Oce CrystalPoint
The principle of work of technology Oce CrystalPoint

In ColorWave 600 eight printing heads, on two on each of four base colours are used at once. Geleobraznye drops of a toner, getting on the carrier, are not sprayed and are not absorbed, like ink, but at the same time are not a powder polluting air and printing system. This device practically does not depend on quality of the carrier and can print even on a material from recycled that promises essential economy at operation. One restriction as carriers all the same is available – the glossy paper cannot be used. However the print thanks to properties of a toner has pleasant semimatte shine that calls into question necessity for glossy carriers. As a last resort, it is possible to take advantage of cold lamination, but cold, differently a fusible toner simply “will begin to flow”. By the way, dullness of the put image not bad copes with patches of light, and it is important, if the big print – for example the drawing – is supposed to be considered at a short distance.

That to quality of the image it is magnificent in a context of the problem put in the beginning of article: without productivity loss to unite in one device possibility of the press of drawings/texts and colour images. Colour banding at ColorWave 600 it is minimum in view of use of the wave press in some passes. Thanks to a split-hair accuracy of drawing of drops of toner-gel in any of press modes the effect of distortion of lines also is imperceptible. The device “draws” lines with the minimum thickness of 0.04 mm at the press permission in 1200 dpi. Developers of the printer have solved a problem not working snuffled, because of which on a print it is possible to receive the thin white or colour line especially appreciable against pouring. The special hardware-software mechanism under name PAINt traces each case of refusal of a nozzle, at once compensating malfunction work of the next snuffled. It is necessary, the truth to consider that at the colour press in economic mode PAINt does not work.

As the semi-fluid phase of a toner in ColorWave 600 absolutely short the ready print can be used at once, any drying is not required. The toner is did not blacken, dissolved in water that is why the image made on ColorWave 600, perfectly transfers a moisture. Steadily it and to mechanical influences. Is, however, and the rather weak place – a toner not so is on friendly terms with a daylight: fades for four weeks. At external use of prints this term needs to be considered, though you without effort will find weight of variants of application of a ready printed matter when it is quite enough and month: advertising of short actions, posters, posters for exhibitions … the Declared maximum length of one print – three metres (it is connected with work of the gauges supervising an arrangement of the image) though in practice it is possible to receive prints and more lengths, the truth without the guaranteed observance of edges. The width of a print can vary from 279 to 1067 mm.

Let's consider speed of a wave.

In economic mode ColorWave 600 does colour listing of format A0 for 31 second, and black-and-white – for two seconds faster (data Oce Technologies). Certainly, quality of an economic mode – not perfection top, but for many projects (for example, in CAD) it is quite comprehensible, and a normal mode of the press (in terminology Oce – “industrial”) will meet requirements to the majority of projects. Speed of the press in an industrial mode decreases approximately twice. If to the final project increased requirements the highest quality will give the mode of presentations providing a conclusion of the colour image of format A0 for three minutes are shown. That is time in two faster, than at a thermoink jet printing.

Let's consider maintenance service.

Convenience of service of the printer which in house conditions as we already spoke, does not play the big role, in case of Oce ColorWave 600 is finished to level at which all connected procedures become imperceptible against the process of the press. Universality CrystalPoint is expressed in tolerance to many types of carriers, but is at ColorWave 600 and one more quality, not less important for the companies using in daily work at once of some types of the carrier. The device allows to load simultaneously 6 rolls of various carriers on two- and three-inch cores that essentially simplifies printer service. At density of a material 75 g/m2 the length of one roll is limited by two hundred metres, at 160 g/m2 – one hundred metres. Certainly, switching of type of the carrier can occur in an automatic mode.

Printing heads Oce ColorWave 600 is adjusted once – at primary adjustment of the device. The operating software does not need to be established on the client computer as adjustment of all functions is accessible through the web-interface, thus and the control panel which is available on the printer, allows to receive directly on a place the necessary information. The statistics collected by operating program, gives exact data on the expense of a toner of each colour that, in turn, it is easy to connect with the most important in manufacture in size: in print cost. The control over filling of cartridges is possible and without a software: cartridges all time for a kind also are transparent, so the remained quantity of balls of a toner of each colour can be measured literally by eye. It is possible to count such registration of cartridges almost to nurseries – and still it is necessary to recognise that it is rather original and that is more important, is practical. Balls under the influence of a body weight simply roll down in printing head, and cartridge replacement represents elementary operation which in some cases can be done, without interrupting task performance on the printer.

Seamless of service of this printer also that it supports all widespread formats of files and interfaces, and the manufacturer is ready to offer you in addition to the device the integrated system of a folding, a reception basket and-or a table. This and all other advantages ColorWave 600 did not remain not noticed: in the international market the device has received a recognition of professionals and is noted by prizes, including Good Design Award, Editors' Choice Award and the award of exhibition GRAPH EXPO.

Set of all characteristics of this device does its unique, and, probably, even irreplaceable, especially for problems of 2D-and 3D-designing. In the same CAD the press the difficult projects comprising sheets with different type of the image, including such on which simultaneously is both a drawing, and the text quite often are subject. For different prints it is necessary to vary both carrier type, and quality of the press. At ColorWave 600 with such complex press of the big problems does not arise, so the press is accompanied by an autochoice of a roll with the necessary carrier, and the press mode also varies without intervention of the person. In CAD the press in a draught mode, and offered in ColorWave 600 speed two sheets А0 in a minute here very opportunely, besides, is quite often necessary. That technology CrystalPoint is undemanding to the carrier, it is already told. We will add only one: If you have to show to the heads or the client an intermediate variant of the project even at use it is far not the best paper to you should not suffer fears that colour will be incorrectly transferred.

To assert that in the average segment of large-format printers Oce ColorWave at all has no competitors, of course, follows, but in favour of company Oce says that circumstance that in this segment there are no other devices with similar type of the press. In this case originality of a product is supported also with other advantages that does not promise to competitors of a strong and quiet dream.

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The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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