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Calculation of estimates in Project Smeta CS at performance of design works
Any project is accompanied by the design documentation which important component is the cost estimation of spent design and prospecting works, and also a financial side of working out of the design-budget documentation. For the decision of this problem the company “SiSoft Development” offers one of the last workings out – software Project Smeta CS.

The building industry – one of the largest branches of economic and at the same time one of the most labour-consuming. Any, even the small building object is created by variety of experts from various areas: architects, designers, engineers, builders, contractors, subcontractors. In an operating time over the project all these people are in dependence from each other. The traditional engineering documentation (drawings, estimates etc.) here serves as the intermediary in information interchange between participants of the architectural project.

Any building (repair, restoration) begins with the project. Designing – defining stage of any building in which process architects and engineers consider all wishes of the customer and coordinate them to functional features of a site/building and requirements of standard documents.

Besides, experts take part in working out of projects in the heating engineer, ventilation, the water drain, to an electrical supply, each of which introduces the corrective amendments. On the basis of the analysis of the geological, geodetic and ecological information the civil engineer makes the subsidence forecast in various points, prompts an optimum place for house landing, chooses type and depth occurrence the base, offers waterproofing variants, recommends building materials.

The question of estimation of cost of performance of design works and others the engineering services connected with investment activity in building, always was of great importance for participants of investment process as its optimum decision provides efficiency of industrial-financial activity as customers-builders, and contractors-developers of the design documentation.

For the decision of this problem one of last workings out from the company is offered “SiSoft Development” – software Project Smeta CS.

Interface Smeta CS

Program Project Smeta CS is intended for definition of cost of working out of the design-budget documentation on new building, expansion, reconstruction and modernisation of the operating enterprises, buildings and constructions, and also for definition of cost of prospecting works.

The design organisations and the building companies can use the program in the most various areas:
- designing of objects of automobile, railway, river, sea, air transport;
- designing of objects of water supply, transport, communication etc.
- housing and civil building;
- to power and electric power industry, etc.

The analysis of results of examination of the budget documentation in the last two days shows that quality of the arriving budget documentation frequently leaves much to be desired.

If it is necessary for you to make the optimum estimate at cost if you wish to be confident correctness of application of quotations, factors, do not wish to check manually difficult calculations with interpolation and extrapolation use, wish to receive as a result the legible and evident accounting document program Project Smeta CS, possibly, is the best exit.

It should be noted that the July 1, 2008 came into force on Government Decree of 02/16/2008 N 87 “About structure of sections of the design documentation and requirements to their maintenance ”. On the basis of requirements of this statutory act reception and consideration of the design-budget documentation by the authorised bodies of the state control and examination in all territory of the Russian Federation are carried out. Experts of the company “SiSoft Development” always carefully trace any changes in the regional and federal legislation, concerning designing and consideration of the design-budget documentation in bodies of the state control and examination, and bring respective alterations in features of program.

Let's consider an urgency of a condition of standard base.

As a starting point for definition of preliminary cost of design and prospecting works in the program directories which are intended for definition of the base prices and the further formation of a contractual price of working out of the design documentation as each object demands an individual approach to statement of problems and an estimation of necessary design works are used.

Let's consider three methods of calculation of the basic price.

Calculation of the basic price of projected object is made in program Project Smeta CS in all possible ways for today, namely:
- depending on natural indicators of objects of designing. It is applied in cases when in the collection constants for a certain interval of the basic indicator of projected object are set;
- from a total cost of building. The base price of design works is defined by multiplication of size of a total cost of building to the percent specified in tables of directories;
- on expenditures of labour. It is applied under the arrangement with the customer in cases when the projected object matters the basic indicator of less half minimum or more than the doubled maximum indicator resulted in the table or when the data for projected object is absent in collections.

Pays off on the basis:
- wages of the basic executors;
- a busy time;
- quantities of executors.

Let's consider the built in mathematical methods of calculation of the base prices at performance of design works.

In a case when the projected object matters the basic indicator less minimum or more maximum, resulted in the table of the Collection of the prices or the Directory of the base prices, the base price of designing is defined by extrapolation.

In cases when the projected object has size of cost of the building, being between the indicators resulted in tables, the base price (percent) of working out of the design documentation is defined by interpolation.

Let's consider possibility of use of various factors and amendments.

The program automatically forms the list of factors and the amendments provided by technical parts and applied to set norm. Function of creation of the user factors will allow to create and apply to norms various amendments, including not provided by technical parts.

Let's consider automatic formation of target documents.

Under the made and calculated estimates the program allows to print all confirmed forms for design and exploration work: 1PS, 2P, 3P, including the form counting factors of qualification of executors.

For each printing document the user has possibility individually to specify the charges provided by rules of estimating for design works.

For formation of the accounting documentation it is used MS Excel.

The user has possibility to create own collections in MS Excel, to keep them in a format *.csv and then to import to the program.

Program Project Smeta CS gives to the user possibility to unload projects in a file and to import projects from a file that allows clients to exchange the operating time.

Let's consider the network version.

Program Project Smeta CS is intended as for individual use (the local version), and for work as a part of working group (the network version).

Let's consider possibilities of the demonstration version (structure of standard base till 2001):
- calculation of cost of working out of the project-estimate documentation
- the press of accounting documents
- import of collections of the user

1. About possibilities of software Project Smeta CS. – 2009. [http://]
2. Project Smeta CS []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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