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Difficulties of introduction and support of systems for performance of design works and a way of their decision
In given article the basic problems of development IS are short specified and the tool for their decision is offered.

Successful projects on working out and introduction of the software for management and the account have allowed many companies, in particular, carrying out projects “turnkey” to achieve considerable reduction of costs and increase of sales in times. Really, such projects allow developers to reduce in times time of preparation of the design documentation in electronic form, to a management – to make decisions on the basis of the actual information on carried out design works as employees of the company etc. However, according to the world statistics, third of all projects admits successful only. Other projects test those or other failures: excess of the budget and terms, unsatisfactory level introduced features. The risk of similar failures can be lowered considerably the appropriate organisation of the project.

Failures of projects are a consequence of following factors:
- a divergence in understanding of requirements the customer and the developer;
- insufficient attention and support from outside managements;
- low involving of key users in the project;
- constantly changing, astable requirements;
- bad planning and management of the project.

Practice of management by projects recommends the following as a whole obvious, actions for achievement of success of the project:
- Introduction process should be supervised and be supported by the head of that level on whom it is supposed to receive significant result from introduction. In various situations it can be the manager of an average link, the deputy director or the general director. The important point – should be considered that the control over the project takes away considerable time. For this reason often such problems are delegated to the second face of the company, with attraction of the leading head only to the most responsible moments.
- Key users should be involved in the project that their requirements have been realised properly.
- The customer and the developer should communicate actively for achievement of the general understanding of requirements to developed system. Dialogue should be documented, since the important details otherwise are missed, there are conflict situations and the general success of the project decreases.
- The problem of instability of requirements can dare only by their careful study. But in many cases to avoid change of requirements it is impossible, such situations should dare the operative coordination of changes between the customer and the developer.
For the decision of the problems connected with management by the project, the responsible person should realise all specified requirements necessary for successful realisation of the project, and to aspire to execute them. It is impossible to be based on the assumption that the invited command of experts in working out and introduction of IS can make all necessary for the project organisation. These people cannot take on themselves those organizing function which the responsible of the company-customer should carry out.
For the person, whose regular duties do not include the control and management of projects on working out software, maintenance of all listed conditions and performance of set of the connected problems is enough serious problem. As the tool for its decision it is offered to use the module “The support monitor”.

Let's consider the module “The support monitor”.

“The support monitor” – the special module intended for the organisation of interaction with IT-services and its documenting. The first version of the module has been developed in 2004, version 2.0.2 is at the moment prepared.

The basic functions of a product: maintenance of processes of support and support of users, managerial process by changes and completions IS. The monitor allows to organise in the most effective image interaction of the company which are carrying out development IS, with the partner in introduction.

Let's consider benefits and use restrictions “The support monitor”.

“The support monitor” provides following advantages:
- Development and support IS improvement of quality.
- The control of process of introduction and support.
- The control of expenses.

It is reached thanks to performance of following functions:
- The coordination and the control of performance of requirements to completions IS.
- Maintenance of the general regulated and documentary channel of interaction of IT-experts and users.
- The control of interaction of users and IT-experts.

It is necessary to note the restriction following on use “The support monitor”: it does not approach in case of construction or evolution IS “from zero”. Its use is focused on development and supports of already existing systems. The given module can be used from the very beginning of the project under condition of use typical features one of the decisions offered 1C and its partners. If typical features does not meet requirements and its considerable adaptation – is necessary “ The support monitor” shows the efficiency only after carrying out of these base updatings.

Use “the support Monitor” supports the following logic of development of the information systems, proved success: installation base features information system (the typical decision or the project on working out of the unique decision) is initially made, then there is a gradual addition and change of necessary functions, harmonized in the course of performance of completions IS. Such approach: active involving of users and developers in the coordination of small portions of requirements and their fast embodiment with the control from outside users – allows to achieve the best results. An opposite way: long and careful drawing up of detailed requirements and their full performance in one stage – as a rule, leads to the worst results, in connection with inevitable change of requirements, impossibility to consider all details and decrease in an involvement of users in the project.

“The support monitor” it can be used not only as the tool of development IS, but also as means of the organisation of user support. In this case it leads to decrease in expenses at the expense of the control over requirements of users and elimination of superfluous inquiries to IT-experts, and to increase of efficiency and quality of user support, thanks to tracing of all questions of users and the operative report of questions to IT-experts.

It is necessary to underline that the allocated basic requirements to development IS, features “The support monitor” and the offered logic of its use have proved the efficiency. The companies which have applied specified principles in work insisted on their documentary fastening and strict performance from outside the IT-partners, recognising efficiency of the specified approach, and the tool of its realisation – Support Monitor.

It is necessary to notice that “The support monitor” is a joint product of companies RG-Soft and 1C.

Presentation materials under the program “The support monitor” are accessible on an official site of the developer (see [2]).

1. Demidenko O. Difficulties in implementation and maintenance of information systems and solutions. – 2009 []
2. The support monitor []

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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