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Design works in AutoCAD
AutoCAD is the world leader among decisions for 2D – and 3D-designing. Being more evident, 3D modelling allows to accelerate design works and documentation release, to share models and to develop new ideas. For AutoCAD thousand superstructures that allows to satisfy requirements of the wide range of clients are accessible. Has come to project time in a new fashion – time AutoCAD.

Let's consider features AutoCAD.

Effective remedies of release of the documentation in AutoCAD cover all stages of work on the project. Means of automation, a data control and editing carry out standard operations.

The DWG-technology realised in a product provides storage of the information and safe data exchange in format DWG between designers. AutoCAD allows to add PDF-files directly in drawings AutoCAD, to publish PDF-files from drawings, to use them as a substrate and to carry out in them a binding to objects. The size of published files in the new version became less, support of fonts TrueType was added.

Product AutoCAD provides photorealistic visualisation of 3D-models. The decision allows to print models on the 3D-printer. AutoCAD provides possibility of adaptation to individual requirements. Using options AutoCAD, it is possible to expand functionality of a product, to automate working processes, to connect customised applications.

Technology Autodesk Impression allows to project a qualitative graphic representation in files DWG and DWF for the purpose of creation of presentations. Integrated appendix Autodesk Design Review for viewing, the press and drawing of marks in files DWF does not demand presence on a program workstation in which the file has been created. Thanks to the simple user interface and support of format PDF, Autodesk Design Review helps to accelerate process of check of projects considerably. High speed of release of the documentation.

Effective remedies of preparation of the documentation in AutoCAD allow to perform all stages of work on the project – from working out of the concept to a finishing stage. Means of automation, a data control and editing reduce number of repeating problems to a minimum and save time. The size and complexity of the project have no value: AutoCAD will help to cope with any difficulties meeting at designing and preparation of the documentation.

Let's consider filings.

Structurization – not luxury, and necessity. The dispatcher of filings AutoCAD will organise sheets of drawings, simplifies the publication, automatically creates kinds, transfers the data from filings in the basic inscriptions and stamps and carries out of the task so that the necessary information has been collected in a place convenient for you. Function of scaling AutoCAD creates uniform annotative object which automatically accepts scale of the specific screen or model space.

Let's consider creation of parametrical drawings.

Parametrical drawings AutoCAD allow to reduce considerably time necessary for modification of projects. In AutoCAD there is a possibility to set dependence between objects: for example, parallel lines automatically remain parallel, and concentric circles always have the general center.

Let's consider dynamic blocks.

Dynamic blocks AutoCAD relieve users of necessity to redraw repeating standard components and to work with bulky libraries of blocks. They allow to create unique geometry of blocks and simplify the task of parametres of new variants of the form and the size.

Let's consider the convenient user interface.

In AutoCAD it became much more convenient to work with several files simultaneously. Function of fast viewing AutoCAD allows to see not only names of files, but also their samples. In a new browser-menu you can look through structure of folders and files, to see samples of files, and also data on their sizes and authorship.

Let's consider convenience of an information transfer.

AutoCAD provides safety, accuracy and efficiency of an exchange with the important design data, thanks to format DWG widely used all over the world. It is possible to present the ideas in the most advantageous light by means of visualisation tools, a drawing of presentation quality, and also powerful possibilities 2D – and the 3D-press.

To receive free 30-day fact-finding version AutoCAD 2010, fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD []
2. Demo AutoCAD 2010 [ siteID=871736&id=12656974]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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