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Design works in AutoCAD LT
Program AutoCAD LT is intended for working out and detailing of drawings; by its working out the special attention was given to increase of productivity of work of experts. The full set 2D commands allows to create drawings, to change them and to let out the working documentation to projects. The program works with files in format DWG; thanks to it it is possible to transfer files of projects without problems to other experts. Besides, you can adjust the user interface of the program under the requirements.

Let's consider features of AutoCAD LT.

The set of commands AutoCAD LT is focused on detailed registration of 2D-drawings. The program automates the majority of stages of performance of the project. Drawings of various complexity are created on the basis of standard geometrical figures. For change prepared by means of CAD drawings functions serve: extension, construction of facets and interfaces, carrying over, copying, turn, scaling, a scrap, lengthening, alignment of objects of drawings, addition and change of properties etc.

Commands AutoCAD LT allow to create and add the text on drawings by means of standard tools: spaces, alignment, automatic creation of the numbered and marked lists and spelling. The user can add the exact sizes displaying distances, corners and lengths of arches. In created in AutoCAD LT the table can change the size, to carry out editing and calculation under formulas.

System AutoCAD LT gives means for fast and safe information interchange with designers at all stages of process of modelling. At preservation and a file transfer format DWG is used. AutoCAD LT it is integrated with AutoCAD, Autodesk Design Review and DWG TrueView, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical.

Integrated appendix Autodesk Design Review for viewing, the press and drawing of marks in files DWF does not demand presence on a program workstation in which the file has been created. Thanks to the simple user interface and support of format PDF, Autodesk Design Review helps to accelerate process of check of projects considerably.

Product AutoCAD LT allows to optimise a working environment. Thanks to the adjusted user interface it is possible to adapt environment according to the established requirements. Means of a data structure and navigation allow to raise efficiency of working process.

Let's consider change of the drawings prepared in CAD.

For performance of this problem following functions serve:
- extension, construction of facets and interfaces;
- carrying over, copying, turn;
- scaling, a scrap, lengthening;
- similarity, symmetry, deleting, a partition;
- alignment of objects of drawings;
- addition and change of properties (the program allows to look through and change properties of any element of the drawing in a dialogue window);
- extraction of distances, radiuses, corners, the areas and volumes of elements of the drawing or sequence of points.

Let's consider drawing of explanatory elements on the drawings prepared in CAD.

Commands AutoCAD LT allow to put following elements without difficulties:


Create and add the text on your drawings by means of habitual tools: spaces, alignment, automatic creation of the numbered and marked lists and spelling.


Add the exact sizes displaying distances, corners and lengths of arches, by means of the intellectual sizes. You can change types of lines and an arrangement of arrows. Create the size with a break for measurement of the big radiuses and distances.


In the created table it is simple to change the size, to execute editing and to make calculation under formulas just as it becomes in Microsoft Excel.

Scaling of summaries

The current scale of the specific screen or model is applied to each text, the size or shading. The size, an arrangement and a kind of explanatory elements on the screen depend on scale of the specific screen.


These special text objects contain properties of objects or all drawing – for example the length of a piece limited to a polyline the area, a sheet name. Fields automatically are updated at change of values of properties.

Calculations in AutoCAD LT

Calculator QuickCalc, except usual calculations, will transform units of measure and allows to take values from drawing elements.

Conclusion of drawings without possibility of the further editing

Publication and the press

Thanks to sets of parametres of sheets it is possible to carry out a conclusion with the same parametres, as well as in the previous sessions of the press. The command allows to Publish quickly to deduce some drawings or sheets on plotter or in a DWF-file. If the background press is started, the user can continue work in the graphic editor, without waiting conclusion end.


Technology DWF allows to publish the design data in an intellectual format, it raises teamwork level in design collective and saves time. On volume DWF-documents to 10 times there are less than files of other formats with the same data, their use simplifies and accelerates work. At data transmission at any stage safety and accuracy of the information is guaranteed.

Reading and record in formats of previous versions AutoCAD LT

There is a possibility of data exchange with the users working in previous versions AutoCAD LT.

Check of projects

Paperless technologies of check of projects provide the best coordination of works. Check is carried out by means of freely extended program Autodesk Design Review. In this program electronic marks are put on drawings – comments, sketches, the sizes, texts, etc. Thanks to such technology working process is rationalised, accuracy raises, and result of all of it are the projects executed in time and with high quality.

Conclusion in format PDF

PDF-files with the high permission can be received directly from drawings AutoCAD LT. To texts at export fonts TrueType, therefore in the browser of PDF-files probably allocation, copying of the text and search in its contents are appointed. If not typical font is used, at the task of parametres of a conclusion in PDF there is a possibility of its introduction in a file. On termination of a conclusion the PDF-file automatically opens.

It is necessary to notice that to receive free 30-days fact-finding version AutoCAD LT 2010, it is necessary to fill and send the form presented on a site of company Autodesk [2].

1. AutoCAD LT []
2. Demo AutoCAD LT 2010 [ siteID=871736&id=12628401]

The author: Челябэнергопроект
Date: 03/23/2010

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