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15.01.2010 Victor Tupikin: in 2010, we will remove from use the word “crisis”

Today in Ministry of building, an infrastructure and a road facilities there has driven conference under the chairmanship of Victor Aleksandrovicha Tupikina. It is the first meeting of the new minister with representatives of mass-media. Victor Aleksandrovich has declared summaries of the last year and has marked out the purposes on new 2010.

It is necessary to note that in crisis 2009 total digits are worthy publicities. In complex economic conditions the Ministry manual optimised allocation of means, has found external financial resources on implementation of the gobed up purposes. For example, 5 million rbl. it has been gained from fund, the federal budget and some other sources, and all for 2009 it was entrusted to Ministry to master 11 billion 600 rbl.

In the Ministry have noted sharp decrease of consumer activity of habitation in 2009, and premises were visible still in 2008. Reduction of prices on dwelling units has not helped also. But nevertheless, in 2009 it has been placed in operation 1 million 421 square metres of habitation, 1552 dwelling units are gained by the square of 84.852 square metres. According to V.A.Tupikina, planned targets it was possible to hold to the Ministry. In 2010 is planned to build and put into operation 1 million 600 square metres of habitation.

In the first part of conference the program of building of low dwelling houses has been mentioned. And now it remains actual and necessary. As, resettlement of inhabitants from dilapidated fund in new dwellings will proceed.

The minister has named the construction installations which are placed in operation last year or being at the stage of starting up and, important for an urban life. It the Ice palace of sports “the Tractor” which uses today enormous popularity of fans of hockey. the center of cardiovascular surgery, counted for 5000 processes in a year; its building the pond is completed, created, the chemist's net is organised, delivery of the special equipment at the moment is expected; next in turn building of the patologo-anatomic block and an own laundry.

The status of highways of a city and area enters into the Ministry line of business also. In 2009 building of public roads of 20.9 km has been completed, is repaired 21 km of areal districts and 11.5 km of municipal highways. By the important installation it is named builted Vahrushevsky ring, called to discharge a traffic flow and to improve an ecological situation.

In 2010 in the Ministry of building, an infrastructure and a road facilities volplane:
- To put into operation 1 million 600 square metres;
- To render state support on martempering of habitation to 479 young families and 611 families of state employees;
- Building of sports installations in Kyshtym, Coosa and Satka will proceed;
- 320 million rbl. it is gained on mastering of building of the underground;
- 3200 dwelling units will be installed gas;
- The especial attention will be given to programs of power efficiency and “Clear water”.
- In 2010 we will clean from the use a word “crisis” – Victor Aleksandrovich has told in the conclusion. – We will work in other, new economic conditions.

The construction gantry of Chelyabinsk and Uralo-Siberian region

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