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17.01.2010 Realtors named ten most useless improvements in homes

British realtors have listed the basic errors which are admitted by holders at development of the dwellings for the subsequent sale. According to experts, unsuccessful martempering not only does not add worth of the real property, but also can lower its value. About it has written The Daily Telegraph. So, realtors consider superfluous the swimming pools equipped in dwelling houses. On their observations, buyers game rooms, than basins which require cost-intensive service more are pleasant.

Not all will be sized up by unusual designs, and also the landscape gardens, the awarded bonuses in competitions on landscape design – buyers can appear are not ready to waste time and means for their contents. Installation in a garden of a bosh with a preheating can appear waste of money, in their opinion.

Realtors consider as an error decrease of quantity of bedrooms for the accounts of the group of two small rooms in one big, and also an union of economic buildings with the dwelling. Is useless to fix also the modern equipment and custom made furniture in kitchens and bathrooms as buyers can have own ideas on cottage provision.

It is not necessary also, according to experts to equip in dwellings exercise rooms as they take too much place. Short the list of unsuccessful martempering design and utilisation “cool” colours in an interior. According to experts, neutral colour and laconic design of the dwelling will be pleasant to buyers more. “There is a rule: when business reaches a walls painting, it is better to choose beige colour even if in this season it is named as colour of a magnolia” – note realtors.

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