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24.02.2010 Designing plants to international standards can reduce the cost of construction

The operator of the Shtokmanovsky project – Shtokman Development AG counts to optimise a production plant base bid on production liquefied rock gas (LRG) at the expense of application of the international rates of engineering, the head of the company Jury Komarov has declared on Thursday to journalists.

As he said, at production plant engineering under the Russian standards its overall dimensions have appeared much more, than on the international rates. “overall dimensions have appeared to be inscribed difficultly in a stage, and it has affected project economics” – has illustrated Mosquitoes.

He has noted that this problem can be decided if to apply at engineering the international rates, in Russia there is the technical order, allowing it to make. In particular, the international rates of engineering have been applied at building of production plant LRG on Sakhalin, head Shtokman Development AG has told.

According to company materials, the final investment solution on production LRG on the Shtokmanovsky deposit in Barents sea should be accepted in December, 2011, otherwise the project will be realised in the form of deliveries of exclusively pipeline gas and a condensate.

On production of pipeline gas the final investment solution is volplaned to accept in March, 2011, if necessary deliveries can be started in the fourth quarter 2015.  LRG complex means production of 7.5 million tons of liquified gas in a year, in case of its building of delivery of this aspect of combustible can start in 2017. 

The Shtokman gas-condensate field is had in the middle shelf allowed band of the Russian sector of Barents sea on distance about 600 kilometres to the northeast from Murmansk. Depth in this region of Barents sea attains 340 metres. On known reserves of rock gas of Shtokman is as of today one of the world's largest. Deposit reserves on class C1+C2 constitute about 3.8 billion cubic metres of rock gas and an order of 37 million tons of a gaseous condensate.

Operational company Shtokman Development AG in which 51% checks “Gazprom” 25% – Total and 24% – StatoilHydro, it is created in February, 2008 and it is registered in Switzerland. It will appear as the proprietor of an infrastructure of the first stage of mastering of Shtokman throughout 25 years from the moment of deposit feeding into in maintenance, and on termination of this period the foreign companies will yield the fractions “to Gazprom”. The first stage of exploitation of Shtokman provides a gas yearly output in size of 23.7 billion cubic metres.

RIA Novosti news agency

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